Facing The Past and Acceptance


This weeks episodes of Young and Hungry and Baby Daddy were extremely sweet and quite funny. We got people facing their fears and others finally accepting truths and honestly it was beautiful to watch. 

Young and Hungry

This week Gabi went on a hunt for her estranged aunt after winning a recipe competition and a conditional $5000 and Josh went bowling. I say that so casually but as it turns out it was something that he hadn’t done in years because it changed his life forever. (read that dramatically because that was how Josh intended it to be)

Gabi had unresolved feelings towards her aunt who apparently abandoned her family and wasn’t even bothered to attend her mum’s funeral. Josh locates said Aunt and turns out Aunt Chris is actually Uncle Chris now. Although the show is a comedy and did have some hilarious scenes the subject of the episode and it’s portrayal is one that reflects our society now. Gabi was right when she said Aunty Chris never showed up to the funeral but Uncle Chris did. The truth is after transitioning, many people are afraid to show themselves to their family for fear of rejection and that was what the episode tried to show.


On a much lighter note, not to him though, it turns out the reason why Josh was this huge successful millionaire today was because he made a mistake at a bowling final which led to losing the girl of his dreams. In a weird way he finally got the closure that he needed and he finally made that strike. Elliot lost his wedding ring to Yolanda in a poker game and was supposed to be her bitch for the week but karma is very real and it backfired on her.

I think I’m going to have a ‘quote of the episode’ (or ‘QOTE’ for short) for some shows because the things the writers com up with sometimes…. wow. Before Elliot joined the poker game he asked Yolanda if it was strip poker and when she said no he replied with

“Good. I’m willing to risk my money not my eye sight.”

Absolutely hilarious.

Baby Daddy 

Notes are really not an appropriate way for grown people to communicate. That just should not be happening. However in this case it eventually all worked out for the best. Diley finally got back together and Sam and Ben are going to give things ago. It’s about damn time.

So this episode the comedic aspect and the romantic drama were every intertwined. Ben had to figure out who left him a note and although he thought it might be Sam, he went with the first girl he saw, because he’s Ben. Tucker’s awful advice got Danny all mixed up in it too when he thought the note was from Riley but the miscommunication eventually led to Sam confessing to Ben. The best part of this whole note thing and simultaneously the funniest part was the stunt he pulled to get her back. Hiring a cheerleaders and he himself giving a little cheer, I did not expect that at all and I’m so glad we got to see that.

Before we talk about Diley we need to talk about the toddler pageant. Bonnie is crazy, thats a given, but we often forget how crazy Riley can be when it comes to competitions. The pageant brought out the ugliest side of Riley and honestly I thought it would be Bonnie. Thankfully it made her realise how ridiculous she was being about the whole situation with Danny and alas! That was how my favourite couple (on this show) got back together.


Now that the romance is back in this show and all the couples have gotten together, I wonder what the drama is going to be about now. It should be interesting how things go because at this point, i have absolutely no idea.

Things have finally gotten back to the way they should be on both shows and i couldn’t be happier. Next week should be even better


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