The Fosters S4 Episode 3 and 4


I have been highly slacking in The Fosters department. I’m 4 episodes behind and that was completely my fault and so the next few posts will be completely about The Fosters. Each post will cover 2 episodes until I have caught up and we will go back to our usual PLL/The Fosters type posts. If you haven’t read my first couple of posts already look at The Fosters Season 4

Episode 3 

This episode was the aftermath of the confrontation with Nick and the truth about Brendan and Callie coming out. A lot of changes had come and all of them had to adjust to these changes, hence the episode title, trust.

Mariana is surprisingly very normal and doesn’t appear that much shaken up or traumatised at all. What does seem to get to her though is the name calling and looks she gets in the school hallway. I for one find that a bit odd. How are you unbothered by your crazy ex boyfriend stalking you and basically pointing a gun at you in your own home, but passive aggressive notes and name calling. However we’ve all known Mariana was always tough and that’s something I’ve loved about her character. She gets QOTE for this one.

René: oh look, it’s Mariana Fostwhore

Mariana: It’s Adams Fostwhore

Callie and Brandon were yet to face consequences for their actions and Callie being the paranoid person that she was managed to convince herself that she was going to be unadopted. For the duration of the show Callie has always had trust issues. She’s never really been able to let anyone in, except Brandon. So in very like Callie manner, she rebels and disobeys them. It’s almost as if there’s something in her that makes her mess up to push people away so that she doesn’t get hurt. However they reassured her that no matter what happens, she will always be a part of the family, and she’s just going to have to trust that.


Thankfully Brandon seems to be making progress with his mothers. Lena reaching out and extending an olive branch was the right thing to do, because if Stef had handled it all by herself, they would have definitely pushed him away. I really don’t understand his relationship with Courtney. She seemed unhappy this episode and maybe it’s because her 18 year old boyfriend is playing daddy. In all seriousness though, which grown man would be intimidated by Brandon? Please. That was the most unbelievable thing all season.

Jesus and Emma decided to get tested this episode, and good on the show, promoting safe sex and all. Jude went to church and has met a potential new bae. I’m still not over Jonnor though so I don’t know how I feel about this yet. Callie met a boy and it was like something out of a movie. It was a cute little escape but knowing this show he will definitely make a come back. Lastly Lena’s speech. That was everything. Everything she said was so important and is so reflective of reality. Well done to the show.

Episode 4

Remember how last season ended with Gabe getting arrested for violating his probation and then them just never revisiting that? Well we finally got some closure this episode. Lena’s job was in trouble and in order to save themselves they had to help Gabe get off the list. Although it did cost them the credit on their house it was ridiculously overwhelming to watch. You could see the different stages of emotions the characters involved went through and that is one of the amazing things about this show. It really does give you all the feels. No one, absolutely nobody can tell me that the scene between Gabe and Jesus where they embrace and Gabe just breaks down was not heartbreaking. Mike has been irrelevant for  a while but it was great to be reminded of how good of a guy he really is this episode. As happy as I am for them, I really hope that paying for his lawyer doesn’t put them in a bind because Lena and Stef already have enough on their plate.

Callie goes on an emotional journey where she faces her past and because of the kind of person she is, it’s a really good way for her to have gotten closure. She revisits the house where she was raped and Liam’s mother blames her for ruining their lives. The anger I felt when she turned was unexpected but also justified. The good thing is that Callie now seems to have gotten the closure she needs. Also exposing that part of her life to AJ means that she might finally be taking their relationship seriously. What I can’t wrap my head around is why Callie has taken it upon herself to fight kyle’s battle. She has this need to interfere and ‘fix’ peoples problems but like AJ said, it’s not her battle. She’s going to get involved anyway so we might as well just wait and see how that goes.

Like I said, why is Brandon playing daddy this young? How does he not see that all of this is affecting his relationship with his mothers? It’s a different story line but it’s also starting to get a little annoying. That party he and Courtney tried to throw just highlighted everything wrong with their relationship. Also why are his mothers more concerned about him than Mariana, their daughter who is clearly traumatised.


In the previous episode Mariana didn’t seem traumatised or bothered at all but that was not the case this time. It came across how affected and scared she really was and all I could feel was sympathy towards her. She went to see Nick with every intention to end things for not only her safety but her mental health too, but before the scene was over, as soon as he started opening his mouth, I already knew that she wasn’t going to. This whole story line is probably the most interesting one of the season. Seeing how this plays out is going to add more drama to the show.



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