A break up and a baby?


New episodes of Young and hungry and Baby Daddy and so naturally I have a new post! I really had to think about this one. 

Young and Hungry

My post on the premiere of Young and Hungry (Summer Returns- Part 1) came across as me being disappointed with the episode. I had my reasons and hopefully my readers will agree with me too. Although I was underwhelmed, I did have hope for the season though as in the shows defence, it had only been one episode. Episode 2 was supposed to redeem it, but it just didn’t. Not for me anyway. If anything at all, episode two just confirmed everything I was saying about it.

In the three seasons, there has been absolutely no character development. Gabi and Josh are probably the most immature, self absorbed but yet self righteous characters on any tv show. Both of them are extremely selfish and like to play the victim. The fact is that they both act like children when either one doesn’t get their way and that is why they cannot, have not and most likely will not work. Unless one of them changes. I have said this once and I will say it again, the main problem here is lack of character development. Neither Gabi nor Josh learn from any of their mistakes from their past attempts at a relationship. The closest thing we got to character development was Josh having ‘commitment issues’ and then having a break through, but just as I thought there was hope for him, we went right back didn’t we?

In this episode, Josh and Amanda finally find out about Gabi and Adams kiss and to no surprise, Josh flipped out. It’s okay to blame it on jealousy to some extent, but all of a sudden it became this huge issue because Gabi kissed another guy. First of all, YOU kissed your therapist while she was waiting for you, secondly YOU told her not to wait. What was she supposed to do? Never kiss anyone again because of you? Seriously, get over yourself, and lastly, it was one kiss in the spur of the moment. It’s not like she got into a relationship. Not seeing that he was partly to blame for the kiss ever happening and completely overreacting to Adam being in the room rather than hearing them out really does show how little he has matured. If he even has at all.


Gabi doesn’t exactly make things better. She constantly puts herself in these kinds of situations and one would think that eventually you stop, but not her. She just keeps making it worse. I don’t know why she doesn’t realise that coming clean is better than lying to him because it always comes back to bite her. She claims to love josh and wants to be with him, yet every time something goes wrong she hardly ever wants to fight for them, yet she jumps straight onto the next.

This complication with Adam was just put in to complicate and drag it out. At this point I can’t help but wonder if they keep dragging it out because Gabi and josh in a good healthy relationship might mean the end of the show, since the show really has nothing else to stand on. Writing such negative things is very disappointing because I actually really liked this show at one point and it’s such a shame that I’m slowly starting to lose interest. I know I speak for many others when I say that.

Baby Daddy

Hope. Hope baby hope! The end of this episode just gave me hope for Riley and Danny. (Sorry Biley shippers) Once again, this was a very entertaining episode. We saw the return of Jennifer and the last time we saw her, it was very clear that she and Bonnie simply do not get along. The great thing about this episode was that we saw the mothers put aside their differences and work together to achieve a common goal; getting Riley and Danny back together. Technically they failed, BUT they did succeed in getting them to stop fighting and to at least try and go back to being friends, “for now”, so I’m cool.


It was finally good to see Tucker with a potential love interest. Its been a while and I was beginning to feel sorry for the guy. His whole relationship with the nurse although brief was amusing. The reason why I brought up Tucker’s lack of love life was to highlight how good of a friend he is to Ben. Tucker definitely squandered any chance he had with the nurse because of Ben’s change of heart. Everyone needs a friend like Tucker.

Speaking of Ben, deciding to donate his sperm for a little extra cash was alright until he decided to just jazz up his profile. Honestly I’d love to have a conversation with Ben Wheeler just so I can understand his thinking process. I do not know how he didn’t realise that making himself that accomplished on paper would make him more attractive to couples. Nonetheless, the change in him going from probably never going to have his sperm selected to potentially almost becoming a father and his reaction was hilarious.

There’s not much to say about this episode to be honest. It was short, entertaining and left me smiling. Hopefully the next episode won’t disappoint either.


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