Summer Returns- Part 1


So now that July is here, some of our favourite shows have made a comeback. All summer long, as they premiere, I will be posting on them. So first week of July has brought us Young and Hungry and Baby Daddy. Let me break it down for you.

Young and Hungry

This week we saw the return of gastro, Gabi, her lovable best friend Sofia,love interest Josh, and the hilarious Yolanda and Eliot. Season 3 left us with a massive cliffhanger, as usual. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to say that I was really glad the show came back. I couldn’t not know what happened to Gabi and Josh. I mean the only thing keeping the show alive anymore is their romance, because let’s be honest, it’s no longer about a chef and her life working for her millionaire boss.

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, stop here, go watch the episode, come back to read this and agree with me when I say that Gabi and Josh are getting boring. Before you ask, how they can be boring since their lives are filled with drama non-stop, let me just remind you that drama can get boring real quick. If it’s the same sort of thing over and over again, and no one seems to be learning from it. Gabi and Josh are like that one couple everyone knows are constantly on and off. They swear they’re done with each other and the next thing you know, boom! they’re back together. That’s what I mean by they’re boring. If your friend keeps having drama with the same guy for years, eventually, you get tired of their nonsense right? That is what is happening with this show. If the writers don’t figure something out, they will lose half their audience because I hope I speak for the majority of you when I say, WE ARE TIRED OF THIS.

yolanda This photo is pretty much my whole reaction when I realised where the story was going. I feel like I should go into a little bit more detail (If my frustration is a little unclear). So Gabi and Josh almost get together, Josh usually does or says something to mess it up, Gabi reacts like a child, since she’s so unapologetically immature and does something stupid, Josh gets mad over it, Gabi is mad that Josh is mad at her, Josh comes to realise it was his fault in the first place, so he apologises and usually has this grand romantic gesture, and repeat. It’s a full circle. Honestly I don’t know how we’ve had 4 seasons of the same plot.

I love this show, I do. Don’t get me wrong. The other characters like Sofia, Yolanda, Elliot and Allan crack me up. They brought a certain lightness to the episode, despite all the drama that is Gabi and Josh. Yolanda and Elliot’s constant bickering and the idea of them being a ‘thrupple’ with Allan, gold. Whoever came up with that idea needs to put some more energy into the main plot. The show really did have potential. All the characters are so extra in one way or another that it makes for a very interesting mix, but unfortunately the main arc hasn’t developed and neither have the characters since it’s first season.

I was hopeful that this new season would bring some form of character growth, that this new episode would set the scene for something new and fresh, but unfortunately I just ended up being disappointed. As of now, it’s looking like it’s going to be the same thing, but then again, it’s only episode one. I’m young and hungry for better.

Baby Daddy

When I tell you I’ve missed the Wheelers on my screen….. I missed the Wheelers. It just seems like they have such entertaining lives, besides, a little eye candy never hurt nobody. On to serious matters and what this post is actually about; the episode. The way the first half of Baby daddy ended left fans either ecstatic or upset. Danny and Riley broke up. If you’re like me and you’re a Diley shipper, then yes. The worst has happened. BUT before you Biley fans get all excited, let me just remind you of how much Danny loves Riley. The guy was in love with her for the majority of his life, watched her date his brother because she way happy, and gave her a prom just to put a smile on her face, so I was pretty confident before watching that episode that there was no way Danny wouldn’t fight for Riley. I was right.

He faced a trial, and yes, a literal trial with a judge, jurors and everything. Now which man would put himself through that if he didn’t completely love her? As ridiculous as the whole thing was, he did it to prove a point and that was clear to everyone but Riley. The whole trial scene was very entertaining. Bonnie as a lawyer, Riley being all dramatic and yet so serious, the judge, don’t even get me started on her, and Danny. It all came together pretty nicely.

danny trial

As a woman, to some extent, I get why Riley is so upset. I mean if I found out that my boyfriend slept with a girl I truly despised 7 years ago, I’d be pretty upset too. Where Riley and I differ, or Riley and most women, since I feel like that’s more accurate, differ is that unlike her, I don’t think the majority of us would be heartbroken after finding out. Upset yes, angry definitely, but heart broken over something that happened 7 years ago? Probably not. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that she asked him about it, but did he lie? No. She asked if he had feelings for Sam, which he didn’t, so he said no. Plus it clearly meant nothing to him since he forgot anyway! I just don’t understand why she can’t see that. She dated Ben for goodness sakes and she’s been friends with them practically her whole life. One would think that by now she would know that the Wheeler brothers can have sex with a girl without actually having feelings for them. 

Danny isn’t going to go scot-free in this post either. He should have told Riley. We all know Danny isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed but how can you not remember ever having sex with your girlfriends nemesis. I mean come on? That doesn’t say much for him does it? Also assuming Riley didn’t finish watching the video, was he just not going to tell her and keep it a secret forever? That wouldn’t have worked out so well.

Honestly as I’m typing this up, I’m struggling to find anything to write on Ben and Zoe. I love Ben, but he will forever be immature. Pretending to still be dating Zoe just because of his pride is actually ludicrous. Bless Tucker for going along with it, hyping Ben up, as usual.

In the end though it was a pretty good episode. I’m excited to see what’s going to happen next. Riley needs to get over herself so she and Danny can make things work, but getting on that path should make for an interesting season. I also can’t wait to see what they’re going to do with Ben now. Hopefully everyone will be happy in the end.

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