Summer Returns-Part 2


This week! The shows that came back this week are just so devious it’s UnReal. Do you see what I did there? Devious Maids and Unreal. Seriously though, they’re actually devious. Deceit should be the keyword for these shows since that’s clearly the theme.

Devious Maids

GUYS.. when I saw Eva Longoria, I actually freaked a little bit. I am not even going to lie. Then seeing Jamie Denton as well, it felt like a mini desperate housewives reunion! Side note, I might end up re-watching it. If I do, who knows, I just might blog about it. Anyway, our favourite maids are back and it did not disappoint!

Before I even go into detail about the episode can we just acknowledge how gorgeous all the ladies of the show are? They came back looking even hotter. Seems like this new network is doing them some good. I don’t know if it was the change in network or if the writers came back from some sort of retreat but this season, this season….I’ve got high hopes.

The season looks so promising and yes I’m coming to that conclusion just from that one episode. That was what a season premiere is supposed to be. There was a time jump but that was okay. The change in the situations of each of the characters was actually believable. I should probably talk about the Powells first since that was pretty much the main cliffhanger. Adrian’s alive and thank goodness for that! Honestly the show wouldn’t have been the same if we had lost him. Who would give us lines like Evelyn’s name is “evil and villain put together”? and their relationship dynamic is just one that can’t be replaced. I was so glad to see him wheel into the restaurant. I won’t lie though, I sort of  thought his near death experience would change Evelyn’s feelings about him but apparently not. That whole arc should be very interesting, so seeing Adrian try to make her fall back in love with him should be a very interesting thing this season.

Next major cliffhanger was Zoila and her baby and the impossible decision Genevieve had to make. If you’ve been really paying attention to the show, you should know that Genevieve loves Zoila like a sister, so naturally, she chose to save Zoila’s life. Understandably, Zoila isn’t the same. The loss of a child, and not just any child, but the child of her dead ex-husband sort of messed her up. She must have a lot of emotions she needs to work through and it will be fascinating to see how the writers work that. On top of that, Genevieve is going to have to find a way to fix things with Zoila. I really hope she fights for them as much as she fought for Valentina and Remy. In the mean time though, the whole Genevieve and Rosie relationship is hilarious. I am SO glad one of them has finally pointed out how whiny Rosie is. I love her but she literally sounds like a whiny five-year old half the time.

Speaking of Rosie though, she’s decided to fight for Spence. You go girl! I cheered her on a little as she chased after him. She stopped whining and actually did something and look what good it did. Spence finally got his memory back. But Spence, poor Mister Spence. After his blowup it’s safe to assume that he’s going to be the number one suspect this season. It would be too obvious to say it was him so I don’t think he did it. However I am so glad that she died. No one is going to miss her, and whoever the killer is, I’d like to give you a round of applause for just shoving that stupid award straight into her neck.


My writing pretty much just escalated super quickly so on to happier things, Jamie Denton playing Peter Hudson. His blossoming relationship with Marisol is going to be very complex but at the same time satisfying. The writers could do so much with that. They both come across as preferring to be the powerful one in the relationship so that alone could make it interesting. It could even end up being a secret relationship for all we know. Honestly I wouldn’t even care. They just need to give Marisol a break. I don’t remember the last character from any of the shows I watch that had so much bad luck with men. I’d really like this one to work out for her you know?

Lastly can we please talk about Carmen’s daughter? I can’t be the only one who’s reminded of Valentina! Seriously though the introduction of her daughter is going to mix things up further. We can pretty much assume that she’s going to find out Carmen is her mum and when that happens it’ll be dramatic. I can’t wait!

The episode really set the scene for what could be an amazing season. This is probably the most excited I’ve been for devious maids in a very long time. There are just so many possibilities and the development, the murder, the deceit… oh it’s all so devious.


Money. Dick. Power. And yes, in that order. That’s the slogan Rachel and Quinn have adopted. This season, they plan on taking over the world. With Rachel running her own show and Quinn in charge of Everlasting the world seems to be their oyster. “We’re making history this season” something they kept saying simply because the suitor this season is black. That said, it should still be interesting, considering the girls they had picked. Quinn and Rachel really did come up with a mix of girls that really is just a bomb waiting to blow.

Personally I found it a bit odd that Rachel and Quinn are suddenly best friends, considering the way Quinn manipulated Rachel last season. Rachel though is queen of manipulation. We always knew she was a real bitch but the scene with Maddison and the debutante whose fiancé died was a whole new level of low. I never really thought she had a limit and this episode confirmed that. Being the boss now has brought out a darker side of her and this is going to be brilliant in terms of the drama that she can create. That’s good for us as an audience because that’s going to make the show a lot more intriguing for us.


I can’t write this post without bringing up Chet. What in the world was that macho camp he went to somewhere in Patagonia that has him feeling like the king of the world. I must say he looks a lot better but he really needs to tone it down just a little. His character was always a bit much but I don’t think I can handle this new version of him. I’d really like to take him back to Patagonia and just leave him there.

This first episode mainly just set the scene. It showed us how the characters have changed and the different conflicts that are rising. As an audience all we have to do is sit back and wait for them to blow up at each other. What we can definitely be sure of is that if the drama doesn’t happen naturally, it will be orchestrated, and this season, I have a feeling we’re going to get a lot of it.


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