Curveballs and Desperation


Episode 4 of Devious Maids and UnREAL this week did not leave us disappointed. We learned some truths, some of which we knew, and others we suspected. We got a lot of surprises and we got two heated confrontations.

Devious Maids 

This season has brought us a lot of comedy, and this episode did not fail. One of the best things about devious maids is how dramatic and extra the characters can be and that is exactly what we got this season.

Lets start with the Powells, because truth be told, they are probably the most extravagant characters. I did mention in my last post Changing Tides and Secrets that Evelyn and Marisol living together was going to be interesting, and that is what exactly happened. How does one go out for breakfast and come back with a whole new living room? Amazing.

Marisol: That means Evelyn get a job!

Evelyn: *gasps* That is quite possibly the ugliest thing anyone has ever said to me.

On top of that there was the whole ‘taking’ Marisols credit card and ending up in prison. I mean I did not see that coming, but it was still very entertaining to watch. Now lets talk about the more surprising thing, Adrian and Zoila. Exsqueeze me? What? Who came up with that one? Also is it bad that I kind of like it? Will this mean that Adrian is going to stop trying to get Evelyn back, because if that’s so, I don’t want to see Adrian and Zoila together that much.

Rosie this episode had to go through a lot. I mean being stuck under a bed and hearing any one have sex is terrible but Ben and Shannon..urghh..  Even I was traumatised by that. On top of that she missed dinner with Genevieve and that broke my heart a little. Genevieve was so excited and put in so much effort. I’ll have dinner with you! She moved on so quick though. I was happy about it, because she had a friend, up until he gave her that book and I got a really bad feeling. “The circle”, apart from it being something that Ben and Shannon seem to be affiliated with (so hell no), it also seems kind of cult like? Maybe that’s just me. As if things couldn’t get any worse for Rosie, Spence just had to go and collapse during her visit, and boy was it dramatic. Hopefully it’s not a stroke or anything. How much bad luck could one man have!

I just need to say this, but Jesse and Dani? NO! JUST NO. The two of them together greatly infuriates me. Notice the choice of words here. I do not like the two of them together and I would very much like for it to end. That said, it was a little sad for Dani to find our the truth the way it did, but honestly I had a feeling that was the only way she was going to find out. I mean it’s not like Carmen was going to confess. Before she found out though it was cute to see her and Carmen working together when they were locking Josefina in the room. It was a nice mother daughter bonding moment. Side note, the Orange Is The New Black fan in me celebrates as soon as Elizabeth Rodriguez walked out of that room. Absolutely loved it.


All in all though things have moved along nicely and the episode had quite a few cliffhangers so they’ve really set up for a good one next week. It should be great and honestly I cannot wait. Once again.


The audience this week got to finally find out what’s wrong with Darius. Turns out he has a career threatening back injury. Honestly after the way he could hardly move at the end of the episode, most people suspected that was the case, so I don’t think that was much of a surprise.

What I still found surprising, even though I really shouldn’t have, because we’ve already established that Quinn is the devil, was how she wanted to exploit his injury to further her career. Like I said, this shouldn’t have been surprising because it’s typical UnREAL tv, but my jaw still dropped when she made the suggestion. I mean the man is hurt and she knows this but no, once she can exploit this and get suicide ratings in order to kick Coleman out, who cares right? I’d like to think that it was her fathers death that made her this heartless but a part of me already knew that Quinn was just that evil. Thankfully Rachel and Coleman double crossed Quinn so her plan didn’t actually happen. The Quinn and Rachel confrontation was also a bit of an anti climax for me. She didn’t low up at her the way i thought she would have, so that was a little disappointing, but then again it’s only episode 4, and I know Rachel will get what’s coming.


Speaking of Rachel and Coleman it was interesting seeing them team up and work together this episode, but like Jay said, they were ‘shady’. I would like to see them actually work together and not in secret but to see if the Rachel and Coleman dynamic has anything on the Quinn and Rachel one. We all know Rachel is unstable like Quinn said and is at some point going to lose it, so I really don’t think thing thing between her and Coleman is a good idea. I have no idea how that is going to work because when she loses it, she’s going to mess it up.

In my earlier posts i mentioned how they had gotten a good mix of girls this season and this episode showed exactly that, From London, to Yael and even Ruby. Firstly, let’s talk bout London. I didn’t even know the girl existed, and she royally screwed up this episode, (I mean she basically broke Darius) which of course got her cut. Secondly, what in the world is Yael up to? Is it just me or is she just hella shady. She’s had her eyes on Jeremy for some time now, then the brief flirting with Coleman, then back to Jeremy and stealing his keys? I mean whats all the about? Lastly Ruby, my poor sweet sweet Ruby. LOOK WHAT EVERLASTING HAS DONE TO HER! They turned her into one of them and that made me so sad. I was finally excited for her moment with Darius, then boom, we find out she lied about the cameras on her, unless of course she didn’t know, but thats very unlikely.

It would be a shame to see Darius paralysed towards the end of the season. Honestly he seems like a nice guy but he’s obviously desperate, for some reason. This episode just showed us a lot of desperation which just made it all the more intriguing. Until next week then!

Honestly so far I’ve been glad with the way the shows have been going. If they continue like this, there should be absolutely no reason why the seasons wouldn’t be amazing.  I can’t wait to find out what next week has to offer.


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