Homecomings and Doublecrossing


With only 2 episodes until the finale’s, Suits and Power this week, cranked up the heat. The episodes had you on the edge of your seat as they kept throwing curveballs. Suits has been suffering a drop in ratings lately however this episode did not disappoint, whilst Power…well power just left us angry.


This episode managed to tie up some loose ends that would have otherwise just made the story line boring. Suits is not a prison show. This storyline was inevitable and had to happen but thankfully, it’s over now, and just in time, especially with ratings dropping to 1.51mil (The shows lowest ever). Hopefully the way the episode ended will bring things back up.

There’s no other way I can say this except that Mike is getting out. He finally managed to hold up his end of the bargain. Mike’s conscience was always going to get the better of him and the pressure from Gallo was what led to him coming clean to Kevin. It was the right choice though because it woke Kevin up and that needed to happen, for not only his benefit but that of his wives. Remember how I said Harvey always just about colours within the lines? He almost broke attorney client privilege by recording Sutter and playing it for Jill and Kevin and I would hate to be in Jill’s shoes at that moment. Hearing your own father say those things about you must be heart breaking. I really do hope that this is the end of that whole story line because not only was it extremely frustrating but it started to feel like it was dragging a bit. Hopefully it really is the end, although Cahill said something unsettling to Mike, that it wasn’t over until Sutter was behind bars, and I just have a feeling about that.

In my last post, I said that Louis chose to stay because he was feeling confident. Turns out I was wrong and he in fact does not want to compete with another man because he doesn’t think he can. That was a little disappointing because I thought the writers were making a little progress with Louis but unfortunately not. He turned into the insecure paranoid Louis (that we love) just as quickly as he decided to stay in this open relationship. However it was nice to see him connect with Tara the way he did and to see him that happy.

Turns out that I wasn’t the only surprised to see Jessica in a court room. Jeff made an appearance this week and it couldn’t have been better. He always seemed to get her and so there was no one else she would have gone to after Leonard Bailey called her cold. Harsh by the way, but in that moment, true. I’ve always admired how Jessica could get things done and would put her feelings aside but she’s not a bad person. She may not necessarily care about her clients but her loyalty and love for her firm is indisputable. It’s also so unfair that she doesn’t seem to get her happy ending. I mean Harvey and Rachel are presumably going to get theirs with Mikes return but when Jessica finally sees Jeff, she loses him again. Regarding the Leonard Bailey case, last episode they hit a major setback and it was unclear where they would go from there. This episode didn’t do much for giving us any sort of direction.


At the end of this episode I feel like the writers have given us a false sense of security. I want this to all be over but a part of me doesn’t believe it is. Is Mike really getting out of jail, and if so where is it going next? I guess only time will tell.


‘Trust Me’. That was the title of episode 8. How ironic. Trust is a very fragile thing and power is a show that loves to play with it. The idea is there but when you really examine the characters and their relationships, there’s barely any trust to be found.

Tommy and Ghost. Brothers for life. That’s how it’s supposed to be, however they’ve always had issues. Ghost has always been the one in charge and eventually that creates problems in a friendship. If you don’t see yourselves as equals and more importantly act/treat each other like it, you’ll have problems. When you’re in the drug business, well, just multiply the problems. Milan knows this and how fragile Tommy and Ghosts friendship is and so, like the evil genius he is, tries to drive a wedge through them. The sad thing is it’s going to work, because he’s right. Milan tells Tommy that he can’t stay loyal to Ghost because Ghost doesn’t trust him, and that he’s probably planning something against Milan ( which he is) without Tommy’s knowledge. Milan then dangles the possibility of Tommy being his successor (which is most likely a lie) in front of him and Tommy is tempted. Tommy eventually asks Ghost if he’s planing anything, but Ghost lies, and I doubt Tommy bought it.

Ghost this episode has had it with Milan and is starting to get really bothered by the guy, so much so that he starts drinking again, which get’s Tasha worried. Honestly the guy is dealing with a break up, a new crazy boss and now the investigation. He and Tommy call up Hugo and try to get the name of the inside man but Hugo pushes Tommy’s buttons and gets himself killed but James manages to get his phone off him. He tries to investigate Milan some more but only ends up discovering that Milan and Tommy are working more closely together than he knew. See? ‘Trust’. Now that he knows this, he’s going to shut tommy out even more and that is not going to turn out well for either one of them.

Angela this episode clearly doesn’t believe or trust that Ghost and Tommy were not involved in the Lobos murder, so she does her own investigation. Shows up at Tasha to question her and ends up interrogating Tommy and his mum. Tommy hates Angela. That is no secret, not to us the viewers and not even to Angela and since they haven’t seen each other since he was in custody, this little exchange was priceless. We got QOTE from it.

Tommy: You’re going to be needing his and hers jumpsuits


If you didn’t find that hilarious, I have nothing to say to you. Angela eventually meets up with James, who then gives her the phone he and Tommy took off Hugo and as he walks away, we find out she was wearing a wire. She then goes to Greg’s, shows him that James’ alibi checks out and has sex with him. Angela then goes into the bathroom and take out Hugo’s phone, and Gregg texts Medina that they could probably take down Angie and James. These people just had sex! Now they’re stabbing each other in the back literally right after they’ve done the nasty. You’re probably wondering what I mean by Angela is stabbing Greg in the back. First of all, she wore the wire to prove James innocence. She knew he would admit noting to her and that he’d insist he was with Tasha. Secondly she took the phone out in Gregs bathroom to turn it on, so that when the cell tower picks up the signal, it would be from his place. She’ll probable stash it there too so when they search it, they’ll find the phone. Smart girl.

Lakiesha is dead! Okay so we don’t know that for sure but the way Tommy rolled up into that Salon and met Milan after, I highly doubt she’s alive. That was such a shame because Lakiesha was nice. Last week we knew Kanan was up to something but we weren’t too sure, and this week, we got to see what his plan was. My heart was racing the whole time because as soon as Tariq got into his car, I knew Kanan was going to kill him. There was no other option. So I thought, until he expressed his hatred for his dad. Now that Kanan seems to have this in common with Tariq, it’s unclear what his plan is. I’ve been thinking, trying to guess what he might do and it hit me. Kanan was mad that Sean chose Ghost over him, Andre chose Ghost over him, so it’s only fair that Tariq chooses him over Ghost. He’s going to turn Tariq into the man he wanted to be and that will completely destroy Ghost. Then again, this is only a guess.

With only two episodes left until the end of the season and the way things are now, it would be an understatement to say that next weeks episode is going to be one hell of an emotional rollercoaster.



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