Gala’s and Candles


We saw a lot of ball gowns this week. With UnREAL that’s pretty much a given but this week we got triple ball gown. Whenever something fancy is happening on a tv show, something always goes down and in episode 5 of both shows, something definitely went down at the Gala’s.

Devious Maids 

I’m going to start this post with Zoila because i genuinely enjoyed every single scened she was in this episode. Lets talk about her and Adrian first of all. Her dislike of him was always going to be something that would make their ‘relationship’ an amusing one, and true to form, every interaction they had in this episode had me smiling. Him finding out Zoila’s secret and deciding to keep it for his own gain was typical Adrian. What I didn’t expect was for the two of them to decide to work together to help each other out. I am really torn between the idea of Adrian and Zoila seriously dating and Adrian and Evelyn going back to the way they were. Both are just very appealing so either way, I would enjoy it. However now that she and Kyle are getting back together I assume, is she going to keep dating Adrian?

Rosie, bless her, is still trying to redeem Spence, and speaking of him, I don’t think I have ever watched anyone be so disappointed that they do not have a brain tumour.Hilarious. Ben used to seriously give me the creeps but now that we know who his boss is he doesn’t even scare me that much anymore. BUT WHAT THE HELL KYLE??????? I wasn’t keen on him anyway but Zoila really doesn’t need that. I am so disappointed, yet so excited to see how this is all going to play out. In a way if you think about it, Rosie is a lot closer to the circle (through Zoila and Kyle) than she knows. For now though, learning about it through Genevieve will suffice. This could be a chance for her to go undercover and find out more about it and knowing Genevieve, it’ll be noting short of amazing to watch. I mean this is a woman who actually said

Is it possible I’m so beautiful I turned him straight? – Genevieve

The inevitable talk that Carmen and Josefina had to have with Danni was a bit of an anticlimax for me. I expected a lot more anger and explanation but it didn’t go how I thought at all. It was good though that Carmen made sure Danni go and patch things up with her mother, but it hurt me a little that she didn’t try to develop a relationship with Danni. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m glad she’s gone, at least for a while anyway.


Lastly Marisol and Evelyn. Ever since they started living together, I knew that I had a lot of laughter coming my way and that is exactly what I got this episode. From ordering her to manage the staff, to changing out of her gown, and even the line that had me literally lol’ing

My skin has now touched polyester and a piece of my soul has died – Evelyn

their scenes were great. I did feel for Evelyn this episode though and seeing her trying to worm her way out of Adrian seeing her work was cute, but we were all glad that didn’t happen. Plus now she has that date with the Reverend, so it would be interesting to see where that goes. With Marisol though, so glad her book is back in production.

It was a great episode once again, and I must say, I’m loving this season.

UnREAL tv 

I AM SO MAD. That was the most amazing thing. Best episode of the season so far. That is exactly what UnREAL is. The drama, the betrayal, the plot twist, the heart break. All of it. It was so brilliant.

I don’t have much to say but first of all, let me just say DARIUS IS YOU OKAY? I was rooting for him and Ruby sooooo hard because what they had was genuine. It was real, and considering he was just putting on a show in the beginning and then really found something was touching but then Satan just had to come and ruin it all didn’t she. They were finally making progress, getting the time they deserved, and they were connecting on an intimate level. If you catch my drift. To some extent I can understand why Darius cut Ruby. He didn’t think he would be enough and I get that. You can’t change a mans mind that easily, but I still think he made a mistake. I felt bad for Ruby, the look in her eyes when she realised what he was doing. She gave up everything, and I mean everything to be on the show, and then for him and now its all gone in one breath. I am so upset by it I might as well just root for Tiffany right now.


Okay Satan, sorry I meant Quinn. Well done. We all knew Quinn was heartless. Stone cold, and would do whatever she had to just to one up anyone but wow. I did say that the fallout with Rachel was going to be bad but I didn’t think it would affect anyone other than Rachel. Her anger towards Rach is making her ruthless and honestly I love it a little. Is that bad? I mean the way she in and interrupted Coleman and Rachel selling themselves to the new owner was boss. The fact of the matter is she knows good tv, she knows what needs to be done and how to do it, and she doesn’t let anyone get in her way. But then at what cost, you know?

coupleFinally that whole macho man bonding thing between Chet and Jeremy was strange but satisfying to watch. It was nice seeing Chet in a different light this episode. Vulnerable with Quinn then sort of a hero in the end. Although Chet’s intervention made Jeremy worse. What was that stunt at the end? Hitting Rachel like that. My jaw hit the ground. Now I just can’t wait for next week.

So Lifetime this week, well done. Always leaving us wanting more. Until next week!


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