Lies and Truths


The title for this post on episodes 8 of Devious Maids and UnREAL is a bit odd.  One show was full just a whole 40 minutes of lies after lie and the other followed the aftermath of a significant event and a big secret finally being revealed. 

Devious Maids

I’m going to go straight into it. Marisol, what do you think you’re doing please? How do you pick Peter over Jesse? How? So if you’ve been following my posts on this season, I’ve been rooting for Marisol and Peter, but that was before Jesse wanted her back. I really do not get why she’s picking Peter. We’ve seen Marisol and Jesse together, how they work, and how good he was for her, she was just a bit crazy, but they worked. I understand that he hurt her and all but he always put her first, unlike Peter. Also speaking of Peter, he seems a bit crazy too. Genevieve probably did a lot of damage when she cheated on him because guuyyysss did you see the way he threw everything off his desk? I was a bit taken aback. He seems so calm. Let me just say now that I am 99.9999% sure that I have been wrong about him the whole time. He’s not a good guy. I don’t know what it is with Marisol and her luck with men but it was pretty obvious that the man who raped Peri was Peter. I just hope he doesn’t turn out to be the one who murdered her too. That’ll be too much for me, and Marisol to handle.

Rosie’s investigation was admirable and exciting in the beginning but now that she’s getting so close I’m getting really scared for her. It was understandable why she didn’t tell Spence about Tucker not being his because that would have broken him, plus it was still very cute to see them get remarried. What bothers me is how much she’s keeping from Spence. You would think that they’d be working together but she seems to be completely alone in this and it’s going to affect her in the end.

Zoila finally got Kyle out of her house which is great because honestly I am so tired of their relationship. He has no essence. He does nothing for her, he’s really just a man baby. I’m glad Rosie mentioned the cult thing to Zoila so now she can keep her eyes open and maybe help Rosie out a little bit. At least now the Zoila has managed to get Kyle out of the house she could focus more on her confusing feelings for Adrian. When her boss walked into the house, Zoila’s face might’ve as well have been a mirror because that was my exact reaction.



I understand that every character has to develop and Carmen was eventually going to grow but I do miss the Carmen that was hungry for fame and would do whatever it takes. We’ve got glimpses of that this season but the whole Dani storyline has taken a lot away from the Carmen we all knew and loved. Dani’s return did absolutely nothing for me besides annoy me. Can we trade her for Valentina? I know a lot of us complained about Valentina but I would gladly take her back with open arms if it meant Dani would go away for good. Also what game is she playing at telling Carmen Lucas was dead when he wasn’t? If it was just to hurt her then that was cold and all the more reason why she needs to go.

Things are getting a lot more interesting, everyones lives seems to be getting messier because the lies keep growing and it’s all going to blow up in their faces eventually. I cannot wait.


Last episode left me on an absolute high. I was so excited to see where they were going to go from there and how they were going to tell the story. I was completely and 100% disappointed with the way they ended up telling the story.

All the good stuff I was looking forward to conveniently happened offscreen. That was lazy story writing to me because they could have done so much with it. Why bring up a conversation on your show if you don’t have every intention on joining it fully? Then again I’m not ruling that out yet because Yael and Coleman joining forces and Coleman’s drive to talk about police brutality may still let the show join the conversation.

I don’t know how I feel about Coleman after this episode. He claims to love Rachel and I was really starting to believe that. The issue now is that from the way this episode went he may have to figure out what is more important to him, Rachel and protecting her, or telling this story, and from everything we’ve seen so far and the impression i have of him, I’m emotionally preparing myself for an exposé. Rachel included.

One of the best things about UnREAL is how twisted everyone is, especially Rachel. It has been no secret that she suffered from mental illness plus her terrible relationship with her mother obviously was a contributing factor. What we never knew was what happened to Rachel that made her the way she was, and rape was not what anyone expected. It explained why she had an awful relationship with her mum, and this whole time I’ve been calling Quinn the devil but she is an angel compared to Rachels mum. I have no words. Absolutely none. Clearly Olive cares more about her career than her daughter and after such a traumatising upbringing, who could blame Rachel for being the way she is.



In addition to all that drama that was unfolding, Quinn was talking about becoming a mother and that idea scares me a little bit. Quinn and Rachels relationship was somewhat mother daughter like and so if that is what Quinn as a mother looks like, I’m scared for that child. Darius’ career ending because he had to have back surgery after Rachel and Coleman got him to take the epidural however he came back like a complete badass and it’s clear that he’s not going to be their puppet anymore. We got to see Ruby again and homegirl stood up for herself. It was absolutely beautiful to watch and I am so glad she didn’t go running back to him. Lastly WHAT IS GOING ON BETWEEN CHET AND TIFFANY? Who wrote that part? I am just confused. Maybe she and Chet might develop feelings for each other and that may end up affecting how things play out with Darius. That’s the thing with this show…. you never know what could happen.



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