Real Talk and Shitfests


Another pre-finale this week. Devious maids and UnREAL are sadly both coming to an end next week and this weeks episodes set the tone perfectly for what is to come. They did not disappoint one bit. 

Devious Maids

Zoila’s boss Fiona returned last episode and we knew it was just a matter of time before the truth came out. Fiona turned out to be a no nonsense person and had quite a few strict rules she wanted Zoila to follow. One of those rules was for Zoila to wear a maids uniform and that was what got her found out. Honestly I wasn’t even sad when the truth came out. It just seemed like something that had to happen and the fact that I never cared for her relationship with Kyle. It was good that she came clean and asked for his help regarding Spence. When he confronted Frances though and she said ‘you know what we have to do’ I got so scared at that point because I thought it meant killing Zoila. Thankfully not. I didn’t expect them to just up and leave though, however one thing these maids are is resilient and they will definitely get their hands on that video and expose the circle. And free Spence.

Carmen got played so bad this episode, and by her own daughter. Dani really has no heart and the girl needs to go. PLEASE SOMEONE TAKE HER AWAY. I regret any bad thing I ever said about Valentina, can we have her instead? Carmen finally thought she and Dani were getting somewhere only to be found in the end that she was being studied and on top of that, Dani got a call back. That must’ve hurt.

Marisol got dumped. We saw that coming. Peter does not tolerate cheating, but him ghosting was a bit unexpected. I wish he had done it face to face though and actually confronted her about it. I had high hopes. We did get a confrontation though, between Marisol and Genevieve and it got so real so quick. She struck a nerve and made Genevieve realise a few things about herself which eventually led to a heart to heart where we learned the truth. Turns out Genevieve didn’t exactly cheat on Peter but was raped by Hugh. This is the second time rape has been mentioned this season, and so maybe Peter isn’t Tuckers father after all and it’s probably Hugh. If this is true, what we might get is that Peter forgives Genevieve and maybe just maybe will take her back, and Marisol get’s back with Jesse. Speaking of Hugh being a rapist, Dani may have just walked into a situation and no matter how much I dislike her, no one deserves that.

Remember Rosie has a son, Miguel? Yeah I forgot about him too. He made an appearance this episode. Apparently Rosie focusing all her attention on Spence led to Miguel feeling a bit neglected, so he started acting out to get her attention. He did, and for the first time this season, we got to see Rosie being a mother again.

The Powells be crazy. They honestly deserve each other and now that Evelyn may have just realised that, Adrian is just about to make things worse. QOTE

Adrian: Hold on to your feather duster because things are about to get crazier.

I don’t know how he things pushing Evelyn away by making her jealous is a good idea but I wish him luck. Next week is the finale and boy oh boy is it going to be good. I am not ready for it to be over though.



This episode we’re down to the final three. Tiffany, Yael and Chantal and one has to go. As an audience we already know that Darius wants to pick Tiffany for his career, so who was going home was really between Chantal and Yael. Mot of us figured it was going to be Chantal since she’s been quiet so far but this episode, after some serious producing from Maddison, blifey came out to play. Tiffany is also messing around with Chet and that’s just weird…and confusing.

Yael was a whole other story this episode. She hit on Coleman and I just felt anger at that moment. I could have just slapped her right there but that is why I’m not on the show because the way Rachel handled it was genius. You come after my man and I make you poop yourself on national tv. Jokes on Rachel though cause Yael slept with Coleman anyway, so maybe my way was better after all. You know who should be a producer? Coleman. That man has a silver tongue and Quinn was right this whole time. The way he tried to work Rachel on the balcony there was shocking. I genuinely thought he had ther back this whole time but he’s just concerned with advancing his career. I wasnt even sure if Rachel was agreeing with him or just going along with him at one point. He’s a snake and they need to eradicate him. Yes, eradicate because his existence needs to be erased.

dont mess with rachel

I know that for the most part of this season if not all, I have been calling Quinn the devil. This episode though, my heart broke for her. Never has there ever been a scene where she has looked so broken. Once again UnREAL touched on an issue that is so important right now and a lot of women face. Having that choice taken away from her was what hurt and I get why she let Booth go. The fact that now she is hurting from that and a relationship that has come to an end will make her even more heartless when she and Rachel take Coleman down. That hug was EVERYTHING.

Quinn and Rachel are the dynamic duo, and now that they’ve made up, everyone needs to be pulling a Yael.


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