Putting In The Work


We got some eye candy this week but in addition to that, Freeform brought us some good comedy this week. Episodes six of Young and Hungry and Baby Daddy left me wanting more. Been a while right? Let me tell you why.

Young and Hungry 

Remember how I said we got some eye candy? Gregg Sulkin guest starred in this episode and it was good to see his face. (Side note: so disappointed faking it got cancelled, I got my weekly dose of Gregg there. If you haven’t seen it, watch it.) Gregg played Gabi and Sofia’s annoying new neighbour this episode and lil soso initially goes up to tell him off but look at him. Obviously she didn’t do a very good job and instead ends up going out with him. The best part about this storyline was Sofia not knowing what she had agreed to do with him and her freaking out when her imagination starts to run wild. To be very honest I didn’t think it was anything sexual just from the way it was all being played out, but still very interesting to watch, and hilarious.


The other thing that went on this episode was Gabi, Yolanda and Elliot working together to get rid of a pest in the form of Josh’s new assistant. Randall was the most annoying thing to happen to the show since about episode 3. His character was actually irritating and every time he opened his mouth I swear I frowned without meaning to. It was pretty funny watching them go from not having a problem with him until he was doing their job and then all coming together in the end to try and get him fired.  I do have one question  though concerning how the episode ended. DID THEY MANAGE TO GET JOSH’S DATA BACK? Because that’s a pretty important plot hole.I don’t understand why the episode ended with them running off to Silicon Valley. We can only hope that perhaps that issue might be addressed next week.

Baby Daddy 

Can someone please explain to me how a mother bets against her own son. Unless of course you happen to be Bonnie Wheeler. Literally every time Bonnie and her new accomplice Tucker cam on screen I laughed. Speaking of Bonnie and Tucker, am I the only one who has noticed that for people who claim to not like each other, they spend a ridiculous amount of time together now? They probably have the closest ‘friendship’ on the show this season. From Tucker’s little rap, to the two of them celebrating over their winnings, ‘doctor bet’ and the extent to which they tried to mess with Danny’s head was the best part of the episode in my opinion. Needless to say that it didn’t work out too well for them, because you know.. karma.


When i say that was the best part of the episode it was difficult, considering the other story line. Riley and Ben working together to dump their ‘old’ partners. Ross and Sarah eventually ended up together and I really don’t know why Riley and Ben didn’t just think about setting them up. It would have been easier, although a lot less entertaining.

There wasn’t much to say on the episodes this week. They were both funny and straight to the point. Comedies, just the way they’re supposed to be, since both shows have temporarily put aside the drama that comes with the main romantic plot. Next week should get a little more interesting from the looks of things since everyone is single now.  I’d just likt to throw in this quick quote to finish:

“Trust me. Ben there, done that” – Riley

That killed me.


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