New beginnings and Teary Ends


This week unfortunately there was no episode of The Fosters and so this post is focused on only Pretty Little Liars. There was a lot of desperation among the girls and things got very gruesome this episode.

We finally got to see evidence of Hanna’s time with A.D. She had bruises and marks on her back. The audience already saw what happened to her in that room but we actually saw proof of that on Tuesday. Later on in the episode we find out that Elliot used a Cattle prod on her. Honestly I didn’t even know what that was but Hanna’s reaction to it made me quite sad. I feel for her I really do. I will still maintain that she was a terrible friend to Spencer. When she confronted her about the kiss with Caleb Hanna just treated it like nothing and that annoyed me a little. At first I didn’t understand why she was pretending to still be engaged to Jordan. but as the episode went on and from her conversations withAria, I realised that the reason why she was still pretending to be engaged was because she didn’t want any more attention than she’s already getting.

So we all knew Spaleb was destined to fail but I hate the way they let that happen. If they were going to break up it should have been for a reason that was independent of Hanna or even if it was to do with her, Caleb should have never done Spencer dirty like that. The way Spencer’s voice broke when she and Caleb were breaking up and the fact that he couldn’t say anything to dispute what she was saying because it was all true, PLUS the fact that Toby just got engaged…  I was almost in tears


Another thing that got most of us emotional was Alison’s attempts to escape.  From trying to strangle Elliot with her IV, to running away from him through the woods. Both those scenes had my heart racing and I don’t think I have ever wanted any of the liars to commit murder so badly. The first time in the hospital when he held her down and put that mask thing on her face I wanted to kill him myself. She didn’t deserve that at all.

It was so good to see the girls open their eyes for once this season and realise that Elliot is trash. None of that would have happened if not for Emily and her constantly fighting to save Alison. What I’d like to ask them though is how they thought they would be able to one up Elliot if he really was working with A.D. Did they seriously think going to his boss was going to work? You would think they should know better by now. Also what was that stunt Aria pulled putting the key in the wrong lampshade? They’ve broken and entered so many times they could be pro’s. Anyway it was rather unfortunate that as soon as they realised he was on team A, he died.

The season started with the liars digging a grave and now we finally know who is going into it. So all through the show, the girls have always been accused of murder or are being framed. Although they are definitely criminals since they’ve broken so many laws, they’ve never ever been murderers. That is until episode 3 of season 7. The worst part is that as if she wasn’t going through enough already Hanna had to be the one who run Elliot over. The way he flew into the windshield though, gruesome much? We always knew Pretty Little Liars was dark but wow.  Regarding Elliot’s death, if you look at it from a different angle, Hanna sort of got her revenge, although completely unintentional.

I am going to end this post with things that freaked me out, shocked me and just confused me. One, is Elliot even Elliot? Because when Toby searched him up Elliot was just old. Two, why are there still dolls? That whole thing was just freaky. Dolls… Charlotte.. can we please move on? And three, why is Toby engaged?  Anyway, I genuinely enjoyed this episode and can’t wait for next weeks.


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