Fall Throughs and Investigations


This week both Power and Suits introduced some setbacks and boy oh boy did they bring a lot of drama. Episodes 7 of both shows left fans wanting more as the story lines got a lot more interesting. 


The episode opens with the newly formed ‘bros’ Harvey and Sean colluding in court. Honestly it was beautiful to watch but the whole time I kept saying to myself, ‘don’t get caught’. If they do, Harvey might just end up being Mikes new cellmate.

Mikes conscience will always be his downfall. It is one of the best things about him but it is also the one thing that hurts him the most.After finding out about Jills (Kevins’ wife) involvement, he’s unable to give the information he’s learned. During the course of the episode I figured that this choice was eventually going to have dire consequences. In this case this meant that he lost his deal the guy who came forward. The scene where Cahill gave Harvey the bad news broke my heart. It sort of felt like a break up too.


This week didn’t do much for the main storyline but focused more on the subplots. Jessica and Rachel broke the news to Leonard Bailey about his execution date being set but filed to prolong it. I don’t even remember the last time we saw Jessica Pearson in a court room but I just want to thank the writers for that because we just needed to be reminded of how much of a badass she really is. Unfortunately though it was all for nothing because turns out Maria Gomez is dead. So what now? Like what happens with his case? He’s not just going to die, so something must happen.

Louis finally went on his first date with Tara. I was a bit thrown when she mentioned her east coast bound boyfriend and although I knew Louis wasn’t going to back down, it still made me happy that he didn’t. I realised that Louis decided to stay because he genuinely believed he could beat the guy. It’s been a while since we saw that kind of determination, drive and desire in Louis. He hasn’t wanted anything this badly since wanting his name on the wall. He got that, so he will get her.

Stu made an appearance this week. It was really good to see him make up with Louis because why not? The bullying would have gotten old eventually. Another familiar face this week was Frank Gallo. For a long time he hasn’t been a problem, but this week looks like he’s enemy number one again. Gallo put two and two together and figured out that Mike is informing on Kevin, and in true Gallo form, blackmails him. That was probably the climax of the episode for me. It made the episode, and that’s what I love about this show. The smallest thing can start a fire.

Everything seems to have blown up this episode and nothing went according to plan. The only person that got what they wanted, kind of, was Louis. The show needed a setback to push it forward and now that it has happened, maybe the storyline can move forward.


These people are really pulling out all the stops aren’t they? Every episode in the last 3 weeks just hits us with something new and I absolutely love it.

We got to see how crazy Milan really is this episode. I mean not only is he a very demanding boss but the guy is also ruthless. I have no idea how they’re going to escape him. Literally every scene he was in had my heart racing because I knew he could do the coldest thing at any second. (Side note, Is it just me or is he very very attractive?) Lobos was Jefe because he was crazy, but his kind of crazy was the eccentric kind. Milan’s crazy though is the kind of crazy that will make you almost wet yourself in his presence because he could snap in any second yet have an air of cool and power. The way that man invited himself to dinner with Tatiane just to show Ghost. Wow. Also I don’t know what he has in store for Tommy now that he knows that he has nothing to lose but whatever it is will not be good. Not in the least bit.

It was only normal that there would be an investigation into Lobos’ escape and murder. What annoyed me though was how close they came to finding the inside man then diverting the focus. Yes Angela wasn’t completely innocent but they had their guy right in front of them! He needs to go down for it. He can’t keep escaping. There’s only so much luck a man can have.  It was only a matter of time before Angela found out about Ghost and Tasha staying at the hotel. But Tasha gets QOTE. Hands down. I mean….

Tasha: Yeah he murdered something alright..damn nearly broke my back.

You were a midlife crisis… guess what? crisis over


Kanan’s return brings some mystery to the show. We don’t really know what he’s planning but he’s got Andre and now that Andre is back on the inside, he’s going to make progress. The way he just murdered that old woman though, and with a pillow that read ‘Jesus Saves’. Ironic much?

If next episode is anything like the last 3, there is no way any of us will be disappointed.


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