Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 2: A Broken Family?


In the premiere of the show we were introduced to the characters and their inner struggles and got just a glimpse of their turbulent relationships with other characters. This episode however blew the lid right open with and let out all the drama. From the very first scene before the opening credits, to the final scene. We got to see how damaged the relationship between the siblings are and their relationships with others, but it’s the sibling drama that makes the episode.

In the first scene Nova is outside planting some flowers when Calvin walks in on her and asks about the service. It gets a little heated because Nova is initially hesitant to give him any information, and from the sounds of things she doesn’t really want him there. Eventually she extends and invite and he gives her a kiss before he leaves. Although brief this little exchange between the two is something a lot of shows highlight when there is an extramarital affair. It simply comes down to, ‘no one knows you and I can’t introduce you as who you really are to me’. However after all their own drama he shows up at the funeral and even though he’s married that one gesture shows Nova how much he really does care for her.

In my last post I mentioned how Charley was the light skin one and the other two were dark and questioned whether it was just casting or was an intentional decision to be true to the original character. We discover in ‘Evergreen’ that Charley has a different mother form the other two and that explains so much. It makes sense now, why the other two are closer, why Charley looks different, why there’s so much friction. It’s the root of all their problems. The friction between the three is intensified when Charley realises that her siblings have completely shut her out and have blocked her at every turn when it came to planning the funeral. She eventually does something she thinks will help and orders caterers but it blows up in her face with Nova screaming at her “How come you don’t remember how it’s done? We serve comfort food to those who need comfort and we do it with our own hands”. That hit me right in the chest. The rage that Nova felt in that moment, it wasn’t just because Charley ordered catered but you could tell that Nova was hurt and felt a little insulted. This wasn’t just anyone, it was their father, their family, their roots, and Charley just disregarded it all.


Charley besides her own sibling drama had her drama from LA follow her with Davis’ unannounced arrival. He approaches Micah on a basketball and tries to get his son’s respect back, to no avail even before Charley storms in and tries to take Micah away. Davis tells them that she can’t walk away because they need to stick together for Micah’s sake and Micah very bluntly tells him “I don’t need you”. Excuse me while I recover from my stab wound. Whoa I felt that cut. Can you imagine your child telling you that? Charley then tells Davis that it’s not always about him before walking away with her son. Davis still shows up at the church for his family and one thing I found interesting was how he kept saying he was innocent. I don’t know if he’s just dumb or if he truly is innocent. If you think about it, they have you on camera, and so if you’re still insisting you didn’t do nothing, then surely you must be telling the truth right? I know there’s more to this Davis story. As if that wasn’t enough, Charley is introduced to Samuel Landry, local vulture apparently. The man doesn’t even wait for Ernest to be buried before bringing his goons to size up the land and express his interest in buying the farm. Charley then reaches out to Remy, Ernest’s friend for advice and I think she got more than advice, because the chemistry between the two? whoo.. it made me sweat a little. It will be interesting to see how that develops and who knows, maybe we will have two Bordelon sisters in affairs.

Ralph Angel isn’t going to get out of this post unscathed. He decides in this episode that he doesn’t want Blue at Ernest’s funeral but Violet disagrees. I’m going to give QOTE to her because, well just read for yourself.

Violet: Ernest always regretted coddling you. His only son, putting you up on a pedestal, look where that got you.

Ralph Angel: Oh yeah? And where is that?

Violet: Wrestling with the world. A world that ain’t got no pedestal for you

Ralph Angel does what he wants anyway and tries to get Blues teacher to watch him (err guys, potential couple alert) but she’s busy that day, and so he reluctantly phones Darla. The thing is even before it happened because of the nature of the show, I knew Darla was going to let him down but not of her own free will and that exactly what happened. Just as she was about to end her shift and come get her son, her boss stopped her so in the end, Ralph Angel had to take Blue to the funeral. Darla made it to the funeral though and you can’t tell me that scene where Blue ran into her arms was not cute. Ralph Angel however would not agree with me because the anger that spread across his face that very second was enough to make me squirm. Thankfully Hollywood stopped him from doing anything rash and causing a scene at his fathers funeral.

The way the episode was going, we were under the impression that Nova and Ralph Angel were close just because of the way the two of them acted with Charley. However when they go to pick out Ernest’s casket we realise that was for from the truth. The siblings have a squabble over who is going to pay, with Charley offering to cover all costs, Nova offering to split it and cover Ralph Angels share and Ralph Angel insisting he will pay his own share. They leave the room torn apart but all three come together just as quickly when the funeral director refuses to allow Nova to put her herbs in the casket. That’s the beauty of family. You can have the most heated argument but two seconds later if you need to stick together, you stick together. Despite all the drama the siblings were having when they really did need each other, they were there. That was why the final frame of the episode had Nova in the middle reach out for Charley’s hand and then holding onto Ralph Angels. All three in white, together.

Oprah, Ava, I’m ready for some more. Please.


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