Changing Tides and Secrets


Do you ever watch an episode and feel the emotion that the character is feeling? Episode 3 of Devious Maids and UnREAL did that for me this week. I was drawn in, and honestly I think I felt the emotions before the characters did. Let me tell you about it. 

Devious Maids

Evelyn has resting murder face.

Best quote of the episode. Honestly, Adrian gives me life with all these lines. This season is going to bring us a lot of these I feel. Yes, Adrian and Evelyn are still having problems and the fact that he refuses to accept that she no longer wants to be with him is making the whole thing funnier. Evelyn is tired of his games, which is one of the reasons why she left, yet what does he use to try and get her back? A mind game. Adrian has decided to act like a child and force Evelyn back into his arms. I love it. I absolutely love it. It’s hilarious. Evelyn however, does not, and has decided to move in with Marisol. Marisol and Evelyn are roomies now. Yes that happened, and I cannot wait to see how they get on.

“This means war.” Remember how that was the last thing Genevieve told Marisol? She gave her a war alright and boy did she fight dirty. Just like I said she would. The best part for me though was the revenge wax, but trust Marisol to fight fire with fire. She went straight for where it would hurt most, Genevieve’s appearance. Although short-lived, the war between Marisol and Genevieve was very entertaining.

In my previous post Confrontations, Manipulations, Snakes and More Manipulation, I talked about us seeing a different side to Carmen, which was the maternal side of her. We saw a lot more of that this episode. Her trying to be cool and Daniela’s friend was never going to work, because truth of the matter is, she is Daniela’s mother, and honestly Daniela is a brat, so when Carmen gave her that talking to I couldn’t help but smile. It was about time.

carmen mat instincts

Zoila is living the life. She’s really escaping her reality by pretending to be someone that she’s not, but I feel like she may be going a little too far. I got all emotional when she started explaining to Carmen why she liked pretending to be someone else, but she needs to be careful. She could easily get swept away in that life or get in so deep that when her lie catches up to her, she may end up a lot worse. Also I should mention how surprising I find it that she hasn’t bumped into anyone she knows or anyone that  would recognise her as Genevieve’s maid, since apparently everyone in Beverly hills knows each other.

On to Maria Poppins! That’s Rosie’s new nickname now is it? I could get used to it. Plus these Jesse and Rosie scenes are interesting to watch. I like them as a team. That aside, I really  do have a lot of respect for Rosie this season. She’s working so hard to clear Spence’s name, fighting for what she wants and I truly admire that. I do feel sorry for her though after Cinnamon disappeared. Maria Poppins just can’t catch a break can she?

Ben just keeps in freaking me out. He makes me so uncomfortable and I am 98% sure he was involved in Peri’s murder. Also did they just tell us who killed Peri? I cant be the only one who thinks her sister did it? Tell me if you think I’m wrong.


The best part of the episode, which the did very well to put near the end of the episode, was Quinn finding out what Rachel did and giving her a few looks. Rachel immediately knew what that meant and the fact that she started packing to leave had me laughing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m scared for Rachel. Quinn is going to murder her. We know and she knows. After the way this episode went, I couldn’t be anymore certain.

The episode was mainly centred around Quinn since she took the show back. In addition to her usual screaming into the walkie, we saw her produce some of the girls and get her hands really dirty. Anyone who watches this show will tell you that Rachel has the gift of manipulation, but Quinn, Quinn is something else. Watching how she got into Brandi’s head and twisting so much that she caused her to blow was downright evil. I thought Rachel was the devil, but nope, she’s just satans spawn. Quinn is the devil. So I hope you can all see where I’m coming from when I say I’m terrified for Rachel.

Episode 203 day 3 of 7

Speaking of Rachel, she’s lost one boss but she’s certainly getting closer to her new one. I would be lying if I said I was surprised by hers and Colemans’ brief make out session. I’m used to her sex life at this point but I didn’t expect it so soon and in all honesty I thought it would be with Darius. Sort of how it happened with Adam, however I see why the writers chose not to go in that direction. I think it’s safe to assume that her and coleman will hook up, and if they do, hopefully Adam will make a return straight after.

Basically both of these episodes had a lot going on in them and with the way they both ended, next week couldn’t get here any sooner.


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