Bets and Tests


The episodes before both finales of Young and Hungry and Baby Daddy brought us a whole lot of comedy and foreshadowing of the finales. Young and Hungry showed us a lot of blatant competition whilst baby daddy brought us some competing ‘behind the scenes’.

Young and Hungry 

Comedy packed. That’s the best way to describe episode 9. This episode, Gabi and Josh make a bet that the other can’t get dates using their best features? Basically josh couldn’t say he was rich and Gabi couldn’t flaunt her hotness. So they went speed dating to test it out. I really didn’t think that they would get any matches and until the double date, I thought they had booked to date each other. Plot twist though, they had real dates and Gabi’s date turned out to be a criminal and of course Josh came running to her rescue. We all eventually knew that those two were going to get back together, BUT I didn’t expect it to happen that way. I guess we know what episode 10 is going to be about.

wtf face

While Gabi and Josh were competing, Yolanda Elliot and Sofia were prepping Elliot for his weekend alone with Keisha. Of course it didn’t go well initially but in the end he found a way to connect with her. However when I tell you that  the dialogue between Yolanda and Elliot is the best thing about this show, I mean it. They could probably have their own spin off and I swear I’d watch that too.

Baby Daddy 

Pregnancy scares are usually terrifying, hence why they’re called scares. However having three simultaneous pregnancy scares is on a completely new level. This episode the boys discover the holes in the condoms they’ve all been using and I’ve got to hand QOTE to Tucker.

Tucker: See man this is what happens when you buy condoms in bulk. You have babies in bulk!

In true Wheeler fashion they try to lie their way out of it by doing a saliva test. We didn’t get to see Tuckers attempt on trying to get René/Renéé’s saliva but I bet it would have been funny. Danny though took the cake for best attempt. As soon as Riley swallowed that cotton swab I was laughing. Thankfully Mrs Wheeler came to the rescue and told the girls about the whole, which in turn led to them punishing the boys and that was just beautiful to watch.


Bonnie was the star of this episode. She just seemed to be saving people and her mothering and trying to control Roger was definitely funny. I don’t know what is wrong with that boy but it would still be nice to see more of him. At the end of the episode though she did say to Riley that pregnancy tests are sometimes not accurate that early on in the pregnancy. Considering that Ben and Sam broke up because she didn’t want any kids id exactly why I think Sam is pregnant. Watch how next episode after she and Ben have gone their separate ways, she makes a return because she’s pregnant, and BAM, the season will end. I may be wrong though, but I cant wait to find out.


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