The Buddy System and Weaves


Episode 3 of Suits and Power both had their highs and lows. However both shows had some interesting new characters that are going to bring some new life to the shows. 


This episode was one that was unfortunately slow. It just felt like the whole thing was dragging and maybe that is because of the prison plot. This season I was really excited to see where the show was heading but now that Mike is in prison, the show seems to have lost some excitement. Then again, it’s early days.

We see Mike and Kevin getting close this episode and they go everywhere together. That’s the plan at least. The one time though that Kevin is left alone he gets jumped and honestly I saw that coming. What was pretty entertaining was the way Frank broke it to Mike, almost as if he was entertained. It was nice to see how much Mike was standing up for and protecting Kevin, however that could be somewhat seen as selfish. Either way, Mike is loyal. Which is exactly why I don’t understand why the writers have brought on this plot twist. Mike is not going to turn on Kevin. I think…. Let’s think about this. Mike has always been loyal, however it’s really only been to the people he’s known for a long time and loves. He doesn’t know Kevin like that, and he sure as hell doesn’t have love for him like that yet, so he could turn on him. On the other hand, with the kind of guy Mike is, if he did that, it wouldn’t sit well with him. It really just comes down to love vs ethics.


Speaking of ethics, it was so good to finally see a bit of old Rachel. Only God knows what she had on Naomi but she definitely took Jessica’s advice. She handled that like a total badass and it was great. The best thing about this episode was the introduction of the traders and how they wound up Louis. I’m so glad they’re staying because we’re seriously going to need more of those scenes this season.. to make it a little lighter. They get QOTE.

Trader: This new lease is tighter than your mom’s ass
Louis: That’s it I’m suing you for slander because my mom’s ass is miles from tight!


Why does anyone need a gun in school? Let alone for protection? Tariq was really stupid with the whole situation and much like Tasha said, it was mainly to get his dads attention. Whether that was the reason or not, fact of the matter is that he should not have had access tot he gun and Tasha has every right to stop her children from going to Angela’s. Jamie needs to accept that. Speaking of Tasha, for a smart girl how is she not able to tell she is being used? It is just so obvious. The whole situation is quite sad because it just seems like being part of that life is making her happy again, and we all know it’s not going to last.

It was really good to finally see kanan again. Him being alive was widely accepted, it was basically fact. Obviously he’s going to be plotting during his recovery, but his cousin Juicebox, or Jukebox, was a great addition. We know barely anything about her but right now she is honestly the most exciting thing about the show.

Greg is going to have a case soon and when that happens, everyone is going to be in trouble. Him calling Angela’s bluff was great for us viewers because it really highlights how little trust she has in Ghost. That greg storyline will definitely add a lot more drama to the show. Also Holly is pregnant? eh? That was just unnecessary. She’s already a pain in the ass as it is, and so now a pregnant Holly is just going to be infuriating.


I need to have a little rant though. Ghost had to choose between Angela and Tommy. He chose Angela. However now that your life is in danger, you want to talk about ‘Tommy and Ghost’. How insulting. If I were Tommy, I’d tell him goodbye too. That’s just rude. Initally I thought it was just because he felt badly and just wanted Tommy back in his life but nah. He’s just scared and desperate.

A desperate ghost will lead to a messy Ghost and that equals drama.


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