Everyone Needs To Get Themselves Together


My heading is a little different this week but it perfectly captures my feelings towards this weeks episodes. Episode 7 of Devious Maids S4 and UnReal S2 left me a mess. Not only were major bombshells dropped in devious maids, but there were a whole load of blowups in UnReal and they joined a major conversation. Police brutality. 

Devious Maids

Zoila this week probably had the most happening to her. Last week we left off with Kyle moving in with her and this week we got to see the aftermath of that. Yes they were living together and it turned out to be Zoila’s worst nightmare. Kyle was a man child whose mother did everything for him therefore knew how to do nothing. The mess he created obviously sent Zoila into a frenzy. It was a bit funny that she went from looking after Genevieve to now looking after her boyfriend. I don’t know if it’s just me but I really don’t like Zoila and Kyle together. Forget the fact that he’s some cult heir, he and Zoila are just odd. The idea of Zoila and Adrian is much more appealing. Speaking of Adrian, this episode we got to see the blossoming friendship between the two and I am so here for this. I can’t wait to see more of them, and apparently neither can Zoila. Caught herself fantasising over Adrian during a make out session between herself and a shirtless Kyle, and Adrian Powell is what pops into her mind? Yeesh. The episode showed us that Adrian can be a decent person when he wants to be. His advice led Zoila to forgive Genevieve and it was about time! 

make up

Carmen just happens to be having the best sex of her life this episode and is quite smitten with the guy from the coffee shop. I reacted the exact same way as the rest of them when she said he was the best she ever had. For goodness sake she was with Sebastian, and I would’ve thought it would be him, but oh well. He was a murderer anyway. A bit ironic though that Carmen went to Marisol for advise on how to get rid of men but Carmen really knows how to pick’em. Murderers and now creepy petty psycho’s? And oh Marisol, what have you done. From the very moment Jesse knocked on her door to apologise I knew that he was really going to be making it up to her that night (If you catch my drift). I don’t know how I feel about her and Jesse because the thought of her and Peter really got me excited, but on the bright side no more Jesse and Dani since that made me want to throw out my laptop. 

On to the Powells. First of all it was cute that Evelyn tried to lie her way back into the house but Adrian has always been able to outplay Evelyn. It wasn’t surprising that her plan didn’t work and he didn’t buy it. That didn’t make it any less entertaining to watch; Evelyn kissing him and telling him she loved him then stopping herself from taking a drink and then eventually rinsing out her mouth with wine. Hilarious. I knew she was going to have to con her way back into the mansion. What I wasn’t expecting though was for the Reverend to be by her side the whole time and basically breaking her into her home. Well damn Reverend… Also the fact that she’s basically moved him in too is going to definitely be an interesting one. 

Now Rosie is really deep in this whole detective thing and her resilience is truly admirable. However she’s going to get herself seriously hurt. I would have said killed, but I highly doubt they would kill her off. If she keeps digging any further she will put herself in some serious danger, but she’s close. She already discovered one bombshell. Spence isn’t Tucker’s father. That is going to break his poor heart and I really don’t know how she’s going to tell him. On top of that, she’s figured out who runs the circle and although sometimes she may come across as, she is not dumb and therefore now knows that Kyle is involved. She really needs to warn Zoila. Kyle on the other hand can now place a face to the name and I feel like he is going to go after her. I don’t really know. 

Surprisingly I don’t have a QOTE for this one but it was still pretty funny and very intriguing and I cannot wait for the next one! 


I have absolutely no idea why I didn’t think the show would go in that direction. A black suitor, a contestant that was a blacktivist and the constant wanting to ‘make history’ references, plus the last few episodes highlighting abuse in the workplace. It was all foreshadowing what was going to come. UnReal joined the real world conversation on police brutality this week when Romeo was shot for absolutely no reason at all. I always did say that the show was completely unpredictable but this was by far one of the least things I expected. I was absolutely gobsmacked when the shot was fired and everything went silent. Emotions were high and for a while I wasn’t even sure who got shot. the confusion and the stress and the intensity of it all was all so reflective of reality now. 


Adam made a return in this episode and he really did not come to play. He had every intention of winning Rachel back and ‘saving’ her form the hell that is Everlasting. What he didn’t expect was for Rachel to be happy in a relationship with Coleman. Hell, even i didn’t expect Coleman to be so loyal to Rachel and see her as an equal in every way. (We need more Coleman’s in this world to be honest) I genuinely thought Rachel was going to go back to her old ways and just run back into Adams arms but she held her own. Have you seen Adam? It was heartbreaking to see her break down like that though and push him away the way she did; screaming and kicking. Considering her relationship with Coleman, i would have preferred for him to be the one there for her, trying to comfort her in the truck, but he is the show runner after all and obviously had things to sort out. 

Quinn though really does not care about Rachel. She acts like she does and she clings on to her because she’s lonely but when push comes to shove, she only cares about herself. Rachel was right to tell Quinn to get over herself because it really is about time. What i personally don’t get is that she’s not even alone now. She has this tall, handsome, rich, good guy and yet she’s still fretting over Rachel. She finally has the chance to get rid of Coleman like she’s always wanted so that should be interesting. 

For a while now many of us have been wondering what in the world was up with Yael and truth be told she was really starting to tick me off but I think i’ve got it. She’s a journalist and she’s writing an exposé on Everlasting. I never understood why she was so curious and involved but that must be it. There is literally no other explanation I can think of. Jeremy is an idiot. He was an idiot last season, this season and now he’s going to take the biggest L because he’s going to be the one to ruin everything. That of course is if they haven’t already ruined things themselves. 

UnREAL needs to be applauded for touching on real issues and the whole thing is ironic considering the shows name when it is actually the very true to reality. As mentioned form workplace abuse and now this, with everything that is going on in our society, it is one of the few shows highlighting problems and I give them so much credit for that. Next weeks episode is definitely going to be heightened. 


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