Got a secret, can you keep it? I am getting tired of Pretty Little Liars. Episode 2 of season 7 was one that I found very annoying and disappointing. The Fosters second episode on the other hand was a much more satisfying one. There were many things I found interesting and have talked about below. 

The Fosters

That was a brilliant episode! I loved everything about it. This episode continued with the pace of suspense the premiere had. Every scene had you catching your breath a little and wondering if Nick was going to get caught.

First of all, i’m a little disappointed that Stef didn’t find him since she was so close each time. I mean come on? But that was part of why the episode was so brilliant. He managed to effectively move and hide in that house without anyones knowledge and that was amazing (although a little unrealistic considering how many times he had been to the house. How would he know all the hiding spots).  When he finally found Mariana I didn’t know what to think. I found myself scared for her, wondering if he was going to pull the trigger on her or himself, up until Matt walked into the house. Then i was pretty certain Matt was going to get shot. Thankfully Callie spotted him and no one got hurt. Can we mention how amazing Mariana was when it came to keeping her cool and talking him down? Wow, Cierra Ramirez’s acting should be applauded here as well. It was good that this nick arc came to an end this episode because if it had continued into the next, it would have been in for too long and gotten a little boring, so glad that it’s finally been tied up.


I know that the Callie and Brandon forbidden love story this is the main romantic plot of the show, but I am tired. I am so ready for them to move on and the whole thing to be put to rest, but it keeps rearing its ugly head. We all knew the truth was going to come out, and it has, but now i’m ready for them to deal with it so we can move on. i can understand why the mothers don’t want to deal with it now, considering that they have bigger problems at hand, (NICK), also they don’t really know how to deal with it, but it needs to be done. Obviously brandon felt the same way, since he and Stef had a huge argument about it and has decided to move out of the house. I don’t really know how thats going to go but my money is on him moving back home. Again.

I’ve heard of the dead communicating with the living through dreams but honestly that whole Jude and Jack thing freaked me out a little. It was a nice end to Jack though, that he finally had a home. Jude finally got that closure that he needed and that was good for him. Callie however seems to want a war, and not closure. Getting Justice for Jack is going to make this whole issue with Justina a lot more messy, and that will unfold in the coming episodes.

In conclusion I loved this episode. It was just the right amount of everything and if this is the tone they are setting for the season, then it should be a pretty good one. Also can Matt and Mariana get back together already?

Pretty Little Liars 

Before anything, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? That’s my reaction to that episode. I could just end this post with that and I’m sure most of you would understand. Obviously I am not going to because I have a lot to say.

#SaveHanna finally paid off. She’s free and I’m glad they got her back before it dragged don and turned into unnecessary drama. understandably Hanna came back traumatised and changed by it, but that didn’t stop me from liking her any less. Fair enough she is my least favourite of the girls but this episode, although I knew she had just escaped from this horrible thing, I found her even more shallow. or rude, or bitchy. I’m not sure what the right adjective here is. The way she shut Caleb down was harsh and her break up with Jordan although was inevitable, was a bit random and dramatic. I understand that going back to the bar would have reminded her of happier times and giving her hope that she wasn’t bad luck and i guess helped her hold on to Jordan but I didn’t feel sorry for her at all. I just wanted that scene to be over. I expected her to be affected by it but I have no patience for this version of Hanna. If she keeps going on like this, they’re going to put off a lot of fans.

No one was happier about Hanna’s return than Caleb was and that was clear. Even to Spencer. Which brings me back to WHAT THE HELL CALEB? Spencer did not deserve that. I know many people are not Spaleb shippers but please tell me you’re decent enough to realise that Caleb isn’t treating Spencer right. Whether Haleb is your ‘otp’ or not, surely you can agree that this whole thing is messed up and Spencer deserves much better. Caleb has really been rubbing me up the wrong way and I don’t know how he could make it up to Spencer. If they have to nip it in the bud now, might as well before he hurts her anymore.

I know from twitter especially that many fans weren’t happy about Ezria and felt like Aria was acting like Hanna wasn’t missing. Although that was a valid point, can you blame the show for having something else going on? It cant ALL be about A-moji/uber A, plus Ezria and their own drama is a nice little distraction because it is completely independent of A-moji and I love that. Anyway, Aria breaking up with Liam was inevitable, because like I said, he was a seat filler for the real deal. (Ezra, if that wasn’t clear) but now that he’s back on the book and with his hostility towards Ezra, their working relationship will be a very interesting one.


The last liar to talk about is Emily. From this episode it was clear that she cares about Alison the most. It’s always been her, for as long as the show has been running. Seeing her fight her way into the hospital to see Ali was  sweet. Sometimes I think Emily is the dumbest one of the girls. Maybe its because she’s so naive, but seriously why in the world did she not try to eavesdrop on the conversation between Mary Drake and Elliott. Any normal person would have.

Mary Drake was in my opinion the most interesting yet chilling part of the show. there’s something about her that just freaks me out. She just comes on screen and I get a bad feeling. Elliot on the other hand is just annoying right now. Who does he think he is and why is he all of a sudden coming across as more important or powerful than Mary Drake? It’s making no sense. I don’t know how I feel about this season so far, but then again it’s still early days. Lastly, WHO KIDNAPPED ALISON AND WHY? I AM SO TIRED OF THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN. JESUS GIVE IT A REST WITH THE KIDNAPPINGS. Okay rant over.

Freeform this week gave us pretty interesting episodes. I found The Fosters to be a lot more entertaining and ‘light’ compared to Pretty Little Liars, and that’s saying a lot, since that episode of The Fosters was like something from PLL.


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