Me Before You

Power Season 3 2016

No, this post is not about that Emilia Clarke movie so I’m sorry if that’s what you expected but it’s about Starz’s Power. Double-crossing and betrayals have always been a major theme in Power but this episode not only highlighted that but also the issue of trust and Power. Sometimes you watch an episode and truly realise how befitting the series name is. In the episode before the finale, the writers did a very good job of setting up for next week, and let me tell you, emotions are soaring.

Let’s start with the most annoying person in my opinion. Tariq. Has this boy never heard of Stranger danger? Okay so the guy knew your dad when they were kids and he knows one person your who works for your dad but that doesn’t make it okay. Have you ever your dad talk about a ‘Slim’? Where is your common sense Tariq? I get that he hates Ghost now and everything but if that was me and I found out my dad had this whole other life he never told me about I’d want to speak to someone. Either my mum or my dads best friend. The boy has no sense. This is honestly a perfect example of having zero street smarts and common sense. Also what in the world is Kanan trying to do? Turn him into a petty criminal? I don’t get it.

I titled this post ‘Me Before You’ because every single person put themselves first and that just meant crossing each other, intentionally and unintentionally. Number one example, Angela and Greg. These two clearly don’t trust each other and are suspicious of each other. Yet they’re sleeping with each other just so they can use the other person. They are the literal example of ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’. In the last episode I thought Angela would plant the phone at Greg’s (because she’s petty like that) but she kept it on her, and Greg is no fool so it came as no surprise when he checked her bag and found it. Ever since he got screwed over, he’s had this drive to prove that James is Ghost and Angela was the leak, so it made sense that he would be the one to find the leak. Boy am I glad he did so now we can put this whole thing to rest because it’s starting to drag a little bit.

Ghost has always wanted to get out of the drug game. Tommy has always wanted to run the drug game. Therefore, if Ghost leaves, Tommy can take over, like it was at the start of the season. Simple solution right? Wrong. The problem now is that Tommy no longer trusts Ghost and most likely hates him at this point. The issue with the two is that tommy has ALWAYS chosen Ghost over anyone. More recently Holly, and we all knew how much Tommy loved Holly. So the fact that Ghost would still be plotting behind Tommy’s back, even after he had to ask for Ghost to choose him and stop, and yet Ghost still tried it anyway just made Tommy realise what a selfish bastard Ghost really is. If you remember the loss of trust between the two really started at the end of last season. They weren’t speaking in the season premiere remember? Last season Ghost went and offed all their connects behind Tommy’s back. He made the choice without Tommy. Didn’t care about his opinion or him for that matter. So history is basically repeating itself, which is why this time, Tommy is really just done with Ghost.

When I say Ghost is selfish, I mean it. Did no one ever teach him that you can’t eat your cake and still have it? Why are you sleeping with Tasha if you’re still in love with Angela and want to be with her? Do not for the love of God mess with that woman anymore. has she not suffered enough? But whoa that sex scene though. I had to fan myself a little bit. Good on Tasha for asking him to leave though because it was confusing for us too. However, Tasha made a big mistake by telling Tommy that Ghost had a plan in motion, and Tasha, joke’s on her. She’s trusting the man who has most likely killed her best friend. So even Tasha put herself before Ghost.

Ghosts plan was a brilliant one. Both his plans. The first was to get rid of the competition and he did that so well, sending the police in right when Karen was there. (How did Julio manage to place the drugs in the ceiling though? Invisibility cloak maybe?) He managed to steal his business back and get rid of the competitors. The second plan however had so much potential I was screaming at Tommy when it all fell apart. If Ruiz had been successful and well, didn’t die, the recording would have gotten rid of Milan and everyone could move on. But no. Tommy and Tasha had to get involved and just kill Ruiz. Now the problem is, Tommy unknown to him that Ruiz was wearing a wire, spoke about him and Ghost killing Lobos, so now even though he’s dead, if the feds find it, they’re both going to jail. I don’t know how they’re going to get out of this one.


It came as no surprise to me when Tommy suggested to Milan that they kill Ghost. If Ghost steps out of line and tries anything, Milan will kill Tommy. If Ghost steps out of line and tries anything, he’ll kill Tasha and the kids, so logically Ghost is the problem. We also know he’s selfish and so it makes perfect sense to Tommy, who is hurting right now, to remove Ghost. Listen, I would be lying if I told you I had any idea whatsoever what could happen at this point. Just one more episode and we will have answers.


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