Yard Sales and Desperation

the boys

This week, episodes 9 of The Fosters and Pretty Little Liars had a common theme of desperation. In The Fosters, the Adams-Fosters get desperate and mare rash decisions and in Pretty Little Liars, when is someone ever not desperate? 

The Fosters 

This week I thought I’d write the posts a little differently based on the episode. I’m going to talk about people that annoyed me in order from least annoying to wanting to throw my laptop out of the window kind of annoying.

  1. Brandon

I know! Shocking right? In my opinion Brandon was the least annoying character this whole episode. In his first scene we see him saying goodbye to Courtney as he heads for his audition at Juilliard. He gets to New York and meets a girl, Ari who finally opens his eyes. As soon as he met this girl, I was like ‘oh no no no please don’t hook up with this one too! I wanted a fresh start for you!’ But turns out Ari did him a lot of good. She was able to help him let go and for that I thank her. I am a bit upset that we didn’t get the chance to see his full audition though. I really do hope he ends things with Courtney in person because break up via letter is about a century old

2. Mike

For a long time now, we have accepted Mike to be sort of irrelevant. If he wasn’t Brandon’s father, we’d see him as often as we see Anna, and that’s a fact. You’re probably wondering why Mike is second on my list but as understandable as it is that he doesn’t want his son to get hurt, he doesn’t get to talk about Callie like that. I think the whole thing was made worse by the fact that she could hear everything he was saying and the look on her face just made me want to shut him up. Callie isn’t perfect, she’s a lot of trouble, but that being said, she shouldn’t have to constantly be reminded by or hear from other people how messed up she is. Mike was a bit harsh as well. It’s not like he was completely unaware of things between Brandon and Callie so where does he think he has the right to completely blame her? It was harsh and he had no right criticising her the way he did.

3. Mariana

In this episode the twins find Stefs journal where she mentions something about Lena initially not wanting the twins. This sets Mariana off in addition to her feelings about Nick in the house and she goes into what I can only describe as bitch mode.  The house becomes a reminder for her and all of sudden a mask for lies. This leads her to pop some more of Jesus’ pills. (Her newly found addiction is going to come back with serious consequences). Eventually it’s revealed to the moms why Mariana is so upset and this leads to Lena and Mariana having the most sincere heart to heart this show has ever shown us. I honestly had to hold back the tears. This is why I love this show. For the moments like this one. Mariana has always been my favourite character but lately she’s going down a path that makes me want to grab her and give her a good shake. Her attitude needs some checking and I know it’s because of Nick but the girl is really starting to rub me off in the wrong way.


4. Jude

Although a no show last episode Jude made a strong return in episode 9. He still has some anger towards Callie because I don’t think we’ve ever seen Jude this cold. He get’s QOTE for a conversation with Callie where she questions his choice of boyfriend and he says

Jude: At least he’s not my foster brother

Someone needs to pick me up now because that one line had me crashing onto the floor. Our baby Jude is all grown up. Don’t get it twisted, I may be applauding his shade skills but when it comes down to it, he was one of the most annoying characters this episode. Yes Callie should not have said anything to Noah’s mum but Jude is being harsh. She didn’t tell on him to the people that really matter so he needs to get off his ‘high’ horse and show his sister some respect. It was about time he got caught as well. Maybe that will put some sense into the boy.

5. Callie

I don’t even know where to begin with her. It seems like all I do is complain about her and her superhero complex but seriously. This girl needs to stop. In this episode she finds out that Kyle is getting moved to prison prison sooner than expected. So she goes into a panic and what happens when Callie freaks out? Stupid stuff. That’s what happens. She gets all irrational and does something stupid. In this case, in addition to the fact that Aaron finds a report saying that there was another set of DNA and Kyle basically running out of time, she breaks into Doug Harveys’ house and steals his toothbrush. Yup. Dumb. He then finds their house and the episode ends with him parked outside. Well done Callie. Just what your family needs; another Nick. The only good thing she did this episode was come clean to AJ about how she and Aaron met. So well done for that. But for real guys, where can we find perfect boyfriends like AJ? Did you see the way he took that so well? He deserves some sort of award to be honest.

From the way things went this episode, the next one will most probably tackle Mariana’s new addiction, consequences for Jude, Brandon facing his breakup and Callie… I have no clue.

Pretty Little Liars

We’ve lost Hanna. Yep, she’s gone completely mental. The episode was titled ‘The Wrath of Khan’ when in fact it should have been ‘The Wrath of Hanna’. We find out that her plan was to drug Noel Khan and presumably get him to confess everything, however he’s smarter than that so he figured it out. I thought it was over until about the last 15 seconds when Noel found her hat on his property. As she whacked him across the back of his head I smiled. It’s about time the idiot got what was coming. It was nice to see Hanna take charge this episode as compared to the victim she’s been playing this whole time. it was stupid, but it was a nice change. She was no longer this paranoid whiny victim, but a vengeful woman who knew exactly what she wanted. It was refreshing.


For as long as the show has been going it’s been no secret that Aria and Jason have chemistry. A part of me wanted them to get together at some point even though I’m completely for Ezria. With Jasons return two episodes ago, we discovered that the two of them had some sort of history and this episode we finally got a glimpse of what that life was like. A flash back showed Aria waking up to a shirtless Jason bringing her coffee in bed (oh how i’m jealous) and we eventually saw what was the cause of their break up. Jason clearly still has feelings for her, from the way he looks at her to the way he talk to her. At least I know if things don’t work out with Ezra, Jason might be an option. Okay back to the show. Jason and Aria head to the courthouse to see if they can find any paper work on his missing cousin and eventually when they receive the paper work, all the important details are blacked out with the exception of the judge’s name. Steven Khan, aka Noel Khan’s father. That leads Aria to assume that Noel is baby drake. This is why this doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t really know how the system works but I highly doubt that the adopting parent would also be allowed to be the presiding judge over the adoption. Also it’s too obvious for Noel to be baby drake and that is just not how the show works.

Emily and Spencer make a shocking discovery when they break into Noel Khans cabin. They find a flashdrive containing footage of them in the dollhouse and places Noel there. He was helping Charlotte.  Which makes zero sense to me but hopefully with time it will. The girls then decide to wait for Hanna to return before taking it to the police but of course someone broke into Spencer’s house to steal it. Which means there’s another person working with Noel. We know he’s working with Jenna, but she’s blind so she couldn’t have been the one to do it. Spencer is luck as Marco arrives in the knick of time. I ship them SOOO hard because hello? Have you seen the guy? Hopefully the two get together at some point. I’m ready for that, since Spoby is pretty much sealed.

Paige’s return was something that I said would end up complicating Emily’s love life and it’s starting to. Her constant hovering over Emily and concern is leading to Emily opening up to her instead of Sabrina, simply because it’s easier. It makes sense, it really does, but I still don’t like it. Things with Sabrina are clearly not going to last, which is a shame because she was new and fresh and completely uninvolved in this whole mess.

With Ezra’s return next episode and Hanna going dark, things are going to be very very intense.

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