Who Done It and Soap Opera Endings


This week we saw the finales of Devious Maids and UnREAL. Both were amazing episodes, just drama filled and had me on the edge of my seat. 

Devious Maids

Last week Dani was left in a particularly precarious position and we were unsure how things were going to go for her. Thankfully nothing happened to her at her callback but Carmen just happened to warn her in the nick of time the next day. At that point I was convinced that Hugh was not just a rapist but also a murderer so I was pretty worried for Dani. The whole interrogation scene where Dani, Carmen and Rosie got Hugh to talk was one of the many scenes we enjoyed. Who knew oven cleaner could be such an effective weapon? It was a shame that it took a rape scare to finally bring Dani and Carmen close but glad that the season ended with them on good terms.

There’s only so much of a horrible boss one can take and so it was only a matter of time before Zoila either quit or was fired. Besides Fiona was very annoying anyway. The way Zoila quit though had me laughing. She ran out of that house with the phone like a little girl.  That’s a real friend. Plus now that she no longer was for miss uptight, she’s gone back to Genevieve and I couldn’t be happier. Zoila protected Spence and it worked out in the end. Killface surprised me in the end. He seemed like such a big teddy bear, I didn’t actually expect him to shoot anyone. Also why is Spence always getting hurt? I mean if they want to kill the guy they should just kill him already.

Rosie FINALLY managed to clear Spences’ name. After nine episodes of hard work. From cinnamon the stripper, to hiding under the bed for hours while people had sex and eventually recruiting Genevieve to join a cult, she finally did it. GAIL? GAIL FLEMMING? That was the most random and unexpected thing ever. However it made perfect sense in the end so I guess all wasn’t lost. QOTE

Carmen: Enjoy jail, Gail

Marisol: JailGail! That could be your prison name

The Powells got divorced. After all this time they finally for their divorce, but the Powells be crazy so they had sex and now they’re most likely going to stay married. As exciting as the thought of Adrian and Zoila was, he and Evelyn really do deserve each other. Glad Genevieve finally got her closure with Peter and apparently with men, because she’s decided that after five husbands, maybe what she needs is a wife.

Marisol put her heart on her sleeve this episode. She bared her all to Peter to fight for him one more time, and after his talk with Genevieve it all came together. He proposed. MARISOL FINALLY HAS A GOOD MAN WHO LOVES HER AND WANTS TO TREAT HER RIGHT. And what do the writers do? Oh yeah let’s make Marisol disappear at the end of the episode. I could not be angrier, but to be fair this is exactly what the show needs because 4 seasons of minor characters dying was staring to get boring. This brings new excitement and I pray to God this show comes back.

he's free


What is with this show and offscreen action? Episode 9 ended with Quinn and Rachel saying they were going to take Coleman down and episode 10 opens with them storming into his office after they’d already planned everything. Even though that happened we still got a decent amount of drama so that was good.

First of all Coleman is an absolute moron. I had to say it. It’s not just the fact that he faked his documentary, or that he cheated on Rachel, its the fact that he has absolutely no respect for her. The way he talked about what happened to Rachel was insulting, putting aside the fact that he actually told people about it. I don’t know who he thought he was with all that sense of ‘morality’, the hypocrite. I saw the end coming for him. I think we all did when we saw that look on Jeremy’s face. It was pretty obvious that Jeremy was going to ‘handle’ the problem. I didn’t expect cutting breaks but hey, I’ll take whatever I can get. Also is the way the show is redeeming Jeremy? This secret now brings the four of them even closer and Rachel and Quinn are now going to have to work closely with the men they despise and are bound to them eternally.

Quinn’s plan for the finale was evil. Then again what’s new? No one get’s a happy ending on everlasting.The show wanted to make history and history was made. Darius picked a girl in the end and to everyone’s surprise it was Ruby. Darius may have lost his career but he really did find love and that was beautiful. Also Romeo returned. I did not see that coming at all but good to know he was okay.

This season of UnREAL had a few gaps and holes in the story. The direction they went in this season definitely had it’s ups and downs but in the end it came together. It wasn’t perfect but it was good. The beautiful thing about UnREAL is how messed up everyone is and how much they really get away with. So far there’s been accidental murder and actual murder. What’s next?




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