Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 3: To Sell or Not To Sell?


To sell or not to sell? That was basically what this episode was about. In this episode the Bordelon family were faced with the choice that seemed like it was going to tear them apart. Either sell their family land or keep it and work on it. In other words, fulfil their fathers wishes.

The episode began with the three siblings and Violet at Ernest’s will reading. He left True North to Violet and the 800 acre farm to the siblings. The girls are immediately against the idea of keeping the farm because they have their lives to go back to. Ralph Angel on the other hand doesn’t want to sell and believes that it was their dads last wish that they kept the farm. I don;t doubt that for a second, because if Ernest didn’t care about the land as much as he did, he wouldn’t have taken a job to try and keep the farm going.

Charley and Nova are keen to call Samuel Landry and hear his offer and Ralph Angel on the other hand is pretty annoyed at his sisters at this point but he goes with them to the meeting anyway. To no ones surprise, Landry is as fake as they come and like I called him in the past, a vulture. He makes them an offer of $850 per acre which they know is way undervalued and is an insult to their intelligence and to the land. However the girls are still inclined to consider it just because they’re not farmers. Besides the selling of the land, all the siblings, as usual have their own demons they’re trying to face off.

In this episode we don’t really see much of Nova however in the previous 2 episodes, we have been introduced to her as a herbalist and journalist. This time, we got to see her as an activist. She wasn’t exactly fighting any demons in this episode but after the meeting with Landry, Nova makes her way to the the correctional facility and meet a young boy who was wrongfully imprisoned. She talks to him to boost his morale and encourages him to fight. She shows him a compassion that we haven’t really seen from her. In my opinion Nova is by far the most intriguing character. There are so many layers to her that we haven’t yet discovered and unlike Ralph Angel who is obviously struggling, Nova has a mystery to her.

Charley is also fighting her own battles as Davis is still in town and comes to the family home to speak to her and Micah. He tells Charley that he’s innocent and did not rape anyone, however the woman was an escort and he did have sex with her. See I was hoping he didn’t rape her because I refused to accept he was just that stupid by continuing to lie. She understandably doesn’t want anything to do with him right that minute and uses the whole to sell or not to sell the land drama as a means to escape. However Micah reminds her that Davis is family too and announces that he’s going home to support his dad. Fair enough. He loves his father we get that, but I’ll miss him.

The person this episode really focuses on is Ralph Angel who like I said is clearly struggling. Initially I thought he was just struggling with life, trying to take care of himself and blue but it turns out that he’s grieving. Probably the one grieving the most out of all of them. Firstly his sisters gang up on him and want to sell the land, secondly his parole officer comes to see him and pressurises him to get a stable job even though he clearly has his heart set on farming. Lastly his sisters pack up his fathers thing without him and that what se him flying off the handles. Hits both of his sisters with some home truths which were sure to cut deep. I knew that he and Charley weren’t close but to actually say to her “This is not your home. You don’t belong here, it was just a place you had to come to every summer” and to remind Nova “you couldn’t wait to get out of here as soon as you turned 18! But I’ve been here. Still here” Just damn. I cannot.


All this emotion obviously makes you fragile and is what led to him pulling a gun on the men who came to reposes Ernest’s tractor. The only person who got through to him was Blue, and if that poor little boy hadn’t come running out when he did, lord knows what would have happened. We all know Ralph Angel is messed up, but the man is a walking contradiction, truly. He acts like he hates Darla when truth be told, he really does love her because she gets him. Who does he constantly go to when he needs comforting? Darla. It was inevitable that he would eventually go to her for sex. By the end of the episode, Ralph Angel decides to get his act together and get a job, which was great to see. His sisters then inform him that they would be keeping the farm, for a year. Sort of a trial run, and in that year, he would do the actual farming, Nova would do the administration and Charley would handle the finances. Because when it really comes down to it, it’s in their blood, and like Remy said (QOTE btw)

You’ve got enough soul.

I cannot wait for the next episode guys. It’ll be great. All this family drama and drama wishing drama is getting me excited. I just can’t wait for more.


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