Hallucinations and Decapitations

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Freeform gave us two finales this week. Both of these episodes left fans in a very hyperventilation state. The number of gasps, nail-biting moments and just confusion was what made them great episodes. The fosters was absolutely brilliant this week and they ended that very well. Pretty Little Liars was good, but a bit of a let down at the same time. Can we honestly say we’re surprised? 

The Fosters

Mid season finale? More like emotional, intense, chaotic, nail-biting, hair pulling and heartbreaking season finale worthy mid-season finale. I know that was a long description but that pretty much sums up the whole episode. Season 6 A ended as intensely as it began and honestly it’s left me a mess.

I’m going to start with my start Adams-Foster, Mariana. Over the last few episodes Mariana developed an addiction to Jesus’ ADHD pills to help her keep up with her workload. It was obvious that there were going to be consequences for this action but I thought she’d maybe get told of by her moms, but no. It was a whole different ball game. Mariana initially gets a bad grade on one of her papers, which already starts to stress her out, finds out that Matt might be going to Berkley and then finally the icing on the cake, Nick is home and wants to see her. That’s three different things stressing out the poor girl. Just one of these things on its own and that’s enough to send most people into a panic. So she pops a pill to help steady her nerves and energise her.

The family then heads to Bayfest and over there she finds out that Matt might be going to BerkLEE which is even farther than she thought, so she downs a beer. Now I’m no doctor but as soon as she did that, I knew there was going to be trouble, because alcohol and pills? Never a good sign. She starts to hallucinate, calls Jesus panicked, who then calls Nick whilst his sister is walking around looking deranged. Now the whole time the family is freaking out looking for her, my heart is just racing hoping that she doesn’t accidentally hurt herself. Eventually Nick who was on house arrest leaves home after Jesus’ phone call to find Mariana and he does. She eventually gets the closure she needs and I’m so glad that happened and that this story line wasn’t dragged out into the next part of the season. Mariana could use a break.

Jesus being the super protective (very hot) brother that he is, immediately lunges at Nick and throws a punch and a full on fight breaks out. I knew something was going to go wrong because the music got all intense, the camera kept switching angles and I knew right there that my sweet Jesus was going to get hurt. I mean one punch and Nick had him sprawled across the floor. (What are the chances though that Nick landed a punch right in the centre of Jesus’ head where the nail was?). I just have one question for the writers at this point. WHY DO YOU KEEP MESSING WITH MY BABY JESUS? WHAT DID HE EVER DO TO YOU? Okay maybe more than one question, but still. First the car accident, then the nail gun accident, and now this? Let the twins have a breather already. I’m really hoping that when the show comes back in the winter it will be like last time and nothing would have happened to him.


You think that’s all the drama? Hold your horses because Callie is about to come crashing in. Bayfest gave her the brilliant idea to get signatures so they could take something called Jacks Law to get passed, and at the same time collect donations for Kyle’s case. The whole family came along to support and of course Aaron and AJ. Ever since her confession and Mike’s little rant their relationship had suffered quite a bit and things have been a little awkward or so between them. Aaron as well had no shame and just outright flirted with Callie in front of AJ so of course, there’s only so much tolerance a boyfriend can have, so AJ snapped. Hit Aaron with some home truths and I really wanted to applaud him for setting him straight. I know a lot of people don’t like AJ and Callie together and were probably celebrating at their break up but you honestly can;t say AJ wasn’t good to her. She wasn’t as good to him as she could have been, and the reason for their break up was foolish. It was just a misunderstanding and faux pas that had been dramatically escalated. I swear if these writers use Callie’s newly single status and Brandon’s unconfirmed single status to bring back Brallie, I might just scream.

That’s just half of the Callie drama. Yes you read that right. There’s more. Her stand at Bayfest brings her some unwanted attention. Remember Justina? She had representatives at Bayfest too and once she found out about Callie and Jacks Law, threatened to have Callie arrested. However the girl does not back down. This is probably the one time I won’t hate on her super hero complex because that was pretty amazing to watch. The other attention she got was from Taylor Johnson. Grandson of the lady Kyle was accused of murdering. He asks her to drop the case and allow his family to move on, which seemed understandable at first. It wasn’t until the end of the episode where he started to seem very shady. Looking for Mariana, Callie runs into him and asks if he’s seen her. He then lies that she got into a car, Callie gets into his car and then in the car gets a call from Aaron informing her that the other DNA wasn’t Doug Harvey’s, but a male relative of Mary’s. You know what that means? CALLIE JUST GOT KIDNAPED BY THE MAN SHE’D TRYING TO GET PUT IN PRISON. And that’s still not all. I know. Speaking of Doug Harvey (the man seriously gives me the creeps), he follows the Adams-Fosters to Bayfest and ends up confusing Sophia (It was so good to see her) with Callie and follows her into a bathroom. That whole scene got me shaking my head like a mad person because i was convinced he was going to hurt her. Thankfully someone walked in and gave her the chance to flee. I couldn’t emotionally handle her getting hurt again.

Remember Someone’s Little Sister and the hit that was ‘tomorrows never gone’? They made a come back this episode! I was hoping for tomorrows never gone but collateral damage was good too. Brandon basically celebrated getting into Julliard with them. His reaction to his acceptance was precious. Made us as an audience really see how much he wanted it, which is why it was all the more heartbreaking when his academic fraud came up and stole it away from him.

Stef might be losing her job since Detective Grey (ironic much?) threatened her with going to internal affairs about her covering for Mike and Jude is still smoking weed with Noah.

If you can’t tell by the length of this post, a lot happened this episode and honestly I need the show to come back next week and not in six months.

