Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 1: White Coats


This week we finally saw the return of Scream Queens and boy have I missed them. I don’t think there are characters as obnoxious as the Chanels on TV and it was just great to have them back. The dialogue, the fashion and now two new hotties. Still bummed Nick Jonas is no longer in it but Taylor Lautner will suffice.

The episode beings with a scene at a hospital ‘Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering’ (That name though, for a hospital, this is one of the many reasons why I love this show) where a Dr Mike refuses to operate on a patient with COPD but instead he and a nurse dump his body in a swamp. A long with Dr Mikes Halloween costume. This set the scene for this season. The opening scene for this season premiere mirrored the shows pilot, except in this case it was doctors disregarding a body so that they could return to a party, rather than sorority girls.

As the episode progresses we find out that it has been 2 years since the murders and the Chanels had been exonerated and the real killer Hester was in prison for it. However the Chanels were hated by all of America, which is no surprise. Dean Munch is now this hugely successful feminist who has opened a hospital because she’s also now a doctor. In her new hospital C.U.R.E which was formerly known as ‘Our Lady Of Perpetual Suffering’ they aim to cure the incurable. She then hires Zayday to be what I think is a medical assistant. You’re probably wondering about Grace at this point. The two usually came as a package, but not in season 2! So far at least, Grace is a no-show. No one missed her. We did get two new pleasant to look at additions.


Meet Dr Brock Holt and Dr Cassidy Cascade. Dr Holt who is played by John Stamos, is a very up himself ‘Harvad’ educated doctor. Emphasis on the Harvard because he loves to stress that. He also happens to be the first recipient of a hand transplant (which occasionally spasms). However he does seem to care very little about his actual job. Dr Cascade is a little tougher to put your finger on. All we know so far is he’s freezing. There were other new characters, first the head of nursing, I.M Hoffel (how funny is that pun?) and Chamberlain, who I’m not too sure what his purpose is and sort of reminds me of Titus from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Now that we’ve covered the characters let’s talk about the plot. It looks like the direction the show will be heading in this season might be one murder a week, and unlike last season where they killed students and sorority members, this season they will be killing patients. I say that because C.U.R.E’s first patient was a girl with some sort of werewolf syndrome. After they finally manage to cure her, the Green Monster who happens to be this seasons villain comes and chops her head off. Guillotine style.

Personally this premiere was a bit slow for me yet at the same time felt rushed. Scream Queens is a show you just don’t fusion or apply logic to or it takes away the enjoyment. That being said, I was disappointed with how many similarities there were with the last season. I was hoping for something more and it seems like that might have been a bit too much to ask. However it’s only been one episode so I’m sure there’s time.


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