Episode 9 of  Suits was a brilliant episode. Every single scene in this episode added value, thickened the plot, held you attention and it all paid off. If you don’t believe me, the fact are in the numbers.

“The Hand That Feeds You” had the highest ratings all season, but all this said, it really did feel like a season finale. Every single subplot was wrapped nicely and even tied a pretty bow on just to be thorough. The only exception being the Leonard Bailey case which is most likely going to be the focus of the finale (since there’s nothing else).

Last week ended with Mike getting his deal and that of course left us thinking he was coming home, and pretty soon. However, they immediately burst our bubble with Harvey telling Mike that it had been delayed. As soon as that happened it was safe to assume that things were about to get a whole lot more messier. After his meeting with Harvey, Mike finds out from Kevin that Cahill is freezing he and his wife’s assets. This is where Mikes conscience/superhero complex (whichever one is worse) comes in because Mike decides to threaten Cahill to get him to release Kevin too. I don’t know how in the world he thought it would be a good idea, but obviously it totally backfired on him and Cahill threatened to pull Mikes deal. Personally at this point I’m thinking “I TOLD YOU SO!” because the first thing that immediately popped into my head was Cahill’s very suspicious line last week (which I talked about in Homecomings and Doublecrossing). In addition to all this drama, Gallo (yes he’s still a pain) comes back with the threats so Harvey could see parole hearing through.

It’s been no secret that Harvey didn’t want to represent Gallo, but I really do enjoy their scenes. They mutual loathing makes their dialogue so attention grabbing and it’s great. The whole six seasons this show has been on, Harvey has always been this powerful carefree badass sort of lawyer and this season we saw him on his knees (metaphorically of course) and it was just so real because that’s life. Harvey reluctantly sees it through but Cameron Dennis is just not having it and he shuts the whole thing down like the badass that he is. This whole season has been so focused on getting Mike out it’s been a while since something so beautifully executed happened. Mike goes behind Harvey’s back and Sean’s to not only make sure Gallo isn’t released but also Kevin is. I could have easily applauded Mike Ross in that moment. That was the smart ass we all fell in love with. Fast forward to release time, the guard comes and tells Kevin he’s being released and not Mike. At this point I’m unsure whether to laugh or scream in frustration because they were just dragging this whole prison release. For a second there I didn’t think it would happen. Just a second though. Turn out Mike had concocted a brilliant plan to keep Gallo behind bars, and it worked. Also did anyone else notice his super fast reflexes when Gallo tried to stab him? The attempted stabbing was totally inevitable, but seriously, those reflexes, plus his total badassness this episode, it should have been titles ‘Return of Ross’.

The episode opens with Louis and Donna mudding. Yup, Donna finally agreed to go mudding with Louis, and I was surprised, but if we’re being honest it was going to happen eventually. Louis this episode has major anxiety over Tara seeing Joshua and in true Donna fashion, she was his rock. She spent all their scenes trying to calm him down and take his mind off Tara, and I didn’t think it would work, because well, Louis is Louis. To my surprise though he didn’t call her and she came to him. Joshua asked her to marry him (why is it that men try to all of sudden possess you when they’re scared to lose you? what’s that about?) but she said no because of how she felt about Louis. Personally, I think they’re moving way too fast. I can’t wrap my head around how quickly and deeply they’ve fallen for each other, but oh well. It’s really good that Louis is finally getting his happy ending. They wrapped that plot up really nicely. It’ll be good to see how their relationship develops in 6B.

Lastly in the shows attempt to take Rachel’s mind, and ours, off Mike being in prison, they introduced the Leonard Bailey case. Rachel’s hard work paid off because she and Jessica managed to get the case reopened. The prosecution offers him a deal and Jessica thinks they should take it, Rachel however does not. Leonard eventually goes with Rachel and Rachel accuses Jessica of not caring about Leonard. Can Jessica catch a break? Let the woman be! We then find out that the reason Jessica was so emotionally removed from the case was because she took on one like it before, lost and it broke her. It was all starting to make so much sense at that point. See what I mean by they should cut her some slack? To prove to herself more than anyone that she does care, she reunites Leonard with his daughter, and that scene gave me chest pains. It was heartwarming.

The Leonard Bailey trial will most likely be the focus of the finale but suits being the show that it is, something completely random which will be a repercussion of some action that was done in the past will come and take over the episode. My guess is whatever that is will be the main storyline of 6B but honestly what else could they pull out of the hat. The show has exhausted so many story lines and of course the most important one. So now what else? Are they going to focus on him getting his license back or? Keep in mind that they’ve been giving the green light for season 7 too. I have no doubt that they won’t disappoint.



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