Empire Season 1 Episode 1: Drama Much?


The Lyons are back and they brought all their family drama with them. This season if it’s anything like the first episode is going to be a total rollercoaster of emotions. This was one amazing season premiere. Please empire gods, stay on this path and please don’t deviate and end up repeating the trash that was last season. I know I just said last season was trash, but in all fairness it was really just about 70% of the season. The finale however was not, and there was one question on everyone’s mind. Who fell?

If you hadn’t guessed already, Rhonda was the one who fell. I mean what are the chances that they would kill off a heavily pregnant woman who has the potential to bring soon much drama to the show? They clearly made the right decision because whoa was this a drama fest. Let me break it down for you. First of all, the season picked up exactly where we left off; at Hakeem’s, oops, I mean Lucious’ wedding. The groom, Lucious, and Jamal are chasing after the supposed to be groom when he storms off. Jamal is then asked to take his grandmother home, and in true empire fashion, which by the way is D-R-A-M-A, Rhonda falls from the roof and crashes onto Jamal’s car. Opera music blaring in the background and blood spilling out of Rhonda’s mouth. On the roof, Andre is overcome by rage, naturally, and starts to strangle her. I dislike Anika as much as the next person but I found myself hoping he wouldn’t kill her and well God seemed to answer because right then, her water broke.I wasn’t even shocked at that point. I was still digesting everything that had happened about ten seconds prior. The baby turns out to be 6 weeks premature, Lucious threatens Anika while she’s giving birth, (I mean does this man really have no boundaries) and just wait for it, on top of all that the baby turns out to be a girl. That was probably one of  the most disappointing moments in Lucious’ life because the look on his face said nothing else.

You’re probably wondering where the father of the baby was. Well while his child was being born, Hakeem was pant-less passed out on Tiana’s couch. At this point I am convinced Hakeem is meant to make poor life choices. You don’t go to your ex girlfriends house immediately after your bride to be leaves you at the altar to profess your apparently undying love. Then pass out. All while your child is being born.Not a very good start to the season Hakeem. Being jilted at the altar took a toll because we learn that Hakeem has been taking solace in his whisky bottle and also focusing on his music but somewhere seems to have lost respect for anyone and everything. What I will give him credit for trying, and that’s the key word here, to do is have a relationship with his daughter. He tries to pick her up and bond with her but is interrupted by his father who literally snatches his child from his arms. I smell a war coming.


Last we saw Jamal he was recovering from the shooting and couldn’t perform. I think most of us attributed it to him being in pain and therefore unable to perform. Obviously getting shot not only affects you physically but can also affect you mentally and the writers show that through Jamal. He is meant to headline the launch of Empire Stream but once he’s on stage and the lights start flashing, he has a panic attack and Hakeem has to rescue him. I love Jamal, I really do, and so to see him this week and suffering makes me so sad. I’m trying to understand what they’re doing with his character and I don’t even understand it. What is giving him anxiety and panic attacks going to do for his character development? I know there’s a bigger picture here but it’s just too early to see it.

Andre. Poor Andre. First he plays third wheel to his brothers, then he looses his child and now he’s lost his wife. To top it all off, he’s lost his faith, and that was one of the major things that made Andre who he was. As messed up as their relationship was, Rhonda got Andre and she was the one who could really take care of him and keep him under control. Now that she’s gone, it’s very likely that we are about to see a whole new side of Andre. We may get he makings of another Lucious Lyon and I don’t mean the in a good way. Andre has always been temperamental and has no issues doing what needs to be done, like his father. Now that he’s alone and doesn’t have christianity to influence his decisions, he’s going to do whatever he likes, however he likes.

Cookie. Has she not suffered enough? Seriously empire writers? This episode Cookie is called from home after her house is set on fire. No not her apartment, her family. She rushes to her children’s side as usual. What I personally found so comforting and heartwarming was how much her sons stood up for her against Tariq. They know how much their mother means to the family and it’s great to see. It was wise of her to ask Lucious for some space because truth be told, she needs to give herself room to heal. 

I don’t know why Tariq is so hell-bent on putting his own brother behind bars but whatever the reason is, I am thankful. I know he’s annoying and his constant pestering makes his character very unlikable but honestly he’s bringing a different kind of drama to the show and it’s great.

Needless to say I was pleased with this finale. If the rest of the season is like this, then please, give me more.


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