Fresh Bacon and Family Vineyards


Episode 4 of Young and Hungry and episode 14 of Baby Daddy were different this week, and it was a good change. We got a spin on things which made it very interesting to watch. There was a pig involved and a lot of mama drama.

Young and Hungry 

I absolutely loved this episode. I know my previous posts about this season have been a little negative but I genuinely enjoyed this episode. It was a comedy again, I was laughing, smiling and it didn’t irritate me at all. There was sone thing missing from it that I feel played a key role in my enjoyment of it; no Gabi and Josh drama.

Episode 4 was light and funny, and felt like what the show used to be. I finally got my wish and got more of Sofia. This episode she and Gabi were in competition for a promotion. One which Sofia deserved from the get go. It was great for it to be centred around what was going on between their friendship for a change rather than Gabi and Josh’s relationship and it was about a chef again! This episode had every thing I missed about the show.

Although the episode was about something else, Sofia and Gabi’s relationship, and that was great, it still showed Gabi in a terrible light. She is a terrible friend. We as an audience knew Sofia really was more qualified for the job but Gabi just went for it just to be petty because she felt insulted by Sofia. When things got tough, instead of her to do the mature thing and come to Sofia for help she went round in circles and made everything more complicated, costing both of them their jobs. When I say she’s a terrible friend, I don’t mean just because of this episode. If you think about it, she always expects Sofia to drop everything at her beck and call, she drags her into all her drama with Josh and remember that time she went against Sofia’s wishes and went out with her brother? Some best friend she is.


Yolanda and Elliot, as usual were the highlight of the show for me. Their banter and the dynamic of their relationship in my opinion is what has kept the show going for a while. Their ‘near death’ experience when they thought they were going to die was hilarious, as they admitted to each other that they loved the other. That was cute, considering just a few minutes before Elliot had referred to her as big foot.

This episode was an enjoyable one and has given me a lot of hope for the rest of the season, but honestly I am not going to have any expectations. Knowing Gabi, I know something is about to mess it all up anyway.

Baby Daddy 

Ever wonder what an emotional and serious Bonnie looks like? We saw her in this episode. The boys invited their grandmother over for family day at Emma’s school and we find out that Bonnie hates her mum. There’s a lot of tension between them for most of the episode and we don’t actually find out why until the end.

The jabs Bonnie and her mum took at each other were worthy of laughs here and there but it only just highlighted how much tension there was between them, mostly from Bonnie. In the final minutes of the episode we find out why and honestly that confrontational scene just broke my heart. i always wondered why Bonnie was the way she was and I just figured it was because she was a teenage mum and so had to toughen up. However that conversation between her and her mum showed a vulnerable, hurt and angry bonnie, and this window into her life explains so much about her character now. I ended the episode understanding her a little better.

There was a light aspect to the episode too. Riley and Tucker were taking improv classes for their jobs. It wasn’t particularly funny but this one scene where they were ‘sizzling bacon’ was hilarious. Tucker’s reaction the whole time was one that I found entertaining and the final scene in the studio where he refused to  let his segment end. Amazing.


It was interesting to see the two shows almost switch this week. Baby daddy is normally the light and funny one whereas Young and Hungry tends to be more dramatic. So to see them swap in a sense was an interesting spin on things and maybe that’s why both have me looking forward to next week.




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