The ‘F’ Word and Alabama?


So much happened this week that I’m not even sure where to begin. There was a surprising death and a not so surprising return and it was all just amazing. 

Devious Maids

Let me be the first to say, I am not going to miss Ben. The dude was creepy anyway but Oh my gosh, I did’t get why Kyle was so afraid of Frances, but now I totally do. The lady is a murderer. Just kills people like it’s nothing. (But poison though? Could she have been anymore stereotypical?) What in the world did she mean by tucker was the key to everything? I am really curious about that. This whole cult thing confuses me enough already, what in the world could they want with a child? Besides you know, being the leader of a cult, murdering people. and weird obsession with children can we please address how she did a complete 360 on Zoila when she caught her and Kyle in bed together? That was enough to make me scared of Frances too.

Speaking of Zoila I had a feeling the whole thing would backfire. She was desperate to out her relationship with Frances and just because of the nature of the show, it was obvious things weren’t going to work out for her. I will admit though I enjoyed the whole secret relationship thing and Zoila having to climb out of the window. In addition to that it was still good to see her and Adrian sort of working together. I’m rooting for a friendship there. In the end though i don’t think Zoila really got what she wanted by giving Kyle an ultimatum because now he wants to live with her? Uhm.. writers.. what you doing though? As if their relationship wasn’t moving fast enough.

The Powells be crazy. This episode it was just Adrian that drank the crazy juice. He hit a new level of low this week. He’s already a despicable human being but it seems that when it comes to getting Evelyn back he is willing to do anything. He tried to bribe a priest to break up with Evelyn. How low is that? Props to Reverend Hamilton though. I did not expect him to give the money to Evelyn. Hopefully I wasn’t the only one who died at that scene when Marisol walked in on Evelyn reading the Bible and trying to revamp her whole personality? It’s little things like this that make the show so great. On the topic of the Powells this episode, it would be crazy not to mention Gail trying to seduce Adrian and her lack of subtlety. I loved how Adrian was all like … thanks.


I have to talk about Genevieve’s initiation and her lie detector test. I knew Rosie would ask Genevieve to go undercover at some point. it was pretty much inevitable. I mentioned it in Gala’s and Candles. What I didn’t expect though was her accepting so quickly, but of course in true Genevieve fashion we got this response

“I’ve joined a cult before. In my defence it was the eighties and I thought it was exercise class”

I do not think I have ever seen a character in so much denial about her age as Genevieve Delatour. The woman is crazy. They asked her how old she was and she actually said 35 then finally said “it starts with a 6” and when they apparently moved on to ‘easier’ questions such as her weight the look on her face made me laugh. She had to be comforted with a towel on her forehead because she had been ‘tortured’.

I’ll tell you what was torture. What the other 3 girls were going through. First of all Carmen turned forty. (shhh.. we’re not supposed to say the f word) That came as a shock to me and I’m not really sure why. We don’t really think about the ages of the characters and obviously I knew they weren’t spring chickens but for some reason forty caught me a little off guard. I loved how she didn’t want to hear or accept that she was getting older. Things just weren’t going well for her either. From the coffee to the dance audition and even sleeping with the Barista. Things weren’t easy for Marisol either. I felt her frustration with her producer especially when his ‘notes’ became personal and also Peter not sticking up for her. But she does need to recognise that in that situation, his hands were tied. Lastly poor Rosie just can’t catch a break can she? They just had to try and kill her again.

Once again Devious maids did not disappoint and I cannot wait for the next episode.


So with this one, there wasn’t much to say. The first five minutes sent chills down my spine. The opening scene with Rachel crouched on the floor like that, Chet shutting her down, her covering the bruises with concealer and then acting like everything was fine with Coleman. All of that just made me feel sorry for her. For the last 2 episodes or so I’ve been waiting for Rachel to blow. Lose her marbles and we got a little bit of that pretty early in the episode. She just broke down on Darius and it just sort of confused everyone. I didn’t think that would be the only time that episode that she lost it but I was wrong. That is one thing that is so great about the show. It is not very predictable in terms of the characters. It’s a show about drama so you can always predict that, but what you can never do is predict the way the characters will react. Rachel didn’t go all psycho like I thought she would but she definitely did react.

Personally I didn’t understand why she didn’t tell Coleman about what Jeremy had done and it wasn’t until she told him why that I understood. I won’t lie. There was a part of me that also believed that Coleman could be her Chet and I didn’t really get or like their relationship much but this episode has completely changed the way I feel about Coleman. He genuinely seems like he cares about her and is in it. I mean he was the only one that was solely interested in Rachel’s well being. I know Quinn also cared but she cares about Everlasting just as much, whereas Coleman doesn’t. I really like him but I just know Rachel is going to mess it all up. I know in my heart that she will.

Okay so Satan just had to be do her blowing up things thing all over again didn’t she? For just a second I thought she cared about Rachel more than she did Everlasting but just as soon as that thought came into my head it was pushed right out. Quinn calling Coleman to check on Rachel and having the talk with them and all that wasn’t for Rachel. it was for her, and nothing made that more evident than her calling Adam. She clearly knows Rachel isn’t in the right frame of mind and she just had to call the one person that would make it worse. I hate to do this here but it has to be done…. I TOLD YOU ADAM WAS COMING BACK! I KNEW IT! I JUST KNEW IT! The way the episode just ended with his return! I screamed, and God that long hair and facial hair on him. Need I say more?


This was a different kind of intense but it was a pretty good episode and believe me when i say I cannot wait for the next episode. Mainly because i want to see Freddie Stroma’s abs again.

This week was just another Monday getting me all excited for the next Monday and hopefully you’re all just as anxious as I am.


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