All About Sofia and AWhole Lot of Meddling

what in the

There have been talks on the internet of a Young and Hungry spin off all about Sofia called Young and Sofia. This week, we got a preview of what that would look like. Baby Daddy of course followed the new romances and it was all pretty good as usual. 

Young and Hungry

We barely saw any of our usual Young and Hungry characters this week because you know, all about Sofia. Since Gabi is her best friend, she of course made an appearance, but other than that, that was it. I will admit, I missed Elliot and Yolanda. They really do bring something to the show and so that was lacking this episode.

In recent episodes it’s discovered that Sofia has a passion for writing, and so this episode she goes to start working for Logan (whom has also made an appearance in past seasons). We’re introduced to two of her co-workers, one who is always hitting on her, and the other who seems pretty chilled.

We’re exposed to full form ‘Lil soso’ and I loved every minute of it because I’ve been dying for more of Sofia. The episode was just as crazy as she is. From her having to get her boss out of a cage, trying to find the street artist and ending up in prison and finally demanding her job back. If this is what the show is supposed to be like then I am so ready for it.


Plus you can count on Sofia for lines like this (cue the QOTE-Quote of the episode)

I’d do one of the 3Bs; Bribe, Blackmail or Blow

Baby Daddy 

Have you ever tried to help someone out and ultimately just making everything worse? That was basically the whole episode.  Ben and Sam finally decided to give things ago last episode and so naturally this one was supposed to follow on that. However for some reason unknown to man, Riley and Danny took it upon themselves to intervene.

Riley and Danny getting involved even though they had good intensions caused more harm than good. Although it was frustrating to watch, at the same time it was also very very entertaining. The whole back and forth, miscommunication and mixed messages made it very enjoyable for us as viewers. In the end though the two ended up making things work because they stopped listening to others. I guess that’s how a relationship is supposed to be too. Just between the two of you.

Remember how we noticed how Bonnie and Tucker had become a bit close this season? Well this episode they were a bit too close for my liking. I did not think I would ever see the day where Bonnie and Tucker made out…multiple times. It was just wrong.


Bonnie: You know I think of you as a son

Tucker: Since when?

Bonnie: Since I boinked your dad

just no

Okay not exactly a quote but like I said, it was just wrong. The Renee plot twist in the end though turned out to be a funny one. This show is really just a whole lot of miscommunication and I love it. 

Finally it’s looking like they may have to change the name to Baby Daddies cause someone is about to become a father. Emma messed with all those condoms and someone is bound to get pregnant. It’ll happen. Just you wait and see.



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