Girl Power and Return of the Exes

girl power

Tv shows can be very frustrating. They either annoy you, leave you wanting more or make you tell yourself repeatedly that you’re done with them, yet you find yourself coming back the next week. That’s pretty much the relationship I’ve had with both The Fosters and Pretty Little liars, and this week wasn’t any different. 

The Fosters

I am so here for this episode. From the totally endearing opening scene, which reminded the viewers that sometimes they were a normal family, tot he victory in the end, this was a good episode. I have previously applauded the show for touching on real life issues and this week we saw them tackle misogyny.

In the episodes that have built up to this one, we’ve seen Mariana go through her fair share of traumatic events and this project was to some extent a distraction. One thing we love about her character is how passionate she can be but what we saw in this was just scary. Lena was right to call her out of control because the girl was just unnecessarily aggressive. It’s not like she was the only one who wanted to win. The team would have all liked to, but the way she was acting was just a bit too much. Her frustration initially was understandable since their robot didn’t work, and honestly I thought those two boys had sabotaged them. Eventually though things managed to turn around for them, that is of course until the other team cheated (I was yelling at my laptop at that point). i don’t know how she put her anger aside and ended up working with them but I guess that shows how much she really wanted it and it paid off in the end, because they won! I wish we had gotten a better look at the Palamo or whatever they were called coach. Also he was way too emotionally invested in it. It was nice to see the girls come out on top and also how cute was cheerleader Lena? QOTE much?

Lena: Go bot bitches!


In my last post I talked about Callie’s superhero complex and even though some police men and her moms gave her a talking to, the girl still had to go and try and save the world. I feel like I should give her credit where it’s due. When she puts her mind to something, she really has to see it through and that’s remarkable. Although I was scared that if she eventually found the real murderer she would be stupid enough to confront him, because let’s be honest, sometimes she just doesn’t think. To my surprise though, at the very last minute, she decided to leave the detectiving (I know that’s not a real word but it’s appropriate right now) to the real detectives. Thanks for wasting half the episode on some unnecessary stake out Callie. I could have been watching Jesus chant ‘Bitches get things done’ a lot longer. The only thing i got out of the stake out was that she’s on the right path. i mean Doug Harvey was left handed. Did anyone else catch that or was it just me? Also does Aaron not have anything else to do? How is he always available? Hopefully the writers don’t try to turn this into a relationship. AJ deserves better. And apparently some sex. They just can’t catch a break can they?

Courtney has to be the most clueless girlfriend in the world. Why in the hell would you bring your son to your boyfriends school because you need to talk to him? Did your phone break? Or could you not have called him? Did you really have to show up at his school during the school day just to ask if you guys are okay? I can’t. I just can’t. Brandon better give one hell of an audition and get into Juliard because the boy needs to get away from all of this. He needs a fresh start away from all this drama.

Normally episodes end leaving you in suspense. This one though almost left me in tears. I have previously mentioned how the house is more than just a house, and so actually hearing that there was an offer and they had to be out soon made it so real. The look on their faces didn’t help either. All I know is that the coming episodes are just going to be full of drama.

Pretty Little Liars 

So teenagers can be pretty horrible people. That’s a given, but in this episode, Alison’s students were just cruel. Knowing everything she had been through, what they did to her was completely uncalled for. I’d be sick myself. When she was giving that class the whole time I was thinking, how ironic, apparently her students caught onto that too. She’s being really strong and for someone who was so traumatised, she doesn’t act like it. That’s somewhat a good thing though because we’re already dealing with Hana who seems to be on the verge of some psychotic break. We couldn’t handle another one and so thank you Alison for remaining so strong. Hopefully you don’t lose it later on. This episode she finally joined the breaking and entering party breaking into the principals office. Did anyone else see that Cochran file in the drawer though? That has got to mean something.

Emily applying for the head coach job was completely random but good. Considering everything Alison is going through it would be nice for Em to be around. The Emison scenes this episode were cute and it’s nice to see their friendship continue to blossom. We can all at this point understand why she blames herself to some extent for Ezria’s problems but what I didn’t expect was for her to go to Ezra and talk to him. That right there is a real friend. It wasn’t just her conscience but also because she really does care, and that’s why she’ll always be a gem. I don’t know what this Paige return is supposed to add to the story except maybe to complicate Emily’s love life a little since she’s always been obsessed with her. If you don’t agree with that statement please just reflect on the scene where Paige is watching Emily and her new girlfriend through a window. Creepy much?

I’m convinced Hanna is going crazy. The girl is paranoid and we’ve all been trying to be patient with her because she went through a lot but oh my gosh she’s starting to get on my nerves. She’s being irrational and it’s just going to make everything worse. Yes Noel Khan seems very shady and appears to most likely be A.D/UBER A but HOW HAS SHE NOT LEARNED FROM ALL THESE YEARS THAT NOTHING IS EVER AS IT SEEMS? Mrs Greenwald (nice to see her again. love that lady) just came to drive her over the edge.I have no idea what kind of black ops type of situation this girl had gone to get herself into with the all black and the duct tape but she needs to calm down. I’ve had confusing feelings towards Hanna this season and right now what she’s doing is definitely not helping. It’s not always about you Hanna. babies. So yeah, Nicole is most probably arrive and obviously this news has rocked the boat, especially since Aria came clean about deleting the call. It’s understandable why Ezra’s upset but he gave her too much grief over it. Nobody can tell me that Aria wasn’t an outstanding girlfriend this episode. Many women would not be able to trade in wedding tickets for a ticket for their fiancé to go and check on his ex girlfriend. If this man does not come back and marry her, I don’t care if next season is the last, I will stop watching this show. The final Aria scene almost broke me. Her dress was beautiful and as she zipped up the bag, it made it more real that they may never actually get married. After everything they’ve been through, it would be such a shame.


We got to see some Sparia this episode. They get QOTE.

Dr Cochran”: Are you girls in some sort of trouble?

Aria: Yeah kind of.

Spencer: oh no! not that kind of trouble

Had me cracking up. I don’t know what it is about Sparia but all their scenes are just lovely to watch. Even their facial expression when they were talking to Dr Cochran. Classic. So all we got from that was that the baby might’ve been a boy or a girl. Well duh. Thanks a lot Dr Cochran. We didn’t already know that. This might be strange but I feel like the very fact that they chose to include a scene with Spencer looking at old family photos and the very noticeable lack of baby photos of Spencer is a clear indication that she might be Mary Drakes child. I know most people think that Spencer is Uber A but hear me out. The Hastings and DiLaurentis family have always had a connection. It would make perfect sense for the Hastings to adopt Spencer. This might be an unpopular opinion but I’m pretty certain Spencer is baby drake not Uber A.

Which ever the case though we won’t know for sure until next week. There are so many questions that need to be answered.


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