The Fosters S4 Episode 5 and 6

lenas 40

I have been highly slacking in The Fosters department. I’m 2 episodes behind and that was completely my fault and so this is the last of my 2 part catch up posts completely about The Fosters. Next post will go back to our usual PLL/The Fosters type structure. If you haven’t read my first couple of posts already look at The Fosters Season 4

Episode 5

Lena turned 40. FORTY. I thought both her and Stef were over forty so that was a nice little surprise. They managed to make this episode fun but at the same time maintain all the elements of drama and it was great.

Parents at some point let their children make their own mistakes, so they can learn from it. Stef and Lena in order not to push Brandon any further away are being very tolerable but lets be honest, he’s making some terrible choices. In this world does the show Suits not exist? Or forget that, how does an intelligent boy like him not realise the risk and the consequences taking the SATs for another person could bring. The worst part is that we as viewers know for a fact that he is going to pay for this in the end. It will happen. It was nice for Stef to put her feelings about her aside and invite Courtney to the party but it must have been tough knowing your boyfriends parents plus grandmother don’t support your relationship. If she really doesn’t realise how selfish she is being then she really doesn’t deserve him.


It’s obvious that Callie is not going to let this Kyle thing go and that was clear in this episode. If I was there, I would be acting the exact same way AJ was. How do you sit out your mothers birthday party to discuss a court case, and it’s not even yours. Could it not have waited? Callie isn’t particularly a likeable character and it just feels like she’s not growing. This weird relationship/friendship developing between her and Aaron is definitely going to threaten her relationship with AJ and that is just unfair. From the get go we knew he was a rebound from Brandon but he deserves better. He always has.

We finally got to see Jude this episode and his budding relationship with noah. Joah was born this episode after Jude let jealousy get to him, but I guess it worked out in the end, because like I said, potential new bae. Mike and Ana being in love was unexpected nut cute and hopefully she doesn’t mess that up. Jesus and Emma ending things was inevitable. Friends with benefits is never permanent but what I didn’t expect was for it to end because of Jesus’ level of intelligence. Maybe we will get a legally blonde type of thing from him. That would be interesting to watch.

In my last post I mention how I really hoped taking out the credit on the house would not come back to bite them. They couldn’t even wait 2 episodes and it already has. Somehow the writers managed to find a way for them to possibly lose the house which wasn’t even directly their own doing. Talk about drama?

Episode 6

Seems like Callie is finally getting somewhere with the Kyle investigation. This episode she eventually finds some useful information. Kyle is left handed but the autopsy report states that the killer must’ve been right handed. The problem now is what is she going to do with this new information and how much she’s actually going to help his case. The discovery came after she made a realisation of her own, one that I have mentioned previously. Revisiting her past is the only way she can get closure and finally move on and I’m glad Aaron could help her see that.

Brandons actions finally caught up to him. Lena found out the truth about him taking the SATs for someone else and she really did make a point and she gets QOTE

Your character is much harder to recover than kept

He’s been making some questionable decisions and in all honesty I’m starting to get bored with this story line. What I am glad about though was to finally see Courtney actually contribute to the relationship. I guess she wasn’t as selfish as I thought after all.

I keep saying this but Mariana is one strong character. The girl has so much on her plate. In addition to her nick drama, seeing him behind her mothers’ back now she is the first female team leader of the S.T.E.M/S.T.E.A.M club. When she, Emma and the other girl won I had a little moment. It was good to see something work out for her. Jesus joining didn’t exactly give me the legally blonde vibe I had been hoping for but I will happily take he and Emma making up.

Jude and Noah had a high scene. It was interesting to watch because the last high scene we had on the show, Brandon was completely freaking out, so this was pleasant to watch. I am worried though about what Noahs influence could have on Jude. He has always been slow to stand up for himself and sort of follows the crowd a little bit. Hopefully this doesn’t corrupt him but let’s hope for the best.


Lastly Lena’s fathers debt is going to cost them the house. The episode ended with them consulting a realtor. That house is just as important and they can’t lose it. Will the show even be the same? I just hope that doesn’t happen.

This is the last post of the catch up series but next weeks episode looks promising. There’s so much that has to come out. It should be good.


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