Confrontations, Manipulations, Snakes and More Manipulation


This weeks episode of Devious Maids and UnREAL left me aching for more. Each of the maids had a lot on their plates and things seem to be developing, whilst in the UnREAL world, manipulation is at it’s finest.

Devious Maids

This means war. That seemed to be the gist of the episode. Things got a lot more messier and there just seemed to be loads of scheming going on. The premiere did a good job of introducing the different subplots and ordeals that the characters were all dealing with, and episode two did a good job of developing them.

In my last post Summer Returns-Part 2 I mentioned how proud I was of Rosie for sticking up for her man. That continued in the second episode and I must say, you go girl! Her determination to prove Spence’s innocence was truly admirable. I don’t think we as an audience have ever seen her fight for something this hard before and it’s refreshing. Besides, the scene with Cinnamon and the constant hair flipping during that lap dance was one of the best things in that episode. It’s most likely a one time thing, I mean Rosie is never going back there again, but it was good while it lasted, you know?

Speaking of Spence, we can all agree that there is something seriously weird and sort of freaky going on with Ben right? What’s the deal? I mean after the magical brainwashing coffee that led to Spence confessing to actually killing Peri its safe to assume that he’s directly involved in the murder. I doubt he actually killed her but he must know or works for the person who did.

Marisol and Peters relationship just got a whole lot more interesting. I must admit, my love for James Denton sort of created a bias because looking at Peter’s character in hindsight, he was a little boring. Probably the most normal character, compared to all of them. So although I was excited for their relationship, the dynamic and idea of it being secret was pretty much it. However, God bless the writers for this, but the plot twist that is Genevieve just made this relationship a whole lot more interesting.

marisol and peter article

Who knew we needed the friendship (that’s being used lightly) of Marisol and Genevieve. Honestly that tactic to get Marisol to stop seeing Peter was genius because Marisol actually almost caved! Now that this whole interaction has happened and Genevieve has declared war, I cant wait to see how it unfolds. I can already tell that Genevieve is going to play dirty and no one is more excited to see that than I am.

Speaking of relationships, Zoila and Kyle have this new cute relationship and I’m happy for her, but I do feel like their relationship is moving a little fast. Maybe it’s because we haven’t really seen their relationship develop. We saw them return from a date that was supposedly amazing but that was pretty much it, and now she has all these feelings? Come on. At least when she was dating Javier we actually saw that relationship develop. So it’s hard for me to root for Kyle and Zoila simply because I don’t know Kyle and Zoila. In addition to that, what in the world is his relationship with his mum? It’s weird. They probably have some secret or something. It would be a nice twist.

I think Carmen has met her match. Daniela might have just out-carmened Carmen. If that makes any sense. Her rebellious and manipulative behaviour to get what she wants to advance her career is familiar. I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. It’s interesting to see Carmen in a whole other light, as the disapproving mother. On the surface it’s because she doesn’t want Daniela staying in fear of her discovering the truth, but when you look beyond the surface, you realise that it’s really just her mothers instinct. Also like she says, the Powells be crazy.

“Evelyn is like Carbon monoxide, you may not be able to see her, but she can still kill you.”

Speaking of the devils,you talk about your wife like that Adrian, yet wonder why she wants to leave you. Evelyn’s desire for a divorce clouded her judgment just a little bit. I didn’t expect the truth to come out so quickly. As an audience I think we expected Adrian to play it out a little longer but Evelyn confronting him like that in public was still pretty darn interesting.

Honestly I like the way things are going. This is playing out to be a very interesting season and I’m excited for the rest.


The thing that people who watch UnREAL love about the show is how messed up all of the characters are. Literally everyone is manipulating each other and because of this, you can never feel sorry for anyone. At least not for long anyway.

I say this because at the end of the premiere episode, we were left feeling sorry for Rachel. Chet’s return led to Quinn taking the show back and this episode, Rachel and everyone realised she wasn’t going to get it back. We felt bad for her, because she went from being the boss and being all about money, dick, power to being Quinn’s bitch again. The truth of the matter is that although Rachel is master manipulator and has a way of twisting things, the only one that can mess with her and manipulate her, is Quinn. So yes, naturally we felt bad for her, but then she had to go and snitch, and just like that, we lost all sympathy for her. Her running to Gary didn’t work out so well for her, now that there is a new boss, and when Quinn finds out, things are going to be a lot more messed up and intense between the two of them.

Quinn and Chet going head to head with the two different versions of ‘Everlasting’ was the most ridiculous yet entertaining thing about the episode, and trust me when i say that was hard to pick. The show is just so messed up and the characters could all be Satan’s spawn but that’s what makes it so great. What Quinn and Chet don’t realise is that they need both of their elements to make a truly great season, but like I said, Satan’s spawn so their just going to sabotage each other,  which was exactly what we got. It’s a shame than the new guy, Coleman, is leaning towards Chet’s idea as so much could have been done with the mix of girls they have.

new boss article

‘Everlasting’ this season has a black suitor, and in true UnREAL fashion, they plan on playing the race card HARD. Master manipulators remember? So of course theres a racist and blacktivist, but plot twist, the racist actually likes the black suitor. Personally I found the whole Beth Anne and Ruby scenes very interesting, and the way they threw in current affairs. I thought that was very smart. It would be vert entertaining to see the way Darius’ relationship with both women develops.

To wrap it up, everyone manipulated everyone, Rachel was a snake and snitched, but it came back to bite her in the ass, and we’re about to get a whole lot of conflict. Plus I cant help but feel like Adam is going to come back, and soon!


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