Old Flames and New Beginnings


This week we saw some new faces and some old ones. Boy was it good to see some old faces. Last week Young & Hungry and Baby Daddy both did not disappoint on the comedy side. Things got…competitive. To say the least.

Young & Hungry

The central part of the episode was the arrival of Elliot and Alan’s foster daughter Keisha whom they initially thought was going to be a baby but to their surprise was not. Keisha turned out to be a 13 year old girl with an attitude.

Fans of the show generally know that Elliot is not one to show emotion, not really anyway and so it was going to be entertaining to watch him as a parent. He did not disappoint, especially since Keisha didn’t like him and Alan. From his reaction to Keisha, to his interaction with her and finally realising that he actually cared about her, the audience was genuinely entertained all the way.

When I said that things got competitive, I was talking about Josh and Yolanda competing for Keisha’s affection. Uncle ‘Joshy’, as he called himself took the ‘spoil her with money’ route, whereas Yolanda tried the whole ‘I’m your cool black godmother’ route and funnily enough she wasn’t interested in either, but rather connected with Gabi. The show being the kind of show that it is, it was obvious that following her conversation with Gabi, and everything else Keisha was going to end appreciating Elliot and Alan and even liking them.


One thing that made me really happy this episode was the story around Sofia. When Gabi couldn’t go on the date with her I was seriously scared that she was going to come back totally in love with the guy. Thankfully that didn’t happen because if it had, it would have felt like they were repeating a story. Tp my surprise, Sofia found a different kind of love. She finally found what she wanted to do with her life and I thought that was great.

It was a good episode and I’m so glad the whole Gabi Josh drama has been put aside for now and the show is being centred around other things. The rest will hopefully be like this episode.

Baby Daddy 

ROSS IS BACK! I will scream that a little louder for my ladies in the back. Ross is back. God knows I love me some Eddie Cibrian. I don’t think that man could ever look bad. EVER. So needless to say I was glad when Ross made a come back. Of course I wasn’t glad about the situation and they way he came back.

Why is Riley so petty? She should be called Riley Petty not Riley Parin. (That was a bad joke, I know. Yet very appropriate in my opinion) Just because Danny was ‘dating’ someone else she had to one up him and date Ross. She has the mindset of a child. Why can’t she just be honest about what she wants? She clearly wants to get back with Danny so why doesn’t she just forgive him and move past it instead of being so ridiculously petty? I just don’t understand. Secondly, i understand that Danny isn’t the brightest, but did he seriously not think Riley would be bothered? Considering that he’s been wanting to get back wth her, one would think he would give her a heads up but nope. I see the writers are trying to drag this out and over complicate things.


Besides the drama that is Riley and Danny, there was some good comedy this week in the form of Bonnie and Ben, or should I say Mr and Mrs Brad (I don’t think anyone actually knows his last name). I found the whole Ben pretending to be his mothers husband thing absolutely hilarious. The scene where bonnie had to talk about how good he was in bed and gagged on almost every word she uttered had me in stitches. On a serious note though, it was cute to see how Ben stood up for his mum and the extent to which he went.

This episode did not disappoint. As usual there were little things here and there that were so unnecessary if people actually communicated properly, but then again, if they did that, we wouldn’t have an entertaining show.

Both episodes left me with a nice taste in my mouth and I am genuinely looking forward to the next ones!


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