A Blue Shirt and A John Doe


Suits and Power made a return this last week and they have been much awaited. Suits took us back to the very day Mike walked into that prison and Power on the other hand had a time jump. Both premieres though we’re pretty amazing.


“Disciplinary action”, that’s the best way to summarise the first 2 or so minutes of the episode and it was very intense. We got to witness him being processed and that made it all the more real and finally set in for viewers that Mike really was in prison.

Eventually mike gets put into his cell and meets his cellmate who seems like a pretty decent and nice guy. They get to talking, he tells Mike his ‘story’ and everything seems fine. However ANYONE who has ever watched anything about prison knows that the first rule is that you don’t trust anyone. How did everyone forget to teach Mike that? His cellmate was suspiciously too nice and friendly and turns out after Mike had opened up and told him everything, the guy was an enemy of Harvey’s. Mike basically just gave some random guy all the ammunition he needed to take down Harvey from inside prison. Well done Ross. Just well done.  I was pretty much raging at that point. I didn’t really know whom to direct my anger towards; Mike for being so naive and stupid, or his ‘cellmate’ for well…everything.


Season 6 ended with all the named partners plus Donna returning to a completely abandoned office or so we thought. Turns out Benjamin was still there, (Love that guy) but apart from him, completely deserted office. To no ones surprise, Louis was the one freaking out the most and when Louis gets emotional he doesn’t think straight. That pretty much was why Jessica ended up getting served. Even I knew that that guy wasn’t really a delivery guy and I’m not a lawyer. I could have slapped Louis myself when he told the guy that that was Jessica. Thankfully they managed to calm him down and I am so glad that they did because Harvey, Jessica and Louis high was probably the funniest scene in all of Suits’ history.

Rachel, every single time she came on screen I felt a little pain in my chest. You could see how she carried her sadness and heartbreak and it was all over her face. Meghan Markle did a terrific job. Every one on one conversation she had that episode was emotional, heavy and I swear I wanted to cry just because she was hurting. From her conversations with Harvey, the police officer, Jessica and Donna you could hear how broken she was and if you couldn’t sympathise with her, you have no heart. I was a bit surprised that her parents didn’t make an appearance though. I mean if my daughter was left on her wedding day and her fiancé went to prison, I’d be by her side all night. But maybe that’s just me.

To sum up, that episode pretty much evoked every major kind of emotion there was and it really did not disappoint.


There had been some passing of time since the events of the season 2 finale and the season 3 premiere and not much had changed. James and Angela were happy in their little cocoon, Tasha and her kids were mourning Sean, Tommy was number 1 now and still mad at Ghost oh and Lobos is alive.

Ghost ended season 2 by trying to tie up all lose ends so he could successfully take himself out of the game and do right by Angela. The whole episode was about him finally getting clean, hence why the episode is titled ‘Call Me James’, because Ghost is dead. Little did he know that Lobos was actually alive and the crazy bastard knows he tried to kill him. After he finds out the truth, he finally calls up Tommy and refers to himself as Ghost, which of course means, he’s back in the game.

Tommy’s anger towards Ghost was very evident this episode. From the way he talked about him to the way he did business, it was very clear. Ghost got his name from his mysteriousness. No one knew who he was unless he did business with you personally. So you obviously had to be at the top of the food chain. Tommy on the other hand wants to be known as the boss now, which led to him showing his face, so he could be given credit and identified as the guy. That was dumb. Even Julio knew that was dumb and went running to Ghost. With the way things are panning out, and his dog getting killed, Tommy could very well be putting his life at risk and that of his boys too.


In the past, Angela was always the one from the police department that was the pain in the ass, however this season, it’s looking like it’s going to be Gregg. I completely forgot about him and I think most people did too, but he clearly hasn’t forgotten, so should be interesting to see how he tries to bring James down. Angela still cannot completely trust James especially now that the case has been reopened and she has told him about Lobos and it being a John Doe case. Their relationship will inevitably be affected by that.

I can’t even attempt to guess where this season is going to go because with this show you never really know. What I can say is that it’s going to be good and I am so glad that it’s back.

Note: Both shows air too far apart and therefore from next week will each have separate posts.


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