They’re All Out of Time


Everything eventually comes to an end, unfortunately thats the reality of life. Episode 6 of both Suits and Power are centred around this theme of loss. Although in different ways, because of the nature of the shows we come to an end of certain chapters. Let me explain.


For as long as the show has been running, Harvey has always managed to stay on the right side of the law. Fair enough he committed a crime by hiring a fraud in the first place but he tends not to break the law to win his cases. He always manages to just about colour within the lines. He has never been an end justifies the means sort of guy. That was more Mikes forte. However like I said, getting Mike out of prison has become is number one priority and lately if that means breaking the law, so be it. Gotta love Harvey in momma bear mode.

Working with Cahill was always going to at some point lead to collusion, and finally that is happening. With Sutter wanting to have all criminal charges dropped, Mike, Harvey and Cahill have in-fact all run of time. Throw in a little desperation and you get collusion! This couldn’t have come at a worse time considering that Kevin has finally told Mike what he’s in for and the whole truth. He’s protecting his wife. The problem now though is that does Mike have the stomach to use the information especially after giving Kevin his word? I said this already and I was wrong at the time but now I can say with confidence that I don’t think Mike could live with himself if he did. He hasn’t even betrayed Kevin yet and he’s having nightmares and struggling with his decision. I don’t think he’s going to do it, but who knows?


Louis’ plan to get Tara was underway this episode. Donna came through and got him the keys. Before we talk about what happened I need to bring up Louis’ wood. No, not that kind of wood! Get your mind out of the gutter. But yes, kind of. That whole scene could get QOTE, or I guess in this case SOTE? Scene of the episode.

Louis: Donna will you help me feel my wood

I’m just going to leave that there for it to sink in. Bless him. His plan worked to some extent. Obviously it blew up in his face because it really wasn’t a feasible plan but thankfully he got the girl. I mean if a guy is willing to buy a house and have it remodeled just so he could spend time with you and you say no when he asks you out, then I have no idea what more you could possibly want. Also it’s nice to see Louis happy and with someone after Sheila.

Okay now Rachel. This has been a very delicate subject and I’ve been avoiding addressing it but I can’t hold my tongue anymore. I know she’s hurting because she’s lost Mike and all and that this case is her distraction but what happened to her? All that seems to happen these days is her getting her way because she complains. In the past it used to come across as her being passionate but now it’s coming across as her being whiny. The fact that she’s also perpetually on the verge of crying doesn’t help her at all.Its progressively making her a very unlikeable character. She has gone from being one of the badasses on the show to this emotional ball and it’s very sad to see.

Side note, was the story about his childhood a reference to Bill Cosby? If so, writers, we see you. The way things have been set up this episode make for a very promising one next week.


Tommy and Ghost working together again. It’s about time! With the craziness that was last episode, the only person that would have been able to take care of him was Ghost. The plan to get lobos was a well thought out one and it was clear who came up with it. It was nice to see the 3 of them working together again. It felt like old times. Also Tasha is a real one. No one rides for Ghost as hard as Tasha does, and what does she get in return? Separation papers.

Lobos’ escape and abduction was very entertaining and I don’t know if it was just me but slightly confusing. It took me a while to realise Tommy was initially part of Lobos’ team. I didn’t think they would actually kill him though. I knew that was the plan and all but I din’t think it would actually happen. I don’t think I completely wanted it to because like I said, Lobos was great. He will be missed. HOWEVER, and yes I’m stressing the however… Ghost gets rid of one crazy boss and gets an arguably crazier one.

DID I NOT SAY HIS BODYGUARD WAS SHADY? DID I NOT SAY IT? Turns out it was Milan. Please tell me I was the only one whose jaw dropped to the ground. Lobos was never really scary, but Milan, Milan is terrifying. Who even comes up with that tactic? Pose as your targets employee. Work closely under them for a while to learn everything you possibly could about them. I literally have n0 idea how he’s going to get out of this one. He is literally Milans’ slave. That of course meant he was back in the game.

the end

Being back in the game of course means he’d have to lie to Angela. Lying to Angel is something he doesn’t want to do, so he dumps her. Yes. It happened. James and Angela are done. It was inevitable but I was taken aback by how upset it made me. It wasn’t so much the fact that they broke up because I didn’t really care for them as a couple but the reason and the way in which they broke up. That hurt a little and in that moment, I did not dislike Angela at all.

Oh and Kanan is back. He went after Andre’s daughter. That was cold. All I can say is everything is about to get a whole lot messy. That is all.


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