Get Out of Jail Free Card and Assassins


This episode in both shows, decisions have to be made and they’re not particularly easy ones. Mike faces a difficult choice and Harvey tries his hardest to help him out whereas in Power, Tommy’s decisions are made for him.


Mike Ross, fraud, and now snitch. Informant, whatever it’s the same thing. In my last post I wasn’t sure if Mike was going to take the offer or not but I was leaning towards no. Just because he just seemed like he wouldn’t be able to live with it. Turns out I was wrong.

Initially when Mike turned down the offer I found myself thinking “I KNEW IT” but there was still this little inkling that  we hadn’t seen the end of that. What I didn’t expect however was for Harvey to get Rachel to change his mind. That plan was absolutely brilliant. I figured Harvey was the one who drugged him but I though Sean would sneak into the infirmary, not Mike snuck out. Harvey’s resilience although expected was still great to watch.


Jessica vs Stu was pretty fun to watch although we knew who was going to win, because lets be honest, Jessica is a badass. It was great to see her fight for not only her firm but also Louis as well (as usual). On the upside though, possible new love interest for Jessica, so thats exciting since there hasn’t been anyone since Jeff. On the topic of new love interests, Louis may have just found the love of his life. Normal guy asks girl out, Louis Litt though will hire her to remodel his whole summer house just so hopefully she can fall in love with him. I am so done with this man.

I can’t even begin to guess how things are going to go this season since there just seems to be so much going on but I have faith in the show and the season.


Now we can say that the mystery of Ghost is dead. Everyone knows who James St Patrick is now because of this potential client Karen. James is all over social media and with everything building up now this is most likely going to blow up in his face. It was pretty obvious that Greg was going to be a major threat this season but I didn’t expect him to be so effective this quickly. Did anyone else find the scene with Ruiz funny when he kept saying his name was Armando Garcia? If Ruiz decides to talk and give them the whole network, then they’re all going down and this time Angela isn’t going to be able to protect him.

In my last post The Buddy System and Weaves I said how Ghost was just selfish and went back to Tommy because his own life was in danger. however this episode Ghost really came through for Tommy. Dropping everything to go and help out Tommy without even letting Tommy know he was there was pretty amazing. What bugs me is that Dean followed him and now basically knows that his boss is involved in some nasty suff. The real question is, is Dean loyal and down for Ghost in the sense that he will keep his mouth shut and not blackmail him, or is he not trustworthy and is somehow going to make things worse. Remember when Dean came up to James in the club and told him he had some news about Karen but James blew him off? That was exactly what happened with Kantos wanting to warn James about Greg. See where I’m going with this? Something big is about to happen and whatever it’s not good.

Kanan seems to be recovering pretty well. He’s healthy enough to rob a jewellery store, kill someone and even have sex so it’s safe to say he’s making a return soon. Jukebox convinced him that killing Ghost isn’t enough. She scares me. She honestly scares me. Kanans whole family must just be one big bad bunch because wow. The point is that now when Kanan comes back, and it’ll be soon, he’s going to stir the pot and it’ll be ruthless.


HOLLY NEEDS TO GO. The worst part about her making the decision for Tommy is the fact that Ghost is the one who saved Tommy. She’s going to kill the man who saved her man. When she showed the Jamaican the photo all I thought to myself was ‘how dare you?’. Also can we talk about the fact that she found that Jamaican shop? All Tommy said to her was that it was in Queens. How’d she find it so easily? Come on writers… think about these things.


2 thoughts on “Get Out of Jail Free Card and Assassins

  1. I have got so much faith in Suits, this show honestly just keeps getting better and better. Also, I love that it airs over the summer. I’m not kidding, it is single-handedly saving it haha. Cool piece and nice blog too, you talk about some interesting stuff. Would you be interested in sharing your work on Moviepilot/Creators? Please do shoot me an e-mail if you’d like me to expand on that. You can find my contact details on my blog.


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