The Proposal

evil aunt

This week on Pretty Little Liars, truths come out, new friends were made, old friends returned and there was a proposal. 

Alison finally gets released from Welby but on one condition; Mary Drake has to stay with her. There are pros and cons to this. Pro, the whole keep your friends close and your enemy closer thing. Her living with Alison could prove beneficial to the girls. Con, you can never really trust anyone in this show plus she gives me the creeps. There has always been something eerie about her. We eventually found out that Elliot stole Alison’s money. I didn’t realise this was some big secret? I thought they already knew to be honest. It was predictable. However Alison just could not catch a break this episode. In the end she found out from A.D that her friends sold her out and I can only imagine how she feels. In he next episode, heads will roll.

The Spaleb, Haleb love triangle drama continued this week, with Caleb going AWOL and all. Spencer and Hanna on the bright side seem to be in a better place. There doesn’t seem to be as much anger there but definitely still some awkwardness, and it was about time Spencer told Hanna to figure out her feelings. In addition to all that drama, turns out that the guy from Spencer’s steamy almost elevator hook up is the lead detective on the Rollin case. Awkward much? I did not see that one coming.

Emily and Aria teamed up this week and it was a nice change but personally I’ve never liked scenes with just the two of them. They don’t seem that close to me. They decide to snoop around Elliots’ apartment and I still don’t know how after all their breaking and entering, especially now that they’ve actually committed murder they haven’t realised that they should wear gloves. That’s just dumb. They find some stuff which appeared pretty irrelevant but knowing this show they will turn out to be key. Emily this episode develops her relationship with Sabrina and has a test taken for her by A.D. As Aria said, I really don’t want to know what she’s going to have to do in return. The fact that A.D did this means they’ve got something in store. Aria on the other hand picked up a call from Ezra’s dead girlfriend Nicole but ended up deleting the call. I just know this is eventually going to come back and bite her in the ass but as of now she has bigger things to worry about. EZRA PROPOSED! I knew it was going to be an Ezria proposal. It had to be. Obviously they had to end the episode right before she gave an answer but considering everything that’s happening and the fact that she killed someone, she’s either going to say no, or that she needs to think about it. From previous interviews Marlene has given there’s going to be a PLL wedding, so I’m inclined to believe that she says yes.


Who knew Sarah Harvey was in town? I forgot about her. Why is she even still there? She’s from a different town. Sarah befriends Jenna and that is a set up for disaster. As if it couldn’t get any worse, Noel Khan makes a return and joins their weird little villiany club.

I don’t really know where things are going but this episode was a bit of a let down for me. The only thing I didn’t see coming was Sarah and Noels return, and obviously who Marco was. Other than that it was pretty average in my opinion. Whatever the case though, i really hope that the next episode is better. And it had better be since theres a two week wait.

Note: The Fosters returns next week so at least there will be something.


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