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young and daddy

This week, episode 3 of Young and Hungry saw a birthday party where someone refused to get any older and episode 13 of Baby Daddy actually took them back to high school.  The amazing thing is that both shows actually had its characters acting like they were in high school. Like teenagers.

Young and Hungry

Yolanda turns 54 in the last episode of Young and Hungry. Oh I’m sorry, I meant 50. Yolanda turns 50. Naturally she’s having a party to celebrate this milestone and at the start of the episode she doesn’t want to invite Gabi because she and josh still aren’t speaking. Which is understandable because she doesn’t want any awkwardness or arguments on her special day, and what does she get? A BIG BLOW UP where josh and Gabi make it about them. I felt sorry for Yolanda to be honest.

Let me just talk about Gabi and Josh very quickly because in my last posts I’ve wasted too many words on them. I did not expect Josh to eat his feelings. That was a complete surprise, and I didn’t expect Gabi to be working in a diner, but that wasn’t as much of a surprise. She is a chef after all (or did you forget, since the show hasn’t actually been about a chef for a while now). You know what wasn’t surprising in the least bit? How immature and petty the both of them were being and how they completely took Yolandas birthday and made it about them and their issues. At this point, I don’t think I expect them to behave any other way.

gabi and josh article

The episode was saved by the secondary characters. The dialogue was absolutely hilarious. The writers did a good job with that one. Boy have I missed Sofia. Seriously, we need more of her on screen. I feel like we barely get to see her anymore. Hell, we see more of Alan than we do Sofia and it aint fair! We need more Lil Soso. You cant tell me her reaction to the Giada wasn’t perfect. That sandwich looked soon good. (emphasis on the good)

Elliots’ fat jokes, highlights of the episode.

Josh: You are forgetting I climbed Kilimanjaro.

Elliott : Now, you are Kilimanjaro!

That was probably one of my favourites. Sometimes Elliot can be a little extra but honestly, I totally loved him in this episode. Every other thing he said really did have me laughing.

The comedy in this episode was brilliant, the jokes, puns, punchlines, all of them very well written and once you forget about the Gabi and Josh drama, it really did feel like a comedy and i’d love to see more of that.

Baby Daddy

Everyone went back to high school in episode 13. Just incase I need to clarify, they visited high school, although some of them did go back to high school, while others simply just acted like they were in high school.

Surprise surprise, Bonnie did not graduate and neither did Ben. Ben simply for got to take his biology final and Bonnie was…. what did she say? Oh yeah,

“giving birth. That’s Gods biology final”

Okay I don’t know about you but I cracked up when I heard that line. I really don’t know how they come up with those things. Well, since they both didn’t take their biology finals, Ben and Bonnie had to retake them. Ben wanted to do the honourable thing and retake the test fairly, and that was all because of Emma and wanting to do right by her, how sweet. Bonnie on the other hand, was going to cheat her way to passing. This was going to be done with the help of the ‘substicute’ teacher tucker. Seriously, who comes up with these things? Hilarious. But I loved the lengths at which Tucker goes to help the Wheelers. We all need a Tucker in our lives. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. To be fair, Bonnie was blackmailing him, but still.

Now that we’ve talked about the comedy part of the show, we need to talk about the drama, and this season, thats the whole Riley, Danny and Sam love triangle. Before, I found Sam a little bland but after this episode I like her a little more. And no, not because of her little heart to heart with Riley where she told her she had no friends and cried at home too, but because of her beautiful clap-back at the beginning of the episode.

“Careful Riley, you might blow out that back carrying that giant grudge”

After that, She became a completely new person in my eyes and I love her! It was nice to see her and Riley find some common ground and talk. So glad process is being made on that front.

riley dan sam article

That said, can we talk about how progressively annoying and petty Riley has gotten? Destroying Danny’s hockey stick was completely unnecessary and she clearly still has some anger over the whole Sam and Danny thing. She needs to stop all this pettiness and overreacting. It’ll get old real quick.

Pretty good episode nonetheless but I miss brad. Can they please bring him back some more? 


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