HTGAWM Season 3 Episode 1: Killer


How To Get Away With Murder has always been the cliffhanger show. Well this season, guess what? There’s another murder. Season 3 begins with a body being rolled out into an ambulance. Emotions are already high, and the rest of the episode kept that pace going.

After the introduction, we jump right back where we left off, well kinda. Wes is being questioned by the police, since you know, a man had his brains blown out in front of him and everything. We get a little flashback and Frank was the one who picked up Wes and took him to Wallace Mahoney, a.k.a his father. Then presumably shot him in the head. We then see Frank shaving off all his hair and it was not a bad sight at all. Back at the police station, Wes leaves his interview and gets into Annalise’s car, they then head into the woods and let out all their frustrations in a scream.

If you’re wondering how Wes was faring after that, well we got our answer. He was pretty much good as new. That’s what baffles me. His father was shot right in front of him just as he was introducing himself, yet there he was acting as if nothing had ever happened. In addition to that, he also got himself into a relationship with Maggie, a woman whom initially I was 95% sure was imaginary, well until the end of the episode that is, when she made an appearance. He was also apparently getting his head into the books over the summer and wins the competition to become first chair for the case of Karim, who is facing deportation. Normally Anneliese has favoured Wes, but this episode, he seemed to get that far through his own merit. Through all of that and over the summer, laurel and Wes seem to have lost their friendship. The whole episode I couldn’t figure out why. I went from ‘maybe it was the kiss?’, ‘maybe over the summer they hooked up?’ or ‘maybe they had a fight’ but I couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Laurel confronts Wes who had been avoiding all summer and since they returned to school. He then tells her that overtime he sees her, he sees Frank. It makes sense. I mean it’s pretty hard to be friends with the person who used to date the man who killed your father. It’s just sad because they had a beautiful friendship and I really hope over the course of the season, the repair the damage. Laurel on the other hand is on the receiving end of being iced out. First, by Wes, then by Frank, who has left her a mess. She hates him for what he did to Wes but she clearly still loves him. Constantly calling him to leave him messages about how she hates him? That called being stuck in love.


Season two had what was probably the most random and unforeseen hookup. Michaela and Asher. Yeah I still can’t wrap my head around that, and it’s still continuing even in season three! Personally I think they’re both using each other and the sex as a coping mechanism and escape from their real life. From the flashbacks we find out that in July, Asher approached Anneliese asking her for a loan to pay his tuition because his mum refused to pay for him. Annalise then tells him to get a job like the rest of the world.We then find out that he’s taken a job as some kind of student adviser or RA, and is living in student dorms. Honestly I don’t think any other job would have suited him. He’s basically a child and so how perfect was this? Oh how the mighty have fallen. Michaela, has developed an ‘I don’t care’ attitude. I’d be lying if I say I was surprised. She and Connor were quickly losing respect for Annalise and we see this in the flashback. Turns out Michaela had a pretty rough August, where she tried to drink and party her way out of her problems, landing her a DUI. Annalise comes to her rescue and instead of thanks, she is greeted with hostility and attitude. Michaela has clearly lost all her fucks. There’s no better word. It will be interesting to see if this season she continues on this path of destruction or will try to get back to her old self. We did see a glimpse of that this season when she burst into the court room and told Annalise she had found a way to win the case so maybe there is hope for her after all.

The final of the Keating five, Connor. Connor has been so done with Anneliese from season one. That has been no secret. In the flashbacks we see him sing Annalise to promise to never hire Oliver. What does Annalise do in present day? Hire Oliver. What I didn’t expect to come out of this was a break up! I expected a fight, that was it. I was not ready for that. Oliver and Connor were cute, They were just nice to have. Who  are  we going  to have now Shonda? I’m so mad. I don’t even get Oliver’s logic? He ended things because Connor wasn’t mad and chose to forgive him? What? Can someone please give him a good she for me, because I need him to come to his senses as soon as possible. This is why you don’t go to Anneliese. The woman is trouble.

No one knows that better than Anneliese herself, well and her university. As it turns out, Annalise had quite the eventful August as well. The new President of the university informs Annalise that they will be transferring her to a research role due to her lecturing skills, The performance of her five having dropped and all, but she persuades her into letting her run the pro-bono clinic. Fast forward to today and on the very first teaching day, someone has stuck up a picture of Annalise with the word ‘KILLER’ written on it. You know what this means? Someone knows. The worst part is I say this and now we have to think, What do they know? Which murder? We have to ask ‘which’. It’s not all gloomy in Annalise’s life though. It seems like her and Nate are finally an item. For real. Hopefully it lasts.

The episode ends with Anneliese looking at the body that was shown at the beginning of the episode and then immediately sobbing her heart out. Based off absolutely nothing but the fact that she broke down the way she did, I’m going to guess that it was one of the final five, or even Frank.However I’ll most likely change my mind as the season goes on. I can;t wait for the rest of it.

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