Sex Punch Cards and Street Fairs


Freeform gave us two finales this week. Young and hungry ended things on a light note and the episode was pretty much the usual young and hungry. It didn’t really feel like a finale. Baby Daddy on the other hand felt like the end.

Young and Hungry 

Last week Gabi and Josh slept together and when these two sleep together, feelings get involved and the whole thing gets messy. Thankfully they’ve realised that now. So this episode, in order not to catch feelings, they thought they would not sleep together anymore.

Obviously that wasn’t going to happen. The moment the two of them were in the same house for the weekend, them sleeping together again was imminent. They come up with what they thought was a brilliant idea.. sex punch cards. Some one needs to  come and explain how that could have ever been a good idea. The more times you sleep with someone, the more likely it is for you to develop feelings. When it’s an ex, the feelings can return pretty quickly, so it was always destined to fail. It will fail. Plus this is Gabi and Josh, the feelings will always come back.

The other characters were also dealing with their own drama, mainly Elliot and Alan. Keisha had been taken away from them and Elliot was going through some serious withdrawal symptoms. If this is what Elliot is like with a ‘broken heart’ then I don’t want to see anymore. The guy was a complete mess, but it was for my viewing pleasure and I enjoyed every single moment of it. Plus who knew sleepwalk eating was a thing? Trust Yolanda to never disappoint though.


This episode was pretty disappointing for a finale. It just lacked anything that would make me want to watch when it returns. It ended on a high in the sense that Gabi finally realised what kind of a friend she had been to Sofia and apologised. Ending with friendship rather than Josh and Gabi drama was different and nice.

Baby Daddy 

Change is coming, and a lot of it. The season finale of Baby Daddy suggested that when the show returns, a lot might be different. First of all, DILEY IS PREGNANT. If you read my last post Bets and Tests I was pretty sure that Sam was going to be the pregnant one, so this was a pleasant surprise.

Danny get’s a job offer to play for Vancouver and struggles to decide because of Riley. He eventually tells her about it and because she’s selfish she accepts him wanting to stay because of her career. Naturally he gets upset, i mean I was upset and it wasn’t even my career. She then goes on a mission to prove to him that she loves him and will follow him, which was cute. She then eventually breaks the news that she’s pregnant and everyone celebrates. What I found a little unsettling though was when she said “I wanted to be sure that things we’re right between us before I told you this”. EXCUSE ME BUT WHAT? Was she really trying to say that if things hadn’t worked out she would have just let Danny leave and never told him? Also if she wasn’t pregnant would she have fought for him as hard as she did? We’ve seen how petty she can be. Either way it doesn’t matter now. I love how they revealed the whole thing and I’m so excited to see what happens.


Brad finally makes a return and he’s a completely different person. His views on the world have all changed and Bonnie can’t handle it all, so of course, she tries to manipulate him into changing his mind. She eventually goes all hippie chick on him and that was absolutely hilarious. This show really knows how to do comedy. She has a little melt down and later on brad comes to his senses and gets himself together. Tucker was also going through his own drama this week, which no one seemed to care about. He got an job offer in LA and so he kept trying to tell people but everyone had their own drama.

I should mention that in this episode it was also Emma’s birthday but that got lost in all the drama that was going on. Ben also kept running into the same woman and tv shows don’t do that kind of thing for no reason. This could mean Ben may have found the one, and with all this change coming, does that mean that the end is soon? Next season Riley is pregnant, they may be living in Vancouver, Tucker is moving to LA and Bonnie and brad are going to travel the world. The show is heading in a completely different direction. I cannot wait.

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