Jessica Freaking Pearson

Suits - Season 6

This week saw the mid-season finale of season 6 of Suits. I don’t know about you but I got emotional that episode. But not for the reasons you may think. 

Mike is home. Harvey offers him a job to come back to the firm as a consultant, but Mike initially declined. They then have a moment where they told each other they had missed the other. Okay seriously how cute was that? I miss all the constant movie references and just their relationship. Being in prison sort of took that fun away, so I’m really looking forward to getting that back. Anyway the little bromance moment there got Mike to at least think about the Job offer. Since the pivotal part of the show has occurred (Mike getting caught) it’s left the audience wondering where he would go from there. ‘P.S.L’ gave us the answer. Well not really but if we’re being honest, he’s most likely going to. It’s not like Mike Ross is going to become a stay at home husband after getting a taste of life as a corporate lawyer.

You know how nothing ever happens on Suits for no reason and with no repercussions? Well in this episode we find out that Harvey tanking Sutter’s case to get Mike out was leading to their oldest client threatening to leave (because Sutter can’t keep his mouth shut that’s why). The firm was practically on fire at this point, and with Jessica in trial, it was up to Harvey and Louis to put it out. When everything started to unravel I was unsure if they would succeed. Suits has always been a difficult show to predict and honestly with the luck the firm had been having lately, it wouldn’t even have surprised me if they lost their client. Somehow, and with the help of Stu the two managed to seal the deal without Jessica’s help.

I chose to title this article ‘Jessica Pearson’ and the episode was titled ‘P.S.L’. Pearson.Spector.Litt. The two are an ode to Jessica. She is a badass. Some people haven’t been fans of Jessica because apparently all she does is bark orders at people. Well, that’s kind of what a manager does? Whatever your reservations about Jessica are, if in this episode you didn’t forget about them for even a second, I have nothing to say to you. You might as well just stop reading at this point. Leonard Bailey’s case went to trial this episode and we saw Jessica in full action. By the end of the last episode it was clear that she cared about Leonard, but in this episode we learned why it was so important to her that she let herself care. The flashbacks were nice, that was probably the most and the deepest we’ve ever gotten to know Jessica. The point is, for half a day, she stopped fighting for the firm with every ounce of blood in her, and fought for Leonard Bailey, and it paid off because they won the case. Personally I found it very strange when she decided to stay in court and leave it to the boys, but by the 40th minute of the episode, it made perfect sense. Jessica announced that she was stepping down, leaving the firm. She had kept it floating for as long as she could and it wasn’t until Leonard that she realised she had become the person she swore she’d never be. Jessica didn’t just let the boys handle Sutter and her client because she cared more about Leonard, but because she wanted to be sure the boys could handle things without her. I always said Jessica never got her happy ending, but with this, she definitely did. The icing on the cake was Jeff. She not only found peace in the end, but love too.


Hats off to you Jessica Pearson. You get QOTE. No one will ever say it like you do.

Damn it Harvey! Do your God damn job and fix it!

Louis found the love of his life this season in Tara and turns out she’s pregnant, and so to prove to her that he will not leave her, he proposes. Louis has always been impulsive and jumps into things but this was totally crazy. He’s known her all of two weeks and he’s ready to get married and raise another mans baby? This has moved way too quickly for my liking. It would break him if this doesn’t work. On another topic, everyone knows there has always been something between Harvey and Donna and the very last frame of the episode suggested to us that maybe, just maybe there’s hope for them after all. Excuse me while I scream of joy into my pillow.

This was a good episode. I don’t know if it was the best finale ever, but it was in my opinion one of the best episodes the show has ever given us. What’s sad for me and what had me almost in tears is the realisation of how much we’ve lost. It wasn’t just that the main essence of the show was lost, but also that we’ve lost Jessica. Jessica has always represented authority and power and the loss of that will actually change things. It’s too much change to digest. The writer’s are going to hit us with a lot when the show returns. I won’t be ready.


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