SuperWoman Complex and Tuscany


This week The Fosters came back with a bang. Pretty Little liars brought us an old face or two. Both episodes were unsurprisingly frustrating yet have both left me wanting more by the very end. Then again with shows like Pretty Little Liars and The Fosters what else do you expect?

The Fosters

Every family has a house that becomes a home. All your memories are there, the house becomes part of the family in a way, and letting go of it is never easy. Having to let go of it when it’s not your own fault must be heart breaking. Stef and Lena have agreed to sell the house and honestly if that happens it’s going to affect the relationship dynamic. It’s just a house, true, but losing the house will change a lot of things plus like Stef said, if they’re all crammed into one place, tensions are sure to rise. Then again, that’s the show.

You know how Callie cares about people a lot so she’s always meddling in peoples lives? Her superwoman instinct? Yeah that, it’s about to get her shot. Or something along those lines. Basically she’s in danger because the girl just cannot mind her own business. Callie has made it her new project (since fost and found blew up in her face) to prove Kyle’s innocence and get him out of prison. Last episode she found some information that could help. Turns out the killer is right handed but Kyle is left handed. However the JJC refuses too reopen kyles case because the information wasn’t enough. That was surprising. So Callie in her rage goes back to Malloy and exposes the guys history, pushing him to call whoever paid him off and now that person is going after her. She has not just put her own life at risk but also that of her whole family. It almost as if the writers don’t want us to like Callie. Her superwoman complex just keeps getting annoying, and before any of you start to disagree with me, that wasn’t all. Callie finds out Jude has been getting high, threatens to tell on him to their mothers but instead attacks Noah’s mum, therefore jeopardising Jude and Noahs relationship. Jude then tells her to stay out of his life for good and whoa that was harsh, but he’s upset so I get that. What Callie needs to realise is that although Jude is still her little brother, he’s not so little anymore. The boy is a teenager now and she could very easily push him away.She’s done a brilliant job at that.


The episode opened with Callie and AJ being intimate and then Mike and Brandon coming home and interrupting. Awkward much? Apparently not, because her bra was just lying there in plain sight for all to see and Brandon to notice. Okay, now awkward. The whole thing leads to Mike finding out about Callie and brandon, and this is what I meant when I said Mike was irrelevant. He’s Brandons father yet he’s kept out of the loop on a lot of important things. He and Stef are about to have a conversation. On the topic of fathers, Brandon is now basically Masons father and it’s slightly weird to watch. I just feel like Courtney isn’t doing anything to make it easier for him but he’s doing everything to make it easier for her. This relationship is doomed to fail.

My poor poor Jesus. Was anyone else surprised when they showed that x-ray and saw the nail in his head? My jaw dropped. He went the whole day with a nail in his skull. The thought of it just gives me a headache. Thankfully he was okay because if something has happened to my Jesus again, let’s just say I may not be as committed to the show. It was sad to find out that Gabe has depression. It’s a very serious issue and should never be taken lightly. It’s delicate and needs to be handled properly and so now that they have introduced this subplot, hopefully they can do it justice.

If it’s not obvious from the length of this post, a lot happened this episode and all of this is just leading to something bigger. Next week’s episode needs to come as quickly as possible!

Pretty Little Liars 

I don’t even know where to start with this one. So many random events happened and as usual everything is starting to point in one direction and I’m fighting with myself as to whether to go along with it or not.

Basically the girls all eventually find out that Noel Khan is back but he’s also stolen Mary Drakes file back from Toby. The only way Noel would know is if he was somehow connected to A.D and since he and Jenna are working together they both probably know. On top of his breaking and entering, it’s clear that Marlene is trying to tell us A.D is Noel or connected to Noel somehow. I do not trust that woman so I refuse to believe that he is A.D. What makes me lean towards the idea is the fact that in the very first season, Noel wrote the words ‘I SEE YOU’ on the exact same place on Ezra’s car when he found about about him and Aria. So please tell me how that is just a coincidence. It’s not. Coincidences do not exist on this show. Period. As if things couldn’t get worse, turns out Mary Drake had another child who would have been their age. I couldn’t have been the only one who threw their hands up in frustration when that discovery was made. I mean come on! In the words of Hanna who gets QOTE

Great. Now you have another cousin who wants to kill us

Let’s forget all the A.D drama for a second and talk about the drama going on in the girls’ lives. Spoby had a moment this episode. It turns out that the house we all thought Toby was building for Yvonne was actually for Spencer. Yup. Didn’t see that coming either. When Toby came to see Spencer with that look on his face and said that he had to be honest I genuinely thought they were getting back together and that he was going to confess his undying love for her. I was just bored at that point and thinking to myself how unrealistic it was, because in real life, not every couple is together and so if all the original couples reunited, it would have been FAKE.  Even though that was what was going through my mind, I still wanted it to happen, because you know, Spoby. Not by the way the house was for you but oh well, we’re moving to Maine. What was the point in telling her that the house was for her then? Has Spencer not been through enough. Give the girl a break already.

You know who else can’t catch a break? Ezria. Just as they’re about to elope, the FBI had to rain down on them didn’t they? It wasn’t just the average joe type of elope you know? In a wedding chapel in vegas or something. No. This was going to be in a villa in Tuscany. Just digest that will you? In my last post I mentioned how I hoped Nicole din’t ruin things, guess I spoke too soon. Okay maybe ‘ruin’ is a bit strong but things aren’t going to be the same for a while, also once Ezra finds out about that phone call, who knows what could happen. On the bright side, it’s a good thing that this happened before they got married and not after. Hopefully things work out, and soon.


Jason is back. When he turned around and I got a look at that face, I’ve missed that face, I got very excited real quick. But what is with the Tarzan look? I’m not complaining though because he still looks good. The way he walked over to Mary Drake and asked her to leave, I could have clapped. It was also really nice to see him as this protective caring and worried brother. It seems like his return is going to add some more drama. However Jason has always had an air of suspicion about him but hopefully it’s nothing.

By the end of this episode, I just wanted to know what the deal with Noel Khan is and why he is so invested. The trailer for next week didn’t exactly help either. We need answers.



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