Avoiding Collusion and Chokers

men and karen

First of all I apologise for the delay in posts, I’ve been away on holiday and although I did have internet I just didn’t have the time to watch anything, but don’t worry, I’m back now. Episodes 5 of Suits and Power, just wow. Suits was a really good episode in the sense that we saw people fight for what they truly wanted and that was heartwarming. lines were crossed, arguments had, but all in all for the common good. Power though…Power left me speechless.


Who would have thought that Harvey Spectre and Sean Cahill would be working together so well some day? They’re working together so well that they might as well be colluding. Plus the banter is great. Harvey is now representing Sutter and at the same time working with Cahill using Mike as an informant. the whole thing could blow up if it goes wrong in the smallest way.

The episode is called ‘Trust’ and it really is just about people trying to hold up their promises. Mike is trying to get Kevin to open up to him and tell him why he’s in jail and eventually gets half the story. I’m sorry but if you really believe Kevin is in for a DUI then you’re in for a surprise. Rachel is trying to get Leonard Baileys case to trial and asks him to trust that she will. She eventually gets Jessica to help and let’s be honest, we all knew Jessica would give in eventually, because Rachel always gets her way.


Donna and Louis’ relationship has always been an entertaining one and this episode they don’t fail. After a brief falling out Donna eventually finds a house for Louis. Can we address how strange this man is though? ‘Let me buy a house so she can see how great I am and fall in love with me.’ What? I wish him luck though.

What we took away from this episode was how hard the people at Pearson Spectre Litt work to keep their word, keep your trust and just succeed. With the storyline for this season one wouldn’t think we’d be seeing determination like this across all fronts but that’s exactly what we’re getting.


I don’t even know what to say for this one. ‘Help me’ yeah they better help me because I am still trying to digest everything. HOLLY IS DEAD. Oh sorry, I meant TOMMY MURDERED HOLLY WITH HIS BARE HANDS. OH MY GOD. Okay now that I’ve gotten that out of my system let’s talk about the episode.

A lot of things happened thus episode but it’s safe to say that every single thing was overshadowed by Hollys death. I eventually knew that she would tell Tommy what she did and I figured he’d kick her to the curb but damn I did not expect him to strangle her. Plus he is going to be absolutely wrecked when he finds out that she was carrying his child.

I have never been so glad that an employee went against their bosses orders because man when I saw Ghosts bodyguard pull up and kill the Jamaicans I had never been so excited. I mean it’s still very shady that he went against James’ wishes and still followed him. I don’t trust this guy at all. Something is up. Besides it was obvious James wasn’t actually going to be killed.

Also I as so glad Ruiz did not snitch. Shocking how Angela has become completely corrupt because of James, however thankful she is because I’m not ready for him to go to prison.


I’m not sure which direction this show is heading in but it’s good to finally see Tommy and Ghost back together and having a common enemy. I must admit though, if they are successful in killing lobos I will be a little sad because I’ll miss that crazy man.


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