Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 4: Survival


The drama continues this week in ‘The Darker Sooner’. The Bordelons have gone back to their own lives to deal with their personal drama. Charley and Micah return to LA to face the Davis fallout, Nova pursues her story on forceful plea deals and Ralph Angel begins his journey as a farmer. Of course it wasn’t as simple at I have just put so like all the other episodes, this one was just a slow brewing mix of drama.

The episode begins with Ralph Angel who is sitting in a bank office signing some paperwork. He finds out that his sisters have put a hundred thousand dollars in the account for him to use for the farm and his first task being to buy some seed. Ralph Angel is on a mission to prove everyone wrong, and himself too and that he’s not a screw up. Before Ernest died, he was trying to make it up to Ernest, but I think right now, he feels like he owes it to his dad to do right by him, and also so his sisters know that he can actually do something right. However like always, the universe doesn’t seem to be on team Ralph Angel because he keeps making mistake after mistake. First, he couldn’t buy the seed from the merchant because he didn’t know he had to order in advance, then just when we thought that some miracle had occurred and he managed to buy some seed from his colleagues cousin, the seed turned out to be no good. Ridden with fungus. So at that point, he’s out fifteen thousand dollars and still has no seed he can plant. See what I mean by Ralph Angel just can’t catch a break? Emotionally I feel like the writers have done the most with Ralph Angels character but I found this episode to be a very vulnerable one for him. He had this thing that was within reach that he really wanted, but through his own fault, ended up not getting. It’s definitely going to affect his relationship with his sisters and himself one way or another.

Nova in this episode is doing some investigative journalism. She gets a call from Calvin that the boy she went to see in prison has been beaten up pretty badly and that sets her on the road of an exposé. Calvin takes her to see him and before he leaves her, he softly caresses her arm. (AVA CAN WE PLEASE SEE MORE OF THEIR RELATIONSHIP BECAUSE IT IS JUST SO CUTE).  As she’s interviewing one of the victims of forced plea deals she uses the fact that she has a brother who also did time to relate to him, however later on in the episode we find out that she barely saw Ralph Angel in prison. only twice to be exact. In my last post I said that I found Nova to be the most interesting character. I can’t wrap my head around her. She’s like an onion. Every episode another layer to her is peeled back and we find out more about her. it’s safe to say that as time goes by, we will get closer to the core and finally understand her. So she has no problem exploiting her brothers troubled past to her own advantage yet when he actually needed her during said troubled times, she barely even showed up. By the end of the episode she promises to do better and Nova, I’m holding you to that.

Charley and Micah return to LA to help Davis through the fallout, Charley is after all his manager. In the very first scene we see her in we discover that  Davis is losing a lot his sponsors, which makes sense because a lot of big brands would not want to be associated with a potential rapist. Charley has Davis’ back with the representatives but makes it very clear to him that she is not going to play the role of wife. in the midst of all this drama she also goes to have herself tested, just to make sure she hasn’t caught anything from Goldie. Yup, that’s the escorts name. Goldie. She also hires a pretty badass lawyer to defend David, Estelle Peterson, who tells them that there are ways to make things like this disappear. At the time I thought she meant murder but that was dumb. She obviously meant paying them off behind closed doors, but apparently Goldie wouldn’t bite. If it’s not money she’s after, it may mean that it’s personal. If that’s the case, then maybe Davis really did rape her after all. Who can blame Charley for turning to Remy for a little pick me up. She’s all giggly at his jokes now and smiling, she’s basically Micah when he’s talking to Stella. You know what this means guys, she might be going to him for more than just jokes soon. Like I said, Nova and Charley may have something in common soon.


Speaking of Micah and Stella, the situation with his dad is finally starting to affect his life. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I was hoping Micah would be negatively affected. He’s so sweet and honestly if I could I would wrap him in bubble wrap to protect him from any harm. He’s too precious. Unfortunately that’s not the world we live in. If you’re under the public eye, and a member of your family is under scrutiny, and if they happen to be your parent, it’s definitely going to transfer onto you. Also teenagers are mean. So my use of the word finally wasn’t me looking forward to it happening, but more like the inevitable has finally occurred so now we can move on. That being said, oh my goodness I just wanted to give Micah a big hug and just tell him that everything is going to be okay. First Stella’s mother didn’t want them seeing each other anymore. She never outwardly said it but it was pretty obvious. Then Micah gets expelled for sending Stella a lewd picture. Okay how ridiculous is that? Pretty ridiculous right? Well that wasn’t even the worst part. the picture wasn’t of him. Turns out cute supportive Stella was actually cheating on Micah. Sigh. I can’t anymore.

Violet is still grieving. Losing her brother has been affecting her, so much so that she got too dependent on Hollywood. In this episode he’s preparing to go back on the road but Vi isn’t ready to let him go just yet. In the end, he reassure her that everything is going to be fine and that he’ll be home with her in no time. Excuse me, where do I go to find a love like that? They are by far the best couple on the show. No one can tell me anything else.

As usual, this was a slow but tense episode and the drama just kept pouring out. I can’t wait to see what the next one has to offer.


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