Debts and Changes


This week we got another episode of Suits and power, both of which got really frustrating at some point. Harvey got his ass kicked big time and Tommy might actually be going crazy. 


I am scared for Mike. I feel like he’s going to get attacked in that prison. The worst part of it all is that over the seasons, Mike has gotten a ridiculously large ego (especially for a fraud) and that will clearly be his downfall. I mean I don’t know who he thought he was, pulling that whole ‘they can’t touch me’ attitude. His refusal to get any help from Harvey or his cellmate Kevin, was something I found confusing. Dude, it’s okay to get help.

Not trusting Kevin was a bit understandable considering he was the reason Mike was in this situation, but refusing help was just dumb. If it was me and I knew that Frank was one not to be messed with, I’d take any help I could get to be honest. Thankfully Kevin came through and his timing was just impeccable. Unfortunately for him though, he was a bit sloppy and so now, he’s going to have a target on his back. Hopefully no one gets shived or anything


One thing I have always loved about Harvey Spectre, (minus the fact that he looks like he does in suits) is how much he actually cares about Mike. Harvey can come across as very selfish but when it comes to Mike, his mama bear claws come out and we saw that in this very episode. That was highlighted in the scene with Frank. Also I found the whole thing just very sexy on Harvey’s part. Rachel needs to chill. I know that is easier said than done considering Mike just went to prison but did she really think Harvey would just abandon Mike? If she goes on like this the whole time Mike is away, I may just lose it a little bit.

Jessica changing her mind and deciding to help out Jack came as a shock to me, but she did have a point with the whole not needing any enemies thing. Hopefully it doesn’t come back to bite her, and we know that this show has a history of bringing consequences from past actions. The firm is barely surviving. Barely is the right word because Harvey just basically handed his heart to Elliot to save the firm by a thread. I have never ever seen him so beaten down. This was a whole new level of psychological warfare. Wow.


Only four words. Holly needs to go. End of. I never particularly liked her plus now that she knows she can wrap Tommy around her little finger, this girl is about to reap where she did not sow. She’s going to mess things up real bad and it’s not going to end well. Where does she get off telling Tommy to kill Ghost? I’m sorry but what? Who do you think you are?

The worst part is that Tommy has been so emotional lately and can you blame the guy? He has a lot on his plate, but his lack of direction, raging emotions and well, drug addiction, is going to cost him heavily. Julio is already worried and Tommy’s behaviour is just going to keep getting worse. It’s all just one big mess.

oh tommy

Tasha is such a strong woman. I generally regard women  who have been cheated on and left as strong women because they endure all that but Tasha putting her children before herself was admirable. What I don’t want to see happen is now that she’s joining forces with Tommy and Holly is her somehow getting back at Ghost.

Speaking of Ghost, clearly the way he used to run his drug business is how he plans on running his club and that was cool to see. When he realised that he had been played by the competition, the way he stood there and laid out his plan just brought back the old Ghost we all fell in love with to begin with. His relationship with Angela is what is constantly making us fall out of love with the guy. They just seem to be chasing idealistic versions of each other. Some Jay Gatsby type of love. I don’t think either of them realise that they’re not actually with the person they want to be with. People change but they can’t accept the current versions of each other and that will be their downfall. Angela is never going to be able to fully trust him and he’s not going to be able to be his true self around her. They’re doomed to fail.

This season is just messy. Very very messy and that is why it’s going to be an amazing season.


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