The Dark Side

well shit

Still no episode of the fosters this week, but season 7 episode 4 of Pretty Little Liars did not disappoint and took the girls to a whole new level of criminal activity. Something they had never done in the shows history. Murder, and then covering it up. The craziness of it all is what made the episode so great. 

Firstly, the grave the girls were digging in the premier was in fact Elliot’s, much like many fans had speculated.They were clearly distraught and that was inevitable but what amazed me was how organised they were being, considering what had just happened. They had come up with a plan which they intended to follow to the T. Aria had to take Alison back to Welby, then go and help Hanna burn the car. Emily was supposed to pack a bag and Spencer was supposed to drop his jacket and phone on a train making it look like he skipped town, but of course, things don’t always go to plan.

Alison was traumatised and for good reason did not want to go back into her room and Aria got to see how much of a monster Elliot really was. She gave us a flashback of the night Charlotte was murdered which finally cleared her as a suspect but can you imagine the guilt Aria must have been feeling after Ali told her? I don’t know how she managed to control herself.

In addition to that, when Aria and Hanna went to burn the car, it was missing. I freaked out too and it was a little funny to see hanna panic the way she did. Thankfully though it was just Mona. That girl really knows how to make an appearance and I don’t remember the last time I was that glad to see her. She obviously had a much better plan but then again when you’re not directly involved in a murder I guess it makes sense that you’re the one that can see clearly. Mona’s return allowed Hanna to open up a little bit and finally telling someone about hers and Jordan’s break up. In a weird way I think that was good for her. Finally opening up to someone about what was going on.

broken heart

I can’t talk about the episode without mentioning the whole Spencer, Caleb, Hanna love triangle. Brilliant acting from Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario and Tyler blackburn. That one scene was heartbreaking. Caleb coming to confess his feelings for Spencer and to let her know how he really felt, her not being able to let him in because you know.. they just killed someone but he thinking it was because of what had happened earlier. Truthfully that must have played a part too.. and worst of all, Hanna being there to hear it all. And she actually tried to talk to Spencer after. I’m sorry what? What was she planning on saying. I gave the biggest eye roll there. I’ve been saying that Hanna was a bad friend to Spencer because of this whole Caleb thing. I get that Haleb forever but she said it was okay when it clearly wasn’t, kissed him and then acted like it was nothing. Then asks Spencer how long she’s going to be mad. I’m sorry but are you daft? How do you not recognise the gratitude of what you’ve just done and how bad of a friend that made you. I will acknowledge that her putting her feelings aside and telling Spencer to go after Caleb was difficult and I got some respect back for her. Also what’s the deal with Caleb. When you have a  fight with your girlfriend you just up and leave town? Get a grip dude. Face your fears rather than just run away all the time. I thought he left that in his troubled past.

There were a few other things that should be noted. Spencer went all dark on us. She made a joke and actually said

“Knock ’em dead”

Toby made a discovery which was that Elliot isn’t actually Elliot. We have no idea who he really is. Then again, I’m not surprised. Toby’s timing couldn’t be any worse though considering what has just happened. The girls really don’t need the Police on a manhunt. Secondly Elliot is working with someone, once again, not surprised. This is pretty little liars after all. Someone is always working with someone. That’s just how the show is. Lastly and most surprisingly, Jenna is back! and turns out, she’s the one Elliot was working with. Or should I say Archer? Since that is apparently his real name.

All of the drama form this episode has set up for a really good next episode and now there’s going to be a PLL Proposal? I’ve been trying to think who it could be and the most obvious is an Ezria proposal but then again this show is full of surprises so who knows? I guess we will just have to wait until next week to find out.



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