Summer Returns- Part 3


Monday and Tuesday this week,, Freeform brought The Fosters and Pretty Little liars back to our screens. If you remember correctly, both shows ended the previous seasons on pretty intense cliffhangers, and in their season premieres jumped straight back in.

The Fosters 

Quick recap because last season ended as an emotional mess. Callie told her moms about her and Brandon’s night together and Nick saw Mariana and Matt kissing straight after being shut down and verbally destroyed by his father. Next day drives to school with a gun. The season ended with us knowing what could potentially happen once the show returned.

Very cleverly, the episode is titled ‘Potential Energy’ and in one of the early scenes, Matt is asked by his chemistry teacher to list the types of Potential energy and just as Nick walks in, Matt says ‘Nuclear”. Now if that isn’t foreshadowing and brilliant writing, I don’t know what is.  Nick somehow manages to walk around the school and even interacts with people looking a complete mess but apparently not bad enough for anyone to notice or think anything seriously wrong. He eventually has a conversation with Mariana and at that point I was seriously scare for her. I genuinely thought he was going to hurt her up on that roof. Stef and Lina eventually figure out that there is a gun in school and the school goes on lock down.

The Fosters is already an amazing show in the sense that it touches on topics that are still and issue in our society and already cause so much controversy. The brilliance of this episode is that it highlights the issue of gun control and gun violence (something American Crime also did in it’s second season and the execution of that episode was magnificent). The fact that the students, staff and more importantly Brandon were all so prepared and knew exactly what to do (minus the substitute teacher) brings a ver uneasy fact to light. They were prepared for this. Everyone in that school knew what to do once there was a ‘code blue’, and the sad thing is that this isn’t just a tv show, this is our reality now. Considering everything that is going on now, this episode was all too real.

the fosters

All of this mentioned, the episode was one that was intense, and the acting in this was brilliant. You could feel the confusion, doubt, realisation, fear and hope along with the characters. One of the most memorable scenes for me was the one of Mariana in the bathroom stall all by herself, balancing on the seat and you could see how terrified she was. I felt for her. I caught myself catching my breath as someone walked into the bathroom and that is what a tv show is supposed to do. Pull you into their world so that for the 41-43 minutes that you’re watching it, you’re experiencing it too, and that is exactly what that episode did.

Although at certain points it did feel like it was dragging a little bit, overall it was a very good episode. It was also very different. It did not feel like The Fosters at all. This was very thriller like and if the rest of the season is going to have some aspects of this,then I look forward to season 4.

Pretty Little liars

Before the episode premiered I already knew it was going to stress me out. In fact, thinking about it stressing me out stressed me out, and boy was I right. That was beautifully stressful.

First of all, it should be pointed out that it was really nice seeing all of them come together to try and save Hanna. They put aside all their differences and tried to achieve a common goal and that was nice to see. It shows that they really can work with other people and bring ‘not so trustworthy people’ *ehem Mona ehem* into the fold. But did Caleb not get the memo? Work TOGETHER.. as in as a team?

team pll

#SaveHanna is what was trending on twitter pre episode and that got us fans all excited. Turns out Hanna didn’t need saving but rather Spencer in dream form. That was a very cute dream sequence. It was heartbreaking to see her being electrocuted and everything and to see her in that state. However she got up and decided she wasn’t going to be a victim again and that was amazing to see. Watch her fight for herself like that, it was great.

In relation to Hanna, I understand that Caleb realised he still really loves Hanna and everything, but has he forgotten that he is with Spencer? He has been treating her like Rubbish. Honestly I never really shipped Caleb and Spencer but Spencer just doesn’t deserve that. If you forget that he is in a relationship with Spencer, then it is amazing to witness a man fight for a woman the way Caleb is fighting for Hanna. You can really see how much he loves her, and that is what hurts me for Spencer.

The episode also played with my Ezria heart a little. After the way they left things last season, I’ve had a lot of hope for them and so seeing them work together this episode was amazing for me. Don’t even get me on their last scene together where she showed up on his doorstep. I know she has a boyfriend but Ezra is her great love and Liam is nothing, more like a sear filler, and so now that Ezra is back in her life, it’s time for Liam to kindly exit. Seriously, he needs to go.

Emison went through a lot this episode too. Emily having to come to terms with the idea of Allison possibly killing Charlotte and going all Nancy Drew on us, and poor Allison being held against her will and drugged up. Her fake psychotic break may very well turn into a real one. I would like to mention how crazy the idea that Allison killed Charlotte is. I cant be the only one that thinks so. It makes absolutely no sense. Why on earth would she want to kill her?

The one thing I’ve learnt with this show is that absolutely anything is possible, and so I wont really be holding my breath. For all I know Jordan could have killed Charlotte. Either way this season looks promising, and with Mary Drake being the villain with her iciness, I have no doubt that it will be a frustratingly stressful but good season.


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