Pretty Little Liars 

It was announced that season 7 will be the last ever and this couldn’t have come at a better time. The majority of us have grown with this show, gone from one stage of our lives to the next, with this show. We’ve endured all 7 frustrating seasons and now, we only have half a season until it all comes to an end.

So much happens in this episode. Let’s start with dark Hanna. I don’t know why but it got cringe for me. When she told Noel Khan to ‘Wake up bitch’ my skin crawled. It just felt wrong. I know I said it was refreshing last week but now it was just annoying. Also how did she find all these shady characters to do business with? Thankfully she came to her senses and realised she couldn’t do it on her own so thankfully she called Mona. I know that in the past Mona tried to hurt them and all but she’s reformed now, and she has a lot more sense than they do! Why do they leave her out of a lot of things? It makes zero sense. Like I said, she has more sense, so she convinces Hanna to go back and lie to everyone so the police can stop looking for her. (after her friends reported her missing). Of course they don’t completely buy her story. Oh sorry, her friends don’t buy her story. Rosewood PD on the other hand do. They have honestly got to be the worst police department ever. No wonder they never get anything done. Alright all you Haleb fans. Grab the champagne bottle because your couple got back together. After Calebs cute random outburst of love, they did the nasty, which I’m guessing means they’re back together. That’s two out of the three original couples.

Emily spends the night at Ali’s to give Haleb some alone time, and there Alison tells her that she’s pregnant. WUT? How is Archers child going to bring anything good into the show? It’s just going to make Alison miserable which will make her even more unlikable. Of course Emily being the gem that she is, is there for Alison, and not just in the comforting way. They end up kissing. Although that could be comforting in a sense. So now Emily is basically juggling three potential girlfriends. Sabrina, whom let’s be honest, is probably in third place, Paige, who just randomly called Em her girlfriend (errr..did i miss something?) and Alison, master manipulator who is probably just toying with Emily’s emotions again. It’s a pattern. Every time Emily gets close to someone, mostly Paige, she doesn’t like it and so if she can, she tries to reel her back in. Paige was very right to say everything she did to Emily because she needs to wake up and smell the coffee! Alison will always string her along.

Nicole is alive. Last week she wasn’t, and my Ezria heart could relax, but this week they magically found her. Poor Aria gave Ezra everything, space, a ticket, more space and what does he do? KISS NICOLE ON THE NEWS. I know he was overwhelmed and in that moment all he could think was that she was alive but Aria doesn’t deserve that. I am 100% for Ezria but watching Aria’s face in that scene felt like my heart was being ripped out too. He needs to do some serious grovelling when he comes back because WHAT THE HELL EZRA? The only thing that makes this better for me is that Jason still loves her so that could be an option.

When someone does something nice for you, you say thank you. If you’re Spencer Hastings, apparently you kiss them on the cheek. How awkward was that when she kissed Marco on the cheek? If you happened to catch Aria’s facial expression to that, it was basically a mirror of mine. It was like Marlene was gifting me with Sparco (is that a thing yet? Spencer + Marco) scenes this episode and it was giving me life. Their little dinner date that wasn’t a date. How cute was that? But of course, original relationships trump everything. I thought the Sparco scenes were cute but all that had to happen was one Spoby scene to completely obliterate that. As a goodbye present, Spencer goes to give Toby a book, wish him luck and tells him that he deserves a great love. She then starts to walk away but then turns around and asks for one last kiss, and that my dears was how Sparco died as quickly as it almost started. I want Spoby back together more than I did Haleb. To be fair that’s not saying much, considering I never cared for Haleb.

The finale no longer becomes about the pursuit of AD but rather Noel Khan after he escapes with Hanna’s very incriminating video. So in exchange for the flash drive which Noel khan stole from them and Mona then stole back, they get Hanna’s video. I have one question. Its 2016. CONSIDERING EVERYTHING THEY’VE BEEN THROUGH, HOW DO THESE GIRLS STILL NOT KNOW TO MAKE VIDEOS? I don’t know if this is some serious lack of character development or they really are this dumb. Just no common sense whatsoever. The exchange leads them to a very creepy abandoned school for the blind and they make their way upstairs to retrieve the camera. As they head back down, Emily realises she left her phone upstairs. Please tell me why she took it out in the first place and why she laid it down? See, lack  of common sense. Noel then appears, wields an axe and somehow ends up accidentally decapitating himself. Smooth. While Hanna and Emily are battling Noel, the other girls are playing 3 blind mice with Jenna. What I don’t understand is how three girls couldn’t take down one blind girl. Zero sense once again. Eventually Spencer gets shot and whoa I did not see that coming but Mary Drake comes to the rescue (terrible timing considering she was in the house the whole time). Spencer is baby drake. Yup. Called it.


Toby and Yvonne crashed into a tree as they drove out-of-town. I smell foul play already. No idea what happened or who could have even done it but I highly doubt it was an accident. Nothing is ever an accident in this show. This of course means one of them is going to die and in this case one would guess Yvonne and not Toby. We’ll just have to wait until next year to find out. Can we talk about the fact that both Spencer and Toby are hanging on to their lives by a thread? My Spoby heart can’t take it. Their story is becoming like a tragic romance movie. Jenna was also taken by AD. It’s moments like this where I wish she could see.

So Nicole is alive, Alison is pregnant, Haleb got back together, Spencer is baby drake, Spencer got shot, Noel Khan is dead, Toby might be dead and Jenna got abducted. That pretty much sums up everything that happened in the last but one finale of this show. It’ll be a long wait and it had better be worth it.


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