Another One Bites The Dust


This episode of Pretty Little Liars, we saw the girls go through different emotions but on a whole new level as A.D seems to know what they did and starts to taunt them. What else is new? In addition we finally got an answer to the proposal.

Murdering someone and burring them to cover it up must already mess with ones head. The guilt must be unimaginable. However them haunting you must be on a whole new level. The first time Elliot’s burner phone rang and Hanna answered it, I freaked out a little. It wasn’t until the taunting continues and Ali getting attacked that I guessed what was happening. As much as I love this show I also hate it just as much. It’s the same thing over and over again and I don’t know how the girls NEVER learn from their mistakes. It was all clearly a trap to lead A.D to the body. When Spencer and Hanna went into the woods to check if the body was still there and they heard a noise they should have retreated. Considering the police are on a man hunt for Elliot and the fact that A.D is everywhere, did it not occur to them that they could have been followed? Their naivety is just ridiculous at this point.

Ever since Mary Drake was introduced there had been something eerie about her. You didn’t know whether to trust her or not. Whether she had been telling the truth or not. A part of me wants to believe her story because she just seems so broken but one thing I’ve learned from this show is to never believe anything. Unless there’s a flashback because those tend to be truths. Speaking of flashbacks, Jenna and Charlotte friends? That was an unexpected twist. However if Jenna really does want Justice for Charlotte why is she working against the girls or with this big bad that Sarah was scared of.

Bye bye Sarah. Yup. Sarah died. Was it wrong that I chuckled a little bit? Just seemed like a long time coming plus she didn’t even add much to the show anyway. It’s just frustrating because she clearly knew who A.D was, and obviously Uber A does not play. They tie up lose ends and that’s exactly what Sarah was.

So this whole Spaleb thing was clearly not a fan favourite, but if many of you are honest with yourselves, I think you’d agree that Spaleb was the one different and completely original thing this season. Hate them all you want but they had real chemistry and the whole love triangle was good for this season. As frustrating as it was, it added some spice to things. I would like to smack Caleb though. I’ll give him credit for finally being honest with Spencer about how he felt but I still want to smack him for hurting her and putting her through all that. Although it was short lived, I’m glad he taught her how to love again. Except now it’s obvious that Hanna and Caleb are going to get back together.


ARIA SAID YES! EZRIA IS HAPPENING AND I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER. From the promo I already knew she had asked for some time to think about it so i expected some awkwardness in their relationship. What I thought would happen is that she would tell all the girls and if they agreed to it, she would tell Ezra what happened. With the way he feels about her, I didn’t think he would change his mind and he didn’t. What annoys me about all of this though is that if Aria was being completely honest with Ezra before he made his decision, why in the world didn’t he tell her about the Nicole call? These things don’t just happen in tv shows for no reason. Nicole will come back and I swear if that messes up this perfect Ezria bliss I’ll be done with this show. Also isn’t it a little ironic how the relationship that is still alive and going strong is the one people were so sure was destined to fail?



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