In Whose Best Interest?


Eventful is one of the many words I can use to describe the finale of Power. The last two episodes have been building to what was looking like was going to be a very promising episode and honestly when I tell you that it did not disappoint, I mean it. The episode had me glued to the screen for every second, trying to guess what was going to happen next and truth be told, I didn’t think about anything other than what I was watching for that hour. That’s what you call a great finale. 

First of all, Greg is dead. It feels so good to say that, I wont even lie. For so long he has been a pain in all our asses and I know for a fact that I am not going to miss him. You don’t go poking your nose where it doesn’t belong. Yes I know he was a detective and that was his job but let’s be honest, his death was very likely. Before he died, Greg managed to retrieve the wire from Ruiz’s dead body and played the recording where Tommy admits to him and Ghost killing Lobos. Only he knows how his mind works and how he come to this conclusion, but somehow, the recording has him certain that Angela is the leak and Ghost is James. At that point I was just confused because last episode he clearly saw Mike leaving Hugo’s apartment. You see that and think nothing of it, but you hear ‘Ghost and I killed Lobos’ and somehow deduce that Angela is the leak? Okay Greg. So because he thinks he’s finally cracked the case, he calls Mike over and tells him Angela is the leak. He then receives a phone call from the Mexican Police who had no record of Mike contacting them and only then does he realise the leak is Mike. He confronts him, THAT WAS DUMB and obviously, to protect himself, Mike kills him. The most annoying thing about this is that Mike has been such a minor character for so long but this season and especially in the last three or so episodes, he has been the cause of so much drama. It’s like when you get a mosquito bite and end up with Malaria. Something so small yet has the power to completely mess you up. Mike has started a storm and it’s just going to continue into next season.

So last episode, we saw Tommy going to Milan and telling him that they needed to kill Ghost. We were fooled. Turns out the two of them had a plan all along and Tommy was actually playing Milan. He had me fooled, and for that I will applaud Tommy Eagan. That was brilliant writing. Tommy has Milan’s trust and so the two use it to their advantage in order to plot to kill Milan. For the plan to work however, Tommy needs the corporation of Milan’s number two and together, all three of them hatch a plan to remove the crazy man. Ghost finally seals the deal with Karen Basset and her father for Truth to go global, and at this party is where they are supposed to end Milan. Ghost and his people pull one on Milan’s guys and Tommy and Ghost take Milan to his warehouse where they shoot him in the face. Not the head. The face. Ghost finally manages to get his way out, and Tommy is now the distributor. After Ghost walks away, we find out that Tommy has no plans to stop dealing in Truth. Well damn, look who grew some balls.

We don’t see much of Tasha this episode but when Tasha did show up, my girl showed up. No one has Ghosts back like Tasha, despite everything that has gone on between the two of them, and maybe that’s just because he’s the father of his children or maybe she still loves him. We don’t know. But Tasha stuck to the plan and that’s what was important. The next time we see Tasha though, she’s having her heart ripped out. Tariq has been a problem for about 90% of the season. In my last post I joked about Kanan trying to turn him into a petty criminal, but turns out that was his actual plan, that is of course until Jukebox showed up. Remember how I used to say that woman was hardcore and scary? She turned his plan from zero to one hundred real quick. The plan went from turning Tariq into a petty criminal, to getting Ghost to pay a ransom for his son’s life, and then killing him. My jaw dropped at that point because I was not expecting that at all. I genuinely believed the killing Tariq part of the plan was really out of the picture. He may be an infuriating spoilt boy but he doesn’t deserve to die. Jukebox texts a photo of a passed out Tariq with Kanans burnt arm around him to Tasha, with a text asking her to pay in exchange for her son. Okay so now back to Tasha, who is at this point understandably freaking out, and tries to get a hold of her husband but no, the universe decides it’s time for the St Patrick family to come crashing down.


Ghost gets desperate because like Greg said, he’s got the most to lose, and so he breaks into Greg’s apartment and tries to find the recording. However as he leaves, he panics and leaves a finger print on Gregs window. I don’t even know why he took off his gloves. He’s usually so careful about those things, and for as long as the show has been running, James St Patrick has been way too meticulous and calm to ever make such a stupid mistake. WHICH IS WHY I WANT TO CALL THE WRITERS OUT FOR THAT TERRIBLE WRITING. It goes against everything he is. Of course he’s human and he makes mistakes but not that huge! I can’t forgive them for that. As soon as that happened I knew that it was going to come back to him. Ghost doesn’t make mistakes like that. So as soon as Greg got shot, I knew James was going to go down for it. His fingerprints at the scene of the crime, coupled with him telling Angela that he would do anything for her had me certain he was going to get arrested for the murder. The hour came at the Truth party. Angela walked in, Ghost ran to her, and Angela cuffed him. In the middle of the dance floor, for all to see, before taking him out and putting him in the car.

Let’s just sum it up. Milan is dead, Tommy is distributor, Kanan has kidnapped Tariq and is asking for ransom money, Greg is dead, and Ghost is out. But in. In jail! The one murder that he didn’t commit is the one he gets arrested for? Unbelievable. This is why I love power. They always end leaving you so infuriated and wanting more, but unfortunately for us, they wont be returning until 2017. I would like to applaud them for an amazing season. There was not a single disappointing episode and that is pretty rare these days. Well done Power.


